True Colors Tattoo Ink Review 2020

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Last Updated on March 21, 2022

  • Easy Ph Level that can work with any skin tone
  • Certified for use in various countries
  • Rich Pigments.

True Colors Tattoo Ink

When I seek a product that affords me limitless possibilities, I look to no other than True Color Tattoo Ink. My reasons are not far-fetched; true Color Tattoo, aptly named, has a deep and rich pigment that sinks into the core of my skin, transforming it into a masterpiece. Secondly, I find its production process ethical. And in terms of global standards, true Color Tattoo ink meets the North American, South American, and European requirements. Also, True colours Are 100% vegan, with no animal testing or cruelty. Finally, with a tested PH level Corrected to my body, my safety is guaranteed.


100% Vegan: A product is certified vegan when devoid of practices that put animal lives in danger. It means zero tolerance for animal testing, all forms of animal cruel practices, and the use of animal products. For the cosmetic industry, this is a tall order as many brands have not done fully vegan. However, True Color Tattoo ink is a fully vegan product tested and assured to meet every precept of veganism, from the fact that it was not tested on animals to its total exemption of any form of animal by-product.

Compliant to International Standards: In every Region from America to Europe and the farthest reaches of the Earth, there are stringent laws regarding cosmetic products. The tattoo ink industry is no different, as any product that will be endorsed has to pass the requirements. Most regulations stipulate particular toxic chemicals that must not be included in cosmetic products because of the negative impact on health. For True Colors Tattoo ink, every box had been ticked and assured for standard and safety.

Pigments Last Longer: The True Color Tattoo inks infuses a dispersion technology that lets colour quickly spread into every pore of the tattooed area, bring life to every design, and maintaining an impressive sheen over time. I find this aspect of the tattoo ink fascinating, as it quiets my fear of having my beautiful tattoos fade away over time, owing to inks that do not hold. Since I started using True colours tattoo ink, all my tattoos maintain their hue and tend to get brighter with time.

PH suits the Human Body: Regardless of how much I yearn for impressive tattoos, I prioritize my health first. So, whenever I decide on a product to use, I look at its health benefits. True Color Tatoo ink stands out among other brands for its adjusted PH level to suit my skin Requirement. I am fully aware of this, I always feel comfortable whenever I use True Color Tattoo inks, as it always soothes my skin and leaves no burning effect whatsoever. Furthermore, I don’t suffer from any form of an allergic reaction, regardless of the sensitivity of my skin.

Dark And Rich Colors: For a brand that prides itself as True Colors Tattoo ink, I don’t always expect less. And true to its name, True colours tattoo ink impresses in its rich hue. Colours, for me, are the variety of every tattoo. Therefore, I like my colours dark, bold and deep. I wouldn’t say I like the superficiality of most tattoo inks on the market. Consequently, I permanently settle for a brand that can always come alive on my skin. True Colors Tattoo ink never disappoints with a history of producing rich and dark pigments that tend to sink into my skin.


  • Vegan: 100% devoid of animal cruelty, testing, or animal by-products.
  • Ph level: Adjustable To human skin
  • Colour: Rich and dark pigments that Tend to stick to the skin.
  • Approvals: North American, South American, and European Approval standards.


Is true Color Tattoo Ink legalized in my country?

If your country falls under the auspices of Europe, North America, and southern America, there are chances that True Colors Tattoo Ink is legalized for use in your country.

Do the Pigment last long?

As its name Implies, True Color Tattoo ink embodies the essence of a brand rich in pigment.


As I rightly mentioned earlier, when I seek a brand that exposes me to limitless possibilities, I don’t look any farther than my True Colors Tattoo ink. Aptly named, its colours never perform beneath my expectations. From the moment it touches the skin, right before your eyes, the ink sinks into the skin, rigorously bringing every tattoo shadings to life while maintaining a rich lustre over time. I have no cause to worry about my health because I know that True colours Tattoo ink has the right ingredients and technology to keep me covered at all time.

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