How To Cover A Tattoo:

Tattoos are unique stamps of beauty for some people but can we all agree when I say that for some occasions, we all want to tone down our tattoos?

Whether you have a wedding coming up or have a job interview and seeking ways to cover up your tattoo or at least tone them down, I’m here to help you go undetected.

Covering up your tattoo ink with makeup is actually more simple than you may think; if the right products and the right application technique, you will have to cover up your tattoo down to a tee!

But wait, let me tell you something.

Whether you’re a bride who loves their ink but just looking for a toned-down look on their special day, I’m here to show you how to cover a tattoo like an absolute pro.

I’m here to show you how to use top-quality cosmetics to cover up your tattoo with makeup that will give you an airbrushed, flawless finish that will last all day long.

Here are my top steps to follow:

How to Cover a Tattoo with Makeup:

If you’re scrambling to find a way to cover your color tattoos, then this is because you need to understand the color theory and how certain hues cancel out others when covering up your tattoo with makeup– you will have coverage like no other with the right color correctors.

Color correction is crucial, so green cancels out red, and orange will cancel out purple. Using the color wheel will massively help when covering up certain colors with makeup.

Color wheel jp

You can easily find color correcting makeup pallets in a wide range of drug stores, and you may even be able to find some in Target; priming your skin with color-correcting makeup will make a world of difference in the coverage of the cover-up tattoo.

Opposite colors on the color wheel cancel out one another and conceal each other as you create a base. Companies even offer all-in-one tattoo coverage kits to cover tattoos.

They are made up of alcohol-based formulas that are versatile, highly pigmented, transfer-resistant, and waterproof– making them ideal for a wedding day (no transfer onto your nice white dress).

Now there are some brilliant full coverage foundation makeup products out there that will even cover and conceal tattoos, but without color correction, the tattoo may shine through after a few hours.

Step by step guide as to how to cover a tattoo with makeup:

Here’s a step-by-step guide from a makeup artist on how to cover a tattoo with makeup:

Clean and prime the area:

Now tattoo coverage isn’t like you doing your every makeup application; there are some crucial steps that cannot be missed, and prepping and cleaning the skin appropriately is one of them.

First things first, soak a cotton pad or ball with rubbing alcohol and cleanse the tattooed area. This will not only disinfect the area but will remove any excess body oils from the area, providing a clean slate to cover a tattoo with makeup.

If you want the tattoo coverage to last all day, then also apply a primer after prepping the skin, as this will hold in the makeup all day. You should use clean fingers and apply a pea-size amount, and massage into the skin until it has been absorbed.

Use color corrector on the area:

Especially for color tattoos, you should use a color corrector to prep your tattoo cover-up. Using the color wheel above, you should use the appropriate colors to cover up your ink.

The colors may differ slightly for different skin tones, so if you have a warmer skin tone, I would recommend using deeper color correctors so it matches your skin tone.

Apply your color corrector with a stippling brush or sponge onto the skin; for tattoos with different colors, I would use a precision brush and apply different colors to compliment the areas and then blend with a makeup sponge to finish.

The size of the brush you use to cover up tattoos depends on the size of your tattoo; for small tattoos, I would use a brush the size of a large eyeshadow brush, but for larger tattoos, then a wide bristled synthetic brush may work better.

For deep black ink, I would recommend using red color corrector to cover up these kinds of tattoos; it actually works wonders for concealing black tattoos. For faded black or blue tattoos, an orange hue may be better.

You should do this step before going in with your foundation.

Conceal your tattoo:

After you’ve color corrected the area, you may still notice some dark spots underneath the color corrector; you should use a concealer that is a shade lighter than your natural skin tone to neutralize the tattoo undertones.

This will correct the greener undertones, and concealer should give you the coverage to blur out tattoos with makeup. Then choose a shade of foundation to match your skin tone.

Cover a tattoo with makeup by airbrushing the shade over the color corrected area; you can even cover your tattoo using a gun, keeping it 1-2 inches away from the skin for an airbrushed finish.

Repeat these steps until you reach the desired cover and blend the foundation into the skin. For dark tattoos, you may need to apply a slightly warmer foundation to cover up the area.

Lock it in:

Once you’re happy with the coverage, you should lock in the coverage and ensure the makeup is water-resistant (especially if you’re wearing it for a wedding, you want this bad boy to last all day).

You can lock in the tattoo coverage by brushing the tattoo with loose setting powder, applying a generous amount on top of the tattoo with makeup, so it absorbs the moisture.

Bake the powder for around 5 minutes before buffing the power away to ensure all the moisture has been absorbed and the tattoos with makeup coverage won’t budge.

Here’s a pro tip, want a great way to remove at the end of the day? Well, removing the makeup with rubbing alcohol or baby oil is brilliant for removing the coverage and concealer on the tattoo.



So there you have it, that’s how to cover a tattoo for all occasions, whether you’re a tattoo artist, makeup artist, or a client looking for easy ways to cover tattoos for a range of occasions.

I know if I was a bride, as much as I love my tattoos, I would like to know how to cover a tattoo and have the confidence that the makeup coverage won’t budget for the entirety of my special day.

Tattoo coverage doesn’t mean you want to hide your tattoos because you’re ashamed of them, but rather it means you can have the option to have the best of both worlds.

I hope this helps!