Eternal Tattoo Ink Review 2020

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Last Updated on March 21, 2022

  • Multiple tattoo set options with vibrant colors
  • Neither too thick nor too thin
  • Great quality with solid colors 
  • The colors can be moistened to suit my preferences

Eternal Tattoo Ink Review

The Eternal Tattoo Ink is a vibrant and vivid color set that improves the beauty of tattoo designs. The ink is made of extremely solid colors that enhance consistency in application across my tattoo design. This non-acrylic and non-toxic tattoo ink made of organic pigments and high-quality ingredients that guarantee the safety of my client’s skin. The ink is also carefully packaged in a medical-grade sealed bottle and offers tattoo inks in various signatures. These inks come in various forms to suits the various designs of artists. It is a glycerol-free, water-based, and pre-dispersed tattoo ink that comes ready to use with a free-flowing feature and over 145 colors available. This ink offers multiple set options available in tattoo making.


Bottling The product is packaged to ensure longevity by using a medical-grade sealed bottle. This bottling style ensures that the durability of the product is ensured even after the bottle is opened. Bottling comes in different sizes such as the 8oz, 2oz, 4oz, and the 1oz bottle sizes to suit the preference of various artists. The bottles contain the expiry date and are labeled for traceability with a lot number. This bottling style enhances the stability of the ink, preserves the potency and quality of the ink, and protects the product from sensitive lighting. The product also has better-built cartridges

Pigment My experience with the composition of the Eternal Tattoo Ink is positive. The ink has the right texture, is completely cruel and vegan free which most of my clients prefer. The inks are neither tested on animals nor are they inorganic. They hold colors better on my clients’ skin and helps the body heal faster. The pigments are gamma rays sterilized and water-based. However, only sterile ingredients must be added when mixing the ink and this must be done with unused gloves. This ink has the lowest reactions to my clients with skin issues. It is made of alcohol, witch hazel, distilled water, and organic powder.

Storage and Handling This product requires storage in a dry and cool area without a freezing temperature. The ink should be kept out of the direct rays of the sun. I usually shake the bottle vigorously before use, mix colors with the use of gloves, and close tightly after use. The expiry date is written in the bottle in American style and the product must be used before expiry. When not in use, I shake the bottles every three months to ensure that the color is consistent and active during use. The product should not be frozen and should be stored at a temperature of about 5-30C. No additional substance should be added to the product bottle directly and any other substance added should be sterile. Water added should also be sterile

Color This tattoo ink has bright colors, it is liquid and water-based, with various attractive colors that improve my artistic designs. It has over 50 standard colors. This wide collection helps to boost the creativity and uniqueness of my artwork and improves the vibrancy of my design. The unique color series available here are the grey washes, travel set, cook series set, zombie color set, M-series set, Muted earth tone set, primary color set, ink platinum set, ink gold set, silver ink set, chukes seasonal color, and Liz cook.


Bottle size options; 1oz, 8oz, 4oz, and 2oz

Manufacturer; Eternal Ink, Inc

Solubility; Water-based

Type; 100% vegan

Bottle Type; Medical grade sealed

Storage Temperature; 5-30C

Sterilization Type; Gamma rays


How long can the Eternal Ink last?

After breaking the seal, the product can stay up to 12 months. If properly stored, the product can last up to the date of expiry in the bottle.

Can the ink cause any skin irritation?

Yes. Although the rate of reaction to skin irritation is considerably low with this ink, the application should be first done on fake skin patches.

What makes the tattoo designs made with this ink fade faster?

The method of ink application, tanning, and the level of maintenance. Sunblocking and after-care can increase the longevity of the tattoo.


The Eternal Tattoo is durable and high-quality tattoo ink that suits any kind of tattoo design. The inks improve my tattoo design and experience and help to improve the expression of my clients. This non-acrylic ink in a medical-grade sealed bottle is a water-based ink with a mild scent made with natural ingredients that enhances the healing process and the beauty of the tattoo.

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