Hao Tattoo Ink Review 2020

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Last Updated on March 21, 2022

  • Seeps into the skin leaving dark and lasting impressions.
  • Ink dries on the skin quickly.
  • vegan-friendly and complies with international health standards.
  • Packaged in tamper-proof bottles that assure safety for customers.

Hao Tattoo Ink Review

Over the years, I have followed the tattoo industry with huge admiration. I have watched its evolution and attempt at improving its processes. But what draws my attention the most is the impressive contribution of the Hao Tattoo ink for the advancement of tattoo artistry. As a product that meets modern health, environmental and aesthetic standards, I daresay that Hao Tattoo ink aims to deliver a bright future to all tattoo artists and enthusiasts. Hao ink transcends the definition of just ink; it brings out the artistic passion, produces mind-blowing tapestries, and always leaves a long-lasting impression for times ahead.


Perfect for every skin tone and Type: Tattoo artists have to carefully select the ink that meets their customer’s unique skin tone and design pattern; this may be tedious sometimes. What Hao tattoo ink has, is a preference for carefully producing the right colours for every skin tone or type. Through hao tattoo ink, the fashion world has developed a way to search for tattoo ink based on its compatibility with skin tones. Furthermore, hao makes it easy for tattoo artists to easily interpret their client’s tattoo descriptions and bring them to life in delicate proportions on their skin.

Arts and Technology: every time I gaze at a bottle of hao ink, I see unlimited possibilities lying ahead of me. It gives me more impetus to reach for beautiful arts and be expected to wear them on my skin, with impeccable detail. Furthermore, with a drive to excel, hao ink goes as far as delving into technological means of improving its product. Every bottle of hao has an infusion of technological superiority that provides an impeccable product for clients. With a drive to excel and a passion for filling the artist’s nozzle with the soul of art, Intenze has won many hearts.

Wide range of Color Palette: As a product that creates its standards for skin tone, hao tattoo ink always offers me an unlimited range of colours to choose from. Furthermore, these combinations of inks are so aesthetic that I always want them to be on my palette every time I want to get a tattoo. Every ink colour has a way of inspiring beauty and maintain a high pigment density that always stands the test of time. Furthermore, with the innovative technological feature of each tattoo ink, customers can make powerful combinations that always look beautiful on any skin type or tone.

Health: Health and safety concerns are one of the major thrusts of hao tattoo ink. From the production stage, ingredients are carefully selected, eliminating all toxic chemicals in the product. Also, the producers sterilize and mix their bottles in a highly hygienic environment, eliminating the tendency for harmful particles to get into the product. To further guarantee clients’ and artists’ safety, they always contact a third-party biochemist laboratory to help them sterilize every bottle of the product before they hit the shelves. I always have a sense of assurance that intenze tattoo ink is always safe for my skin, and I rarely develop any allergic reaction.

100% Vegan: Hao is fully Vegan, as complete care was taken in the manufacturing process to avoid animal testing, cruelty, or use of by-products. This way, customers can enjoy their tattoo ink better, knowing that none of our furry friends was abused in the process. Furthermore, with so many health standards guiding the market, hao Tattoo ink complies with many charters. First, the Tattoo complies with the American safety standard, the European Union Quality Certification, and many other international standards.


Colour: Over 25 vibrant colours

Certification: FDA, American Safety standard, EU quality certification.

Vegan: 100% vegan friendly

Package dimension: 10.4 x 5.2 x 3.2 cm; 50 Grams

Weight: 50g

Sterilized ink: Yes


Does the Hao tattoo ink have a harsh effect on my skin?

No. Because the Hao Tattoo ink has a robust composition that goes easy on any skin tone or type. Harmful ingredients are carefully screened out and excluded from the product.

Does hao Tattoo ink fade quickly?

Hao Tatto ink has a long-lasting feature that stays on the skin for a long.


Tattoo making requires a lot of tools, machines, and other equipment. However, tattoo ink remains the most helpful element. Tattoo artists and clients must have suitable tattoo ink at their disposal so that they can impress beautiful arts on client’s skin. The Hao tattoo ink is an exceptional product amongst other tattoo inks,  It creates new possibilities for the artist and proud tattoos for the customer. I endorse the Hao Tattoo ink because it has a long-lasting effect on my skin and rarely fades away.

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