Fusion Tattoo Ink Review 2020

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Last Updated on March 21, 2022

  • Trusted tattoo inks brand that most artists use.
  • Recreate the works of other professionals by using Fusion ink sets named after them.
  • More colors and ink shades for artists to use under the Fusion Inks brand
  • Come in both single bottles and sets

Fusion Tattoo Ink Review

The Fusion tattoo ink brand is one of the best brands recommended by professional tattoo artists. Fusion tattoo inks come in single colors and sets. There are specific color sets made in collaboration and named after top tattoo artists including Rick Walters, Juan Sagaldo, Nikko Hurtado, and Roman Abrego. We find some of these artists awesome.

The Fusion tattoo ink brand boasts of being the brightest tattoo inks in the market. The tattoo ink ingredients are organic. They don’t contain fillers or metal ingredients. Fusion inks have lots of color options that we choose from. The inks come in bottles ranging from 1 oz to 4 oz.

Core features

In our Fusion Tattoo ink review, we highlight five main features we love about Fusion inks. They are listed below.

Safe ingredients – EU and the US tattoo quality control agencies require tattoo inks manufacturers to use safe and organic ingredients. Fusion inks are rated safe by the German tattoo safety and quality control agency. Unlike most tattoo inks, Fusion inks do not contain any metal or controversial mineral ingredients. Fusion ink ingredients are completely organic and safe for use on the skin. Generally, we have no formal complaint that Fusion inks cause negative skin reactions.

Bright finish – One major feature which distinguishes Fusion inks from other ink brands is the bright and luminous path they leave on the skin after tattoo healing. For this reason, we and many tattoo artists prefer to use Fusion inks for clients with darker skin. Fusion inks also look stunning on light skin as they make artist creativity visible to both distant and close observers. We can’t go wrong with any of Fusion inks’ color sets.

Variety – Fusion inks have been around for more than a decade and they have been able to produce more shades and ink colors than many other brands. For instance, we were able to order  a set of 40 Fusion inks kits last month. These inks are also sold separately, users can choose to create a personal set by bringing together single sets of different colors and shades.

Flexibility – Based on the needs of each user and budget, Fusion inks come in both small and big bottles. The smaller 1 and 2 oz bottles may suit artists who use the inks on themselves or when there is a need to keep the tattoo inks close during travels or holidays. The bigger bottles are available for artists who want to have enough ink available to customers every time.

Versatility – Fusion inks can be used to create different stunning styles you can think of. From gothic styles, neo-traditional and modern styles. Whether you are thinking of creating thick lines or filling big areas, you will find Fusion inks capable enough to give a decent job for most of your needs. We advise that you see sample works of artists mentioned in the name of some Fusion ink sets. From experience, these samples give approximate clues about designs you can likely create from the set. You will be able to draw inspiration from these samples.


  • 100 percent organic ingredients
  • Single colors and multicolor set options
  • High-quality hue
  • 90+ color shades
  • Variable ink bottle sizes


Q1. Is Fusion tattoo ink safe?

Ans: Fusion tattoo inks are made of 100 percent organic materials with no metals. It is easy to apply and confirmed to be safe for use by the U.S quality control agencies.

Q2. What color sets options are available?

Ans: Single bottles of Fusion inks are available. There are also color sets ranging from 5 to 40 to choose from.

Q3. Where can I get Fusion Inks products?

Ans: Fusion inks products can be ordered online via the official website https://www.fusiontattooink.com. You can also buy from Fusion Ink online and offline partners worldwide. 

What We Love About Fusion Inks

We find the luminescent glow of healed tattoos so fascinating

There are more color options to work with

We are free to create our unique color set from the single ink colors available

Access to top-level color set is guaranteed


Mike Devries and his team of tattoo artists put in a lot of effort to ensure Fusion inks meet global quality standards. Users need to be aware that Eternal tattoo inks are different from Fusion inks as they are not produced using the same methods or ingredients. Although Mike Devries worked with Eternal to create some products, the Fusion inks product line is unique. Fusion Tattoo ink reviews by some users indicate there may be fake Fusion inks out in the market. To get quality Fusion inks, order directly on Fusion Inks official website

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