World Famous Tattoo Ink Review 2020

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Last Updated on March 21, 2022

  • Every Bottle of World famous Tattoo ink is vetted correctly
  • Over 50 years of experience 
  • It is the go-to tattoo ink
  • Every colour comes out in a bold and long-lasting hue

World Famous Tattoo Ink

I am world-famous because I make excellence, dedication, and desire to remain the best my watchword. I don’t settle for less and am drawn to products that only yield the most astounding results. I find the aptly named World Famous Tattoo ink to my liking. With over 50 years of experience making tattoo inks, world-famous Tattoo ink has lived up to its name. The dedication and drive to pioneer new ideas mean World Famous Tattoo ink brings more prominence to the artist’s work. No one is content with making another tattoo ink; world-famous does it better, transforming the skin into a masterpiece.


Global Artists First Choice: World famous tattoo ink is aptly named for many reasons. However, the most prominent is the support it receives from Tattoo artists globally. If you ask the most sought-after tattoo artists in the industry what they rely on, they will always attest to the efficacy of world-famous tattoo ink. With panache, it amplifies their work, delivering darker, detailed, bolder, and brighter tattoos on customers’ skin. Furthermore, leading artists in the industry rely on world-famous tattoo ink because, with it, they can always practise their arts without putting their customers in the line of danger.

Certified for Use: This comes as no surprise, as World famous tattoo ink is a leading brand in the tattoo industry, and it is only regular that they tick every box when it comes to meeting all health standards. First, World Famous Tattoo ink passes the set criteria of resAp2008 regulations for Europe. This charter lists various substances that pose harmful effects on the skin and urges tattoo ink producers to avoid them. Furthermore, other global standards of health instructions are meticulously followed by the producers of world-famous tattoo ink. What this results in is a brand that is is certified by various health organizations for use.

Vegan Tattoo Ink: world Famous Tattoo ink is one of the pioneering brands to go completely vegan in the industry. After much global hue and cry over various animal abuse practices carried out in the cosmetics industry, World famous tattoo ink makers have sought alternative ingredients that exclude abusive practices, including animal cruelty, testing products on animals, or the usage of any form of animal by-product. Also, other eco-friendly practices have been adopted into making up the World Famous Tattoo ink.

Experience in Producing High-Quality Material: World famous Tattoo boasts of over 50 solid years of producing tattoo inks, and its giant strides are apparent. Firstly, Tattoo artists around the World have found newer, creative, and easier ways to transform their crafts into a masterpiece by relying on World famous Tattoos. Secondly, with a vast pool of experience in making tattoo inks, series of proprietary and groundbreaking formulas have seen the light of the day. It is no surprise that other brands easily copy the impressive ideas from World famous tattoo inks for their respective operations.

Darker and Richer Colors: With a wide range of beautiful colours that transform the skin into glittering works of art, World famous Tattoos global attention. It is one thing to dole out various colours and another for each product to maintain a high standard. World-famous Tattoos perform admirably on both fronts. However, where it impresses more is its rich and dark pigments that tend to seep into the crevices of the skin and stick to it for a long time without losing a bit of its glow or lustre.


Certification: recap 2008 regulations for Europe, FDA approved

Vegan approved: Yes

Materials: Pure Organic materials

Weight: 2.88 ounces

Colour: Over 50 unique colours each, lasting long on the skin.

Bottle: Crystal flex Bottle.


What distinguishes World famous Tattoo ink from other brands?

First, it’s the determination to live to its name, coupled with dedication and an extraordinary passion for producing high-quality tattoo inks.

What are the process in place to ensure safety?

World-famous tattoo ink ensures that before any bottle of the product leaves its facility, it is appropriately vetted and sterilized to ensure customers’ satisfaction.


The fact that leading tattoo artists trust world-famous tattoo ink and clients worldwide testifies to one truth; World-famous tattoo ink always lives up to its expectations. Its tendency to transform the skin and maintain a unique hue after an extended time is remarkable.  Every bottle is screened and purified before they are sealed in a crystal bottle for safety. Without an iota of doubt, World famous has surpassed every other brand in the industry, as it has proven worthy of its name. As an ardent user, I always recommend world-famous tattoo ink for its efficacy.

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