Scream Tattoo Ink Review 2020

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Last Updated on March 21, 2022

  • Meets up with various health and environmental standards
  • It is 100% vegan and devoid of cruel animal practices.
  • Every bottle is appropriately sealed and sterilized.
  • It is very seamless to apply

Scream Tattoo Ink

The aesthetic appeal of any tattoo relies on the kind of ink used. Therefore, tattoo artists always seek a safe and reliable tattoo ink to propagate their art. As a titan in the tattooing industry, scream tattoo understands the demands of both the artist and the clients and specially tailor their products to meet these standards. As a tattoo enthusiast and artist, I find Scream Tattoo ink to my taste, as it has a dark and rich lustre that always keeps a lasting impression after extended periods. Having proven itself worthy of the accolades it receives, im pleased to take you through the features of this impressive tattoo ink and why you should grab a copy for yourself.


Impressive Array Of Colors: With over 30 different bottles all set, each in different colours screams tattoo ink brings a lot of diversity to the table. It offers the tattoo artist and his client a wide range of colours to choose from. Furthermore, every bloom has a unique mix feature that flows with other scream tattoo ink colours, allowing for a burst of lively colours for any tattoo. What’s more impressive about these colours is the high pigment density each has. Every colour tends to enter the skin base and settle down while maintaining a special colour pigment all the time.

Vegan friendly: Like most leading Tattoo brands in the market, Scream Tattoo engages in modern practices in producing its inks. It frowns at animal cruelty, using animals for product testing, and forbids excessive use of animal by-products. Various animal rights organizations and other environmental bodies have certified that scream tattoo ink is a leader in ethical practices regarding the production of its inks. As a vegan myself, I endorse the scream tattoo ink because of its laudable attempt at using only organic components in its products.

Consistency: Scream Tattoo ink has proven to be a consistent performer in the industry. With years of experience under its belt, it is no surprise that every tattoo ink that leaves its stable has been adequately assessed. This way, every customer can have a particular expectation when they use the scream Tattoo ink. After years of using Scream Tattoo ink, I find that the ink always seeps into my skin, bringing colour and life to my tattoo. With such consistent performance, I always urge tattoo artists and clients to use Scream Tattoo.

Bottles: Scream Tattoo inks manage to mix aesthetics with functionality in their bottles. First, the bottles have a catchy design that always attracts customers to pick them off the shelves. Similarly, though beautifully designed, every bottle has impressive functionality in how it secures the product from breakage. Also, before any ink goes into the market, they are sent to a facility for sterilization to avoid micro-organisms that can cause potential damage to the skin. However, while the safety of every bottle is guaranteed, it is advisable to look into the expiration date while purchasing your product.

Meets Regulations: Scream Tattoo ink meets Every standard regulation set by various regulatory bodies in the industry. As a product that witnessed usage in the USA, scream tattoo inks meet up with the rules put by the FDA. This regulation includes the exclusion of harsh chemicals and other substances from being included in the product. Furthermore, scream tattoo ink meets up with other global regulations for cosmetics, health, and other charters outside the US. As a tattoo enthusiast, im very particular about the safety of what I apply to my skin and my clients.


Colour: Scream Tattoo has about 30 various colours, including Pitch Black, Black Hole, Silk White, Candy Apple Red, Tomato Red, Super Red, Burgundy, etc.

Makers: Worldwide Tattoo supply

Vegan friendly: Yes


Are the tattoo inks mixable?

Yes. The scream tattoo Ink affords customers the chance to mix various hues to achieve their desired colours.

Is scream tattoo ink good?

No doubt, scream tattoo ink has positive effects on the skin regardless of the colour or skin tone.


I’m sure that you have gained many valuable insights into the prowess of the world-renowned scream tattoo ink. As its name implies, the product can make you scream in delight every time you watch it work wonders on your skin. Furthermore, scream tattoo ink, as you have seen, meets up with all regulatory standards around the world, ensuring that customers’ safety comes first. Regarding the Ingredients, scream tattoo ink consists of 100% organic materials and is entirely vegan. When you use the scream tattoo ink, you can always be assured of one thing; Quality.

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