Skin Candy Tattoo Ink Review 2020

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Last Updated on March 21, 2022

  • Entirely vegan and respects animal rights.
  • It is easy to use and has the right texture for the skin.
  • It is versatile and works on any skin type or skin colour.
  • Skin Candy Tattoo ink has a thick pigment density.

Skin Candy Tattoo Ink Review

Skin Candy Tattoo ink quickly leaves an impression that many products can only dream; also, it works for me because I prize my tattoos highly. I believe every tattoo I wear on my skin, asides from being a work of art, tells my story. Therefore, they must be depicted in actual colour and details. So, The only Brand I trust to deliver my impeccable Tattoos is the skin candy tattoo ink. Skin candy tattoo creates an impressive UV Blacklight ink that sits nicely on the skin. Furthermore, it guarantees my safety as every bottle has passed through a standard Cleanroom facility. When it comes to skin Candy tattoo ink, I always have no doubts.


Vegan: The fact that Skin Candy tattoo ink is vegan makes it a top choice for me. Its production follows modern practices which detest animal cruelty practices. Instead of using any animal by-product, Skin candy tattoo uses a plant-based glycol as its core ingredients. Furthermore, skin candy tattoo ink has not been flagged for any form of animal testing. Also, due to its improved properties, I rarely experience any form of an allergic reaction during my tattoo sessions. However, I always recommend you check with your customers for any form of allergies for tattoo artists.

Versatile: It has many colours, and another for those colours to perform optimally on application. I pride myself in Skin candy tattoo ink for its versatility, as it meets both standards. It has rich colours, and they tend to stick to the skin even after extended use. It is available in a wide range of colours: White, Black, Green, red, yellow, blue, and purple. These colours also perform admirably on the skin, combining well to give off excellent colours whenever they are applied.

Skin Candy Tattooing method is Healthy: For skin candy tattoo ink makers, health is a priority. People rarely look into the health benefits of wearing a tattoo. Tattoos reduce cortisol levels, indirectly reducing headaches, improving weight, blood pressure, and a wide range of other gains. Also, with reduced cortisol levels in the system, athletes who wear tattoos can always have their muscles prepared. However, what’s more impressive about using the skin candy tattoo ink, is it’s an innovative method of healing the skin fast and keeping a lasting impression. Scientists have also discovered that you can inject vaccines through the tattooing process instead of the usual procedure.

Thickness: With a long list of Impressive features, skin candy tattoo ink makers stop at nothing to provide a thick solution for users. I’m confident that skin candy tattoo ink is more comprehensive than any other brand in the market. So even from the bottle, the ink comes out with a rich and thick hue that you might have to dilute to your taste. However, it is advisable that when you attempt to cut your Skin Candy tattoo ink, you put it in distilled water in a 3:1 ratio. When you employ this ratio, you will always be sure to have excellent ink when you outline.

The USA made: The fact that Skin candy Tattoo ink is a product of the USA means it has passed through a rigorous health standard before entering the market. First, it meets the FDA requirement. Meaning it has excluded any form of controlled substances or chemicals in its makeup. Furthermore, all other health and cosmetic regulation bodies within the USA clear the skin candy tattoo ink for use, as it rates high on their respective charts. With a trusted system at home, it comes as no that Skin candy tattoo ink is also well received outside the shores of the USA.


Vegan: 100% vegan support, made only of plant-based glycerin.

Colours: White, green, blue, yellow, purple, and black.

FDA approval: Yes

Texture: Thick and high-density pigment.

Safety: Facility-tested bottles.


What are the ethical practices in place in making skin candy tattoo ink?

Skin candy tattoo ink avoids animal bone in its ink. It uses only plant-based glycerin. Also, Skin candy tattoo ink is produced under highly sanitary conditions.

Is it approved for use?

Skin Candy tattoo ink is approved FDA and a host of other charters.


Without further ado, skin candy tattoo ink is light years ahead of its contemporaries. With a high level of UV technology infused in every bottle of ink that touches your skin, you can be sure that every tattoo ink you wear will last long on your skin. Also, with its vegan and non-toxic ingredients, you can always find sure that there won’t be any incidence of allergic reactions on your skin when you use the tattoo ink. Skin Candy Tattoo ink is sure to transform your skin into a kaleidoscope of beautiful colours as a brand I trust.

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