Should I Use Lidocaine For Tattoos? Safe or Not

Last Updated on March 21, 2022

Is lidocaine a good numbing agent?

Lidocaine for tattoos can be very helpful if you are one of those people who are very passionate about getting a tattoo but the pain from tattooing gets in their way.

While some people love the burst of endorphins while getting tattoos and find the pain extremely pleasurable, others have a low pain tolerance that keeps them from getting their dream job done.

This is where the numbing agent comes into play.

But how do you choose the best numbing agent?

Lidocaine, of all the numbing agents, is so far the best.

In fact, it is such a great numbing anesthetic that it has been used by dermatologists for numbing the skin of their patients before performing dermatological procedures.

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Similarly, lidocaine cream before the tattoo is all you have wished for as it numbs the skin making you able to endure the pain. Tattoo lidocaine procedures are becoming extremely popular since their discovery.

How does Lidocaine for Tattoos work?

The lidocaine tattoo technique works by temporarily deadening the sensory nerves of the air where you want to get the tattoo. Either apply lidocaine tattoo cream or lidocaine tattoo spray to numb the area where the tattoo needle is going to be penetrated.

In addition to this, lidocaine prevents the involuntary movements of that part of the body which are usually produced when the needle strikes a nerve. Not only this, but it also helps to calm people psychologically so that they may attend the tattoo session with a calmer head.

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Will Lidocaine Mess Up My Tattoo?

You might be thinking at this point that what if lidocaine cream tattoo messed up the design of my tattoo. In fact, a lot of tattoo artists refuse to use lidocaine cream for tattoos just because they believe that pain must be felt in the territory of the tattoo for good results.

But the good news for you is that you don’t need anyone’s permission before applying topical lidocaine for tattoos. And there are a large number of tattoo shops that are kind enough to offer you a numbing agent before tattooing.

How to use Lidocaine for Tattoos on your own?

Simply apply some cream or spray to the area and rub it thoroughly on the skin about 30 minutes prior to starting the tattoo. Once the numbing agent has seeped in, the next thing you have to do is to rinse it off with plain water and soap. Wrap it up with a piece of saran wrap and leave it for 30 minutes before you start the procedure. Lidocaine tattoo technique usually works for a few hours only so you might need to plan your tattooing sessions accordingly.

How can you make the Tattoos hurt less?

Pain is not something that one should be forced to endure as different people have different pain tolerance according to their sensory nerve endings. And if you are not amongst those blessed ones you have high pain tolerance, then lidocaine is the specific numbing agent that you should purchase before going for a tattoo session as it gives you the same quality of tattoo without the need of enduring the pain.

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