Solong Tatoo Ink Review 2020

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Last Updated on March 21, 2022

  • The bottling of the product is excellent
  • Well packaged, and come in a variety of colors
  • The colors heal and stay well on the skin 
  • I can use the inks for pokes and sticks

Solong Tatoo Ink Review

Solong Tatoo Ink is a color set kit designed for tattoo making The Tatoo colors are easily absorbable and are soluble in water with professional sterilized colors that are long-lasting, positive for me, and are permanent. They are available in a set of 54 colors, 21 colors, and the basic 7 pigment colors. The inks are sterilized by gamma rays for and it makes it professional and safe use, thus my tattoo designs are bright and dynamic shades. The ink comes from a reliable manufacturer Solong Tatoo that offers optimum safety and improves my tattooing designs which further help my clients in expressing themselves. The inks are produced with machines to prevent contamination and are eco-friendly.


  • Color Variations
  • Performance
  • Bottling
  • Sterilization and solubility

Color Variations

The product comes in various color packages such as the 21-color package, the 54-color package, and the basic 7 pigment colors. These color variations helps me produce colorful and creative designs by either blending them or using them singularly.. The color make-up of the basic 7 pigment colors is; snow-white opaque, Mario’s blue, light green, lemon yellow, dark purple, bright red, and true black. The color make-up of the 21-color package are; light green, lemon yellow, lining black, light blue, Mario’s light blue, Mario’s blue, medium brown, Rose pink, dark brown, silver, cherry bomb, dark purple, dragon green, fuchsia, grasshopper green, snow-white opaque, true black, banana cream, bright orange, light brown, bright red, and baby blue.

The  color make-up of the 54-color package are; teal, mustard, lime green, seafoam green, grasshopper green, dragon green, light green, dark green, hunter green, lavender, light purple, grape, dark purple, periwinkle aquamarine, baby blue, Mario’s light blue, blue sky, Mario’s blue bamboo, light brown, medium brown, dark brown, sienna cocoa, dark chocolate, carol’s pink, rose pink, fuchsia, light magenta, true magenta, Koolaid, darker red.


The Solong Tatoo Ink disperses the ink in smaller particles, this makes the process of use and  healing process of my tattoos faster. Also, the product doesn’t easily fade on my clients and produces  generally brighter and sharper picture as the absorption of the pigment occurs immediately I inject the tattoo. The products are free of toxins, produce lesser scarring and scabbing. This feature helps my client’s skin retain more of its pigment and promotes a healthier skin.


The bottling of the product is tight enough to ensure that the content is not easily spilled. This mode of bottling prevents leakage and contamination of the ink. The bottle of the ink weighs 5ml; this makes the product easy for me to carry around.

Sterilization and Solubility

The Solong Tatoo Ink is sterilized with gamma rays to prevent radiation that could either destroy the skin of my clients and cause contamination and infection of their skin. The product is also made with non-toxic chemicals to ensure safety. While using the product, the ink easily dissolves in water and produces positive colors.


Bottle Size; 5ml

Manufacturer; Solong Tatoo

Item Weight; 1.32 pounds


Product Dimension; 3.94×5.12×7.87

Packages; 21 colors/set, 54 colors/set, and 7 colors/set

Type; non-vegan and permanent

Solubility; Soluble in water

Color; Positive


Where is the product manufactured?

The Solong Tatoo ink is manufactured in China

Why is the ink unsuitable for permanent make-up?

Not all colors of the kind are bright enough for permanent make-up

Has the ink been recalled?

No. The Solong Tatoo ink has never been recalled

How can Tatoo artists make use of the ink and what should be done in cases of irritation?

First, I test the inks on fake skins. If the skin shows no form of irritation or infection, I use it on the human skin. If the skin experiences irritation,  I contact Solong Tatoo Ink manufacturers 


Solong Tatoo Ink is a reliable ink for beginners and professional Tatoo artists. The inks come in various color packages sterilized by gamma rays with positive colors. Although the inks may not be generally suitable for use in human skin, it is very soluble in water, long-lasting with an excellent bottling style.

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