Radiant Colors Tattoo Ink Review 2020

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Last Updated on March 21, 2022

  • High-quality hue and thick color
  • Gives radiant colors and lasts longer
  • Made especially for professional use
  • Heals fast and sticks better to the skin

Radiant Colors Tattoo Ink Review

Many tattoo enthusiasts stay loyal to a particular tattoo ink brand while some others are constantly trying new tattoo ink brands for fun. For many who have tried Radiant Colors Tattoo inks, they became loyal to the brand. Apart from working with notable artists to formulate great inks with high-quality hues, the company is working hard to bring new and exciting concepts to the market. Radiant Colors tattoo ink has become one of the UK’s best-selling tattoo inks. Some resellers have switched loyalty from other ink brands after customer’s orders exceeded their expectations. Our Radiant Color tattoo inks review explains the peculiarities of this great product.

Core Features

Excellent Hue Radiant Colors tattoo inks are made of premium quality pigments and other ingredients which give a thicker and richer hue. With one touch most of the colors are good enough. You may want to add a second touch if you are dealing with colors like yellow and green. After healing, the tattoos will come out radiant and last longer. We have had tattoos that lasted two years before they started to fade. This is one of the reasons many first-time users of Radiant Colors tattoo inks stay loyal to the brand.

Healthy Ingredients The major ingredients used in the production of Radiant Colors tattoo inks include pigments, water, glycerine, and isopropanol. These ingredients are considered safe for use. The inks are made in Los Angeles and the production processes comply with standard regulations which meet global expectations.

Nice Packaging Unlike many other ink brands that have frequent issues with leaking bootle lids, Radiant Colors tattoo inks stand out. The bottles are properly packed in the set dealers before they are shipped. For most of our orders, the inks did not spill on transit. Nice packaging of tattoo inks reduces the loss of inks to spill during transit.

Fast Healing After putting on a nice tattoo, users need them to heal faster so they can be more comfortable with them. For many inks, healing can take quite a while. However, it would seem Radiant Colors tattoo inks have found how to shorten the healing time. In less time than many other tattoo inks require, Radiant Colors tattoo inks heal within three weeks (Remember to follow the recommended aftercare routine).

Variable Bottle Sizes To make Radiant Colors tattoo inks available and affordable for all, the inks come in both 1/2 oz and 1 oz bottles. The smaller bottle is often patronized by DIY tattoo lovers and first-time users who decide if the brand would work for them. Most first-time users eventually order bigger bottles of the inks since their quality speaks so clearly. It is hoped that bigger bottle sizes and sets will emerge from the company shortly.


Sets of 7 or 8 primary colors

1/2 oz or 1 oz bottle sizes

 Professional ink development


What are the active ingredients of Radiant Color tattoo inks.

Ans: The company listed the colors are made of pigment, water, isopropanol, and glycerin. These ingredients have been considered safe for different skin types.

How long will the tattoo last on the skin?

Ans: This tattoo is meant for professional use and can last more than 2 years without fading, depending on expertise and care.

Can the colors be mixed?

Ans: Yes, you can mix the colors to get more shades. Remember to start mixing the colors with a little of each color at a time. 

What We Love About Radiant Colors Tattoo Inks

When we received our order of the 1 oz set of 8 primary colors, there was no spilled ink on the packaging. Once the lid is opened, the ink inside the bottle looks so thick. Most of the colors need only two strokes to give deep enough highlights. The yellow color needs to be touched thrice to give the same glow three touches of other colors in the set may give.

We love the fact that the ink goes deep in the skin and cures faster. Most tattoos made with the inks stay fresh for more than 12 months even when washing the body parts was inevitable.


Radiant Colors tattoo inks are specially designed for professional use. Unless you are a professional or apprenticing tattoo artist, working with this grade of ink can be a challenge since it a permanent ink. However, if you want to take your expertise to a higher level or what a brighter tattoo ink that screams your lovely art, Radiant Colors will go you greater results.

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