How To Make A Temp Tattoo Last Longer

Last Updated on March 21, 2022

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written by tattoo artist Steven Martin

How To Make A Temp Tattoo Last Longer:

Looking forward to getting a tattoo with your friend, it also happens to be your first time? We’ve all been there, and it is safe to say there are fears associated with embarking on anything new in life. A great way to mentally prepare yourself for a tattoo is first to get acquainted with it.

Temp tattoos, otherwise known as temporary tattoos, are a way of getting there.

Temp tattoos have been around for about as long as the tattoos themselves have and help you with finding the best style for you. The soaring question is; how to make a temp tattoo last longer? This has a lot to do with the quality of the tattoo you get and what you can do to improve the longevity of the tattoo. After all, getting inked is a huge commitment!

You can do a few things to make your temp tattoo last a long time without fading.

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Choosing the tattoo spot:

Picking the right spot is crucial when getting a temp tattoo. No one wants to wake up with a slightly faded tattoo the morning after getting it, right? To avoid this, make sure you choose a part of your body that is not in constant motion.

You should avoid hands and feet since they rub against many things and are being washed rather frequently. Places that sweat a lot like your back are to be avoided as well because the salt in the sweat along with the water and temperature can mess with the temp tattoo, either smearing it or allowing it to fade.

A good spot to get a temporary tattoo is your ankle or your forearm. These places do a great job of showing the tattoo off while not constantly touching different things.

Exfoliating the spot before the tattoo:

Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and it collects the most dirt, sweat, oils, and hair as well since it is on the outside exposed to the air all the time. There is also a layer of dead cells generated by the skin that comes off without realizing it.

All of these things will only interfere with your temporary tattoo, ruining the experience before you even get the time to admire it fully.

Scrubbing your skin can help you temporarily avoid all of the aforementioned issues since it gets rid of the layer of dead skin cells and removes all the dirt, sweat, and broken hair as well. Applying your tattoo now will improve your life dramatically. An amazing temp tattoo hack worth considering!

Cleaning the spot before the tattoo:

This one is similar yet very different from exfoliating your skin. Here the lotions and creams you put on to moisturize your skin will actually pose a threat to your temporary art. And we want anything but that, right?

Lotions and skincare routines interfere with your temp tattoo by not allowing the ink to be absorbed by the skin. This barrier created by these moisturizers will only stand in the way of a good temporary tattoo experience, no pun intended.

Cleaning the spot and drying it well before getting the temp tattoo will improve its life. Keeping your skin dry is another free tip you should definitely consider taking. Dry skin is always better for tattoos of any kind since there is less liquid for the ink to dissolve and fade away.

Shave the spot before the tattoo:

Going by the same rule, we have been following thus far, the lesser the things in the way of your tattoo and your skin, the better! But that is not the only factor at play in this particular case. If you have hair on the spot, you want to get a temp tattoo; it’s best to shave the spot beforehand.

This helps with two things. One is that there will be no hair in between the skin and the ink. And secondly, if you shave after the tattoo, there is a good chance the temporary ink will easily chip off with the hair. One way to reduce the chance of this happening should you forget to shave beforehand is to use a brand-new sharp razor because a dull one can take more ink with it than it would hair.

Choosing a trustworthy brand:

This will help you a lot if you are having a DIY temporary tattoo day at your house! There are a LOT of temporary tattoos makeup kits you will find on the web. Most of them are targeted towards children and some towards adults. Almost all of them will only disappoint when it comes to tattoo quality. There are a few things to pay attention to when buying a temporary tattoo kit to ensure the longevity of your ink.

Make sure the company uses all-natural products without any artificial chemicals because not only will they ruin the tattoo when it comes to last long, but they will also irritate your skin and flare up allergies. That is not a good trip at all! Don’t buy the tattoo kits that are for children.

Avoid them no matter how compelling the art on the front of their box may seem. It is made for kids and comes off very easily, which is against everything we have discussed. Getting kits made specifically for adults is your way to go, and even among them, go with the trusted brands that have a good repute.


How long do temporary tattoos stay on for?

Temporary tattoos last anywhere from 3 days to several weeks, depending on the product you use for inking your skin and the condition of your skin. Temp tattoos are applied to the skin surface, unlike permanent tattoos where the ink is injected underneath the skin. Hence, they don’t overstay their welcome.


Is there a temp tattoo that lasts for months?

Don’t let those semi-permanent tattoos fool you. It’s a scam! There are either temporary tattoos or permanent tattoos. Now you will find different types of temporary tattoos, but none of them can last you months.

Does Vaseline Help with temp tattoos?

After getting the temporary tattoo, applying petroleum jelly will help form a hydrophobic layer above the tattoo, repelling any water it comes into contact with. So, yes, Vaseline can help your temporary tattoo last longer.


We know getting a tattoo is a big commitment, and everyone deserves a chance to get well accustomed to the style of tattoos they want before getting the permanent one. We are simply here to improve the chances of your temp tattoo lasting long after you get it.

So, the next time you are in for fresh temporary ink, make sure to come prepared!