Intenze Tattoo Ink Review 2020

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Last Updated on March 21, 2022

  • The intense tattoo heals and holds well in the skin
  • The ink package has excellent color shades
  • It can be used by amateurs and for permanent make-up
  • The bottles have accurate modifications that helps me in pouring precise amounts

Intenze Tattoo Ink Review

The Intenze is a durable and high-quality ink for making tattoo designs. This tattoo color set comprises all the basic colors in tattoo making. We artists, appreciate the properly sterilization, uniqueness, sealant of the ink, and it’s  by different kinds of tattoo artists. While making tattoos, the inks have a consistent and fast healing process with bright colors that improve the attractiveness of our designs. The inks are created with the safest formulation which makes them safer for human use. Additionally, what makes this tattoo stand out amongst others is that it is a vegan tattoo, and I can adequately mix the inks to ensure that the color goes well into the skin, generally improving my tattoo design. Moreso, intenze modifies the ink such a way that the common hazards found in other inks are eliminated here.


  1. Science and soul of tattoo
  2. Ink Quality
  3. Bottling
  4. Safety

Science and Soul of Tattoo

Intenze inks are made with special formulations to enhance my designs. These advanced formulas hold the same principles we uphold as tattoo designs. Moreso, I can use these inks to create tattoo designs that suit the complexities of various skin types and condions as harmful metals are eliminated while producing the inks. This, in turn, helps to improve the general tattoo quality of my designs.

Ink Quality

Intenze tattoo ink makes use of scientific formulas in testing the inks. These samples, when tested negative, are discarded. Multiple processes are employed to ensure that the tattoo heals faster and comes out smooth. The pigments are thoroughly tested for viscosity, temperature, liquidity, and pH levels before being adopted. The inks are properly mixed to produce flawless colors. After testing, the inks are sterilized. They are made with a mixture of superior tools, technology, chemistry, and passion. They are also long-lasting, resistant, and do not dry out easily.


I specially commend the bottling of the inks due to the fact that they are highly modified bottles. These bottles are structured in such a way that allows me to detect if the product has been used. The bottles are heat-sealed with a plastic cap that has a thick spout and a large hole in it. The bottle has a ring at the bottom which offers a break offering which when opened, the ring breaks off. This helps us to know if the he product is properly sealed. There is also a break-off at the top with a thin nozzle that helps us to pour out a more precise amount of color into the color cap. This break-off seal also helps tatto artists to prevent spillage and improves the setup of our tattoo designs. This bottle type improves artistry of my designs, improve the quality and longevity of the ink, and makes the bottles cleaner.


Intenze tattoo inks are high-quality and safe to use inks. These inks meet the international health standards, are very friendly, and are 100% vegan since the products are intended for humans. All the tattoo inks are tested on the manufacturer. Also, proper sterilization and testing of the product is done with modern technological equipment and improvements are constantly made on the production process of the inks. The ingredients used in the ink production are publicly disclosed to give my clients nformation on the composition of the product they use.


Bottle Volume: 1oz

Weight: 1.3 pounds


Dimensions: 1.89×7.01×7.99 inches

Manufacturer: Intenze Product

Ink: Sealed and Sterilized


How long does the product last?

The ink has a long expiry term and can stay up to two years before getting expired

What set of colors are contained in the basic 10-color set?

The color set contains the true black, silver, snow-white opaque, rose pink, light purple, blue sky, light green, lemon yellow, bright orange, and bright red.

Are plastics or metals contained in the Intense Tattoo Ink?

There are no plastics and metals found in the inks 


The Intenze Tattoo Ink is a safe and consistent ink that helps me create vibrant tattoo designs. These inks from Intenze products are vegan, high quality, and are effectively bottled for durability and protection. The inks come in 1oz bottles and have a total weight of 1.3 pounds. A downside to this ink is that it did not produce high-quality results on my black clients but these inks have been heavily tested to prevent skin irritation and infection. Intenze ink stands out also, by having a fast healing process and having exotic color shades, supporting use by professional artist like me and also amateur artists.

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