How Long Should I Keep My Tattoo Wrapped?

Last Updated on March 21, 2022

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written by tattoo artist Steven Martin

How Long Should I Keep My Tattoo Wrapped?

The question of how long should I keep my tattoo wrapped opens up a larger discussion regarding what is the best tattoo aftercare for you. Tattoos tell a story. They remind us of a time in our lives. It may be linked to some happiness that we cherish and savor throughout our lives.

It could even be related to a hard time you went through and how you overcame it. The struggle and perseverance that got you through the thick and thin of life and inspired you to have it forever inked onto your body.

Tattoos hold tremendous meaning, and we are here to help you take care of them in the best ways possible.

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Wrapping your tattoo:

Why is wrapping your ink important? There are a lot of advantages to keeping your tattoo covered. For instance, wrapping your ink allows you to control what it comes into contact with.

This will make it easy for you to keep dirt and bacteria away from the skin and ultimately prevent infections. Your skin is prone to get infected easily when you get a fresh tattoo because it is vulnerable after constantly being penetrated by a needle.

A saran wrap allows you to see and monitor the condition of your tattoo and skin and cover it simultaneously.

How long should you keep it wrapped?

This highly depends on how big the tattoo is, but a general rule of thumb will help you figure out the right time duration faster. Usually, it is 1 to 3 days depending on the size, but if you have a small tattoo, you can wrap it for 1 to 2 days, and you should be good to go.

If you have palm-size tattoos, have them covered for at least 2 to 3 days, as it will ensure you are not taking it off and inviting any bacteria in. If the artwork is big, having it on for 4 to 5 days is good but always take your artist’s recommendation.

Another thing you need to pay attention to is how often do you change your wrap. Keeping the same wrap for a little too long can cause a lot of problems. Your skin can get affected due to constant humidity and bacteria that might be making their way in due to the wrap loosening up.

You should be changing the wrap, cleaning your tattoo thoroughly, and replacing the wrap with a fresh new one at least 3 times a day, and that does not include changing it before going to bed.

This routine is important as it will keep breaking the bacterial cycle that may begin to form on your skin due to keeping the wrap on for a long time. Take any wrap as long as it is fresh, and you can see through it.

There will be hard-to-reach areas on your body where you decided to get the tattoo, so don’t be shy to ask for help from someone you trust. You can use microtape to keep it in place as well.

You will often find a thick discharge of ink pooled under your wrap, right on top of the tattoo. There is absolutely nothing to worry about at this point. The tattoo is simply taking time to heal. But what it does indicate is the fact that you need to change your wrap.

When to finally remove the wrap?

You have to have a good eye for when it is the perfect time to remove the saran wrap. Of course, you can always ask your artist and take his/her recommendation. When you are confident that your skin has healed and the tattoo has taken its good time to develop, you can carefully remove the wrap and moisturize your skin.

You must do this because it will speed up the healing process and allow your skin to breathe. It soothes any inflammation you may be experiencing and removes itchiness so you don’t start scratching the tattoo.

Keeping your tattoo moisturized will help it heal better, and you will get the best results possible!

These were ways you can help yourself handle the wrapping situation better. But what about other factors like what type of cream to use, or can you go overboard and take too much care of your tattoo that you ruin it? Let’s get to those now!

What cream to use?

Before we recommend any creams for your tattoo aftercare, you need to make sure that these creams are compatible with your skin. Different creams have different ingredients, and not everyone is compatible with them. Some may even flare up allergies you never knew you had. So, get a professional opinion before considering one of these options.

With that said, some of the best creams you can be looking at are Palmer’s cocoa butter and coconut oil, as these use 100% natural ingredients that are the least likely to cause any reaction.

All-natural is always the best option since there will be no added preservatives and chemicals that can hurt the skin. E45 cream is also a great alternative as it has a neutral pH and does a great job of moisturizing the skin.

These creams can do wonders for you and your tattoo. Trust us and give them a chance!

Many people ask the question; can we take too much care of our tattoos? And the answer is yes. Yes, you can, people. As a matter of fact, many people do that and end up hurting their tattoos which look bad. To save you from that regret, you need to pay attention to this part.

Excessive washing and putting in a little too much cream will badly affect your tattoo. Washing the tattoo too much will promote ink discharge from the skin and allow it to fade before it solidifies and settles.

If you follow the above-mentioned procedures carefully for the aftercare we have for you; you will be good to go!


At the end of the day, we should have no regrets. Certainly not in the shape of bad tattoos. We all deserve great tattoos, especially after going through all the trouble of getting them.

So, follow these simple instructions and ensure yourselves a mesmerizing tattoo experience!