One Tattoo World Ink Review 2020

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Last Updated on March 21, 2022

  • Gives old tattoos a vibrant retouch
  • It gives better results when used with company-made needles
  • Tattoos heal faster and stay longer
  • Colors mix well to give more creative options

One Tattoo World Ink Review

You are looking for a safe yet low-budget tattoo ink to retouch your fading poke or create DIY tattoos, think One Tattoo World inks. One Tattoo World inks come in various sets, sizes, and colors. They only are made of safe chemicals so you don’t have to worry about side effects as a result of using the product. One Tattoo World also manufactures tattoo products including needles, ink mixers, and complete tattoo kits. Our One Tattoo World inks reviews details the peculiarities of these products.

Core Features

Hue quality – One Tattoo World inks are made of top-quality ink materials that give radiant tattoos on most skin colors and types. The hue is thick enough to give deeper art to creative tattoos. With One Tattoo World inks, users will require much less ink for tattoos whereas more ink may be required when using a bigger brand. The inks can also be mixed to give different color shades. We have been able to create more than 25 different color shades from 14 color sets of One Tattoo World ink sets.

Variable sets – We are excited that One Tattoo World inks come in different sets. There are sets of 7 colors and those of 14. Having a variety of color options within a set gives more opportunities to be creative with tattoos. Each set of the One Tattoo World inks is unique for some types of tattoo designs. We used the 7 color set and found it better for gothic designs.

Bottle sizes – One Tattoo World inks come in at least three different bottle sizes. These include 5ml, 15ml, and 30ml. The ink sets come in any of these three bottle sizes so users can choose which size suits their budget or need. The 5ml bottle set is common with DIY tattoo artists in training or for personal use. Professional artists tend to use bigger bottle sizes more. Users save more money when they buy the bigger bottles of the One Tattoo World inks.

Skin compatibility – One Tattoo World inks are compatible with various skin types. We love how the inks glow on clients who have darker skin after healing. People with light skin will enjoy luminous shine on whatever tattoo style they decide on. In more than five years of using the One Tattoo World inks brand, we are yet to receive an official complaint about skin irritation or side reactions to these inks.

Health and safety – Health and safety are top on the list of considerations for most tattoo fans. You can rest assured that One Tattoo World inks are certified safe for use for most. However, people who have a medical condition and have been advised to stay away from tattoos may stay away until they are fit enough to use needles and inks. To meet global standards, One Tattoo World inks complies with major requirements that meet global health and safety tattoo standards.


Vibrant sets of inks

Bottle options of 5ml, 15 ml, and 30ml

Colors include tomato red, tangerine, purple, black, tsunami blue, dark red, light green, rose pink, lavender, and many other color options.


What other tattoo products can I get from One Tattoo World inks?

Ans: One Tattoo World produces inks, sterilized tattoo needles, and blank tattoo skin for practicing tattoo artists.

How long can I expect One Tattoo World inks to last?

Ans: This depends on whether you used the inks to create the entire tattoo from the scratch or as a touch-up on previous tattoos. Expect tattoos to stay bright for 2 weeks after which fading sets in.

What should I do when the ink bottles leak from the lid?

Ans: Keep the bottles upright all the time. You may also consider covering the bottle head with a small piece of polythene material before fastening the lid.

What We Love About One Tattoo World Ink

We love the fact that One Tattoo World inks are less expensive when compared with other brands but they still give good enough quality tattoos. The inks are best used for restoring stick-and-poke tats. The inks also come in bottles of different sizes so users can get as much as they need at any given time.


Many users of the One Tattoo World inks love them for their glow and cheap price. Although they don’t last as long as some other superior quality tattoo inks, DIY enthusiasts and artists in training consider this ink brand good enough to meet their needs and budget.

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