Millennium Moms Tattoo Ink Review 2020

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Last Updated on March 21, 2022

  • Easy to carry around
  • Stays brighter on the skin for a longer time
  • Mix well to give the perfect texture required for special tattoos
  • Do not fade off easily

Millennium Moms Tattoo Ink Review

Tattoo inks come in different colors and from different brands. Owing to the health and safety compliance required of USA and European Union tattoo brands, products from these countries are often regarded as being of higher quality than products from other countries. Even in the US, Tattoo inks sold in California must meet higher quality control standards. Moms Tattoo inks are made in the USA without any imported ingredients. Mom’s products have passed health and safety standards in the USA and have the license to sell their products worldwide. If you are wondering which tattoo Ink is best for you, our detailed Moms’ tattoo ink review will help you decide if this tattoo ink is good enough for you.

Core features

Many professionals recommend Millennium Moms products for the quality of work they produce. The results arise from the core features of the Millennium Moms inks which we explain below.

Hue quality – One of the areas Millennium Moms inks scores the highest is hue quality. When we think of creating permanent tattoos that would stay for long, this is a great option. After opening the ink bottle and pouring out a sample of the inks, we immediately notice the deep texture of all the inks. Even when we need to mix colors like Ice Blue with Magenta, we get a perfect exotic color with the same deep texture as its components. The strong hue quality is the reason Millennium Moms inks stay more than three months on the skin without fading. Learners may find it difficult to use Millennium Moms ink because they highlight both perfect and imperfect tattoos. Learners may need to use temporary tattoo inks which are not available on the Millennium Moms catalog for now.

Color options – Millennium Moms inks come in 14 amazing colors. 14 distinct color set is good enough to create stunning tattoos. Wait till you begin to mix up colors to get more exquisite options for your creative tattoo ideas. Using Moms inks, we can create more than 50 different shades with the 14 inks kit. That’s more flexibility to use creative colors for professional-level tattoos.

Bottle size options – Moms inks come in about four different bottle sizes based on users’ needs and preferences. Both the half-ounce and one-ounce bottles are meant for users who would need to carry their tattoo kits along with them during travels. The 2 and 4 oz bottles are meant to be kept in artist shops for long-lasting use of the inks. Also, users save money when they buy the tattoo inks in bigger bottles.

Health and safety – Millennium Moms is one of the safest and healthy tattoo ink brands in the US. The inks are made without plastics, metals, and vegetables. The production processes are also certified by US top quality control standards as perfect. We love the fact that we don’t have to worry about skin allergy complaints.

Consistency – One issue with new tattoo ink brands is consistency. Can you reproduce a similar hue and texture with the same tattoo inks? Millennium Moms inks have come a long way to become a well-known global tattoo inks brand. Starting with a few color options back in the early 90’s Moms inks are now available in more than 84 shades. Each ink is 99.9 percent consistent, hence, tattoo artists can trust the quality of work they get when they use single colors or mix them up.


Fourteen 1 oz tattoo ink bottles

Made of premium ingredients to give a deep hue

Colors include Power White, Yellow, Ice Blue, Black Onyx, Ectoplasmic Green, Magenta, Red, etc.


Q1. What Moms tattoo ink bottle size options are available?

Ans: The 14 color ink bottles are available in 4oz, 2oz, 1oz, and 1/2 oz bottles.

Q2. Are Moms inks metal, vegetable, and plastic-free?

Ans: Moms inks are free from metal, vegetable, and plastic ingredients.

Q3: Can I use the inks for a temporary ratio?

Ans: Moms’ tattoo inks are meant for permanent tattoos, not temporary ones.

What We Love About Moms Tattoo Inks

  • The hue quality is one of the best we have found
  • The tatoos heal faster compared with some other inks
  • There’s opportunity for users to buy as much as they need.
  • Mixed colors retain the excellent pigment quality


Millennium Moms tattoo ink brand is one of the world’s top-rated brands. Moms inks are to be used by professionals for permanent tattoos. Apart from being one of the best blacklight-sensitive tattoo inks, Millennium Moms tattoo ink reviews show that the company continues to influence the market with more of its innovative ink products. We are looking forward to what innovation the Millennium Moms brand will bring to the market in no distant time.

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