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Are you looking for ways to take your tattoos to the next level and spice up insane designs with some fresh white ink? Or perhaps looking to find some fresh white tattoo ink to add to your color palette?

Well, let me tell you, you’re not alone.

With the growing trends in the tattoo industry, brands are coming up with new colors to level up the art. One of the latest additions is the best white tattoo ink to produce next-level designs if done correctly.

White tattoo inks are capturing the attention of aspiring tattoo artists to showcase their skills. Although one cannot see a white tattoo from a distance, you cannot argue that up close; it is the most incredible tattoo art. 

You may have different questions in mind, like, Why even use white tattoo ink? Does it even stay on your skin or fade away?

But don’t worry, I am going to solve all your doubts in this article. To make attractive, long-lasting, and the best white ink tattoos, you need to use authentic tattoo ink. The good news, I have spent the last 6 hours hunting down my very best picks for you.

Before we get started, here’s a pro tip: don’t be fooled by any old bright white ink you found on Amazon, make sure you check for high-quality ingredients, a smooth texture as well as the bright white color– the review section will be your best friend. 

I’ll go into this in more detail shortly, but for now, let’s jump in! 

How we came to the conclusion of our top 3:




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A Detailed Review of Each of the Top White Inks:


Dynamic White Tattoo Ink

Dynamic Tattoo Inks is one of the best-selling tattoo ink brands that also manufactures white tattoo ink. Unleash your creativity without any worries with Dynamic’s white ink for tattoos.

Dynamic’s product offers high-quality, vibrant, and long-lasting colors on healing. Their reputable brand is most famous for their black tattoo ink, that is trusted by many tattoo artists across the globe, but their white ink will blow you away. 

You can use this ink not only as a fresh, bright ink to spice up any design as add intricate details but also use as a mixing white with other colors– the options are endless. 

There are some reports that it has a very thin pigment. Few customers even said it runs like water but there are good results as well, but the thinner the better– especially for lining tattoos

But here’s the good news.

Dynamic is a reputable brand and personally after using this product I feel it deserves a place on my list for the best white tattoo ink brands with over 80% positive reviews which means the results are great for other customers as well.

If you’re an experienced artist desperately looking for ways to express their art with new detailed designs then you have to give this white ink a go– all I would recommend is making sure it has the dynamic seal on purchase. 


  • Sterile Ink
  • Authentic Product
  • High-Quality Color
  • Reputed Brand


  • Thin pigment
Latest deal: Dynamic White Tattoo Ink

Intenze Tattoo Ink Snow White

Best White Tattoo Ink for Shading

Watch out here’s Intenze Snow White is coming in hot at number two! It is another best option when looking for white tattoo inks; their high-quality and safe pigment gives premium results and produces insane tattoos.

Intenze’s Snow White is one of the best choices for white ink shading on your tattoos as it has a solid, bright white color that flows out beautifully into the skin while tattooing.

Want to use it as a mixer? No problem. 

This ink mixes well with other Intenze ink colors to fix any touch-ups or mistakes that need a white hue to fix; this white ink has some serious edge. Intenze Snow White lasts longer in original color and tone, promising the best results.

My only drawback about this product is that it dries much quicker than Dynamic or Kuro Sumi, so you may need to work faster or only disperse small amounts of ink at a time, which can be quite tedious.

But most people were pleasantly surprised with the results and happy with the outcome and longevity of tattooing with this cool white ink. 


  • Superior Quality
  • Long-Lasting Results
  • Mixes well with other Intenze Color Inks
  • Good for shadows


  • Dries Fast
  • Transparent Color

Latest deal: Intenze Tattoo Ink Snow White


Kuro Sumi Samurai white

Best White Tattoo Ink On Brown Skin

Sealing number three spot is a personal favorite of mine; it will allow you to achieve all your tattooing goals.

Kuro Sumi is one of the leading brands manufacturing the best tattoo inks for the past 20 years. It is the best Japanese White Tattoo ink with super-natural ingredients.

I absolutely love about Kuro Sumi Samurai White having long-lasting, high-quality, and vibrant colors that can light up your tattoos. They offer superior consistency across all their colors, and their white ink is a serious hit.

That’s not all.

Unlike Intenze or Dynamic, Kuro Sumi is made from 100% natural ingredients; they’re completely safe to use and won’t harm your skin when using as they do not contain any harsh chemicals. 

But Kuro Sumi doesn’t just use 100% natural ingredients, but their products are also completely cruelty-free and vegan, which will always tick the boxes for me. 

This white hue looks insane on beautiful, dark honey tones! It gives the best results after healing and heals excellently, without any irritation or reactions.

But don’t just take it from me; Kuro Sumi is a reputable brand that is used and trusted by many famous and professional tattoo artists around the world– you cannot argue with the quality you get. 


  • Smooth Consistency
  • Shows well on Darker Skin
  • Vegan Friendly


  • Tiny bottle (1 oz)

Latest deal: Kuro Sumi Samurai White


StarBrite Colors Brite White

Best White Tattoo Ink to Go Over Black

Next up is a real gem of a product; the quality and brightness of the white have been raved about in the reviews. StarBrite is another trusted brand that professional tattoo artists love all around the globe. 

It is yet another tattoo ink that is vegan-friendly (let’s look after our furry friends) as well as being free from harmful metals such as Iron and Nickel, which means it’s completely safe from tattoo poisoning. 

Some customers have labeled this ink as the ‘best white they have found’ and certainly, after trying this one out for myself, I cannot agree more. 

Of course, that’s not all though.

As well as Starbrite being safe from harmful microorganisms, their trusted brand offers long-lasting, vibrant & fade-proof results for years to come. You cannot argue with the quality as it is manufactured in the USA to ensure proper safety testing.

Its pre-dispersed thin consistency makes it brilliant for lining, shading, and even adding extra details to colorful pieces of ink. It is the right balance of thickness– not too thick but not too watery, which I thought was a nice touch. 

But the cherry on top of the cake has to be the quality and safety this tattoo ink offers. By it being USA made you can guarantee that it has passed stringent safety testing to be on the market– plus, each ink is sterilized so that you can buy with confidence. 


  • Thin Consistency
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Sterilized Ink
  • USA Manufactured


  • Costly
Latest deal: StarBrite Colors Brite White


Bloodline Tattoo Ink - Whiteboy

Best For Highlights

We all know bloodline is famous for its black ink line, but their white boy ink is a killer deal that you cannot pass up. 

Bloodline Tattoo Ink takes premium tattooing inks to a whole new level; their high-performance tattoo inks flow effortlessly into the skin. Their Vegan products are super safe to use and won’t irritate the skin as they use natural ingredients in their ink.

You can always guarantee quality and safety when tattoo ink is manufactured in California, USA, as California follows the most stringent testing and quality check when it comes to creating their ink– plus, this tattoo ink also complies with EU standards. 

In terms of the color itself, this white tattoo ink is trusted and loved by many tattoo artists around the world- it is a well-known brand that offers superior tattoo inks. Their white is so bright that it is almost blinding! 

But wait, let me tell you something. 

This tattoo is so safe on your skin that people argue that it is the fastest-healing tattoo inks you can find in the industry today. Each product is purified, and safety sealed to ensure that the products are safe and pure in their crystal-flex bottle. 

What tattoo artists love most about Bloodline’s products is the longevity and fade-resistant properties. Thanks to their products being vegan, they are better for immunity, health, and gentle on the skin– making them super long-lasting. 

These white tattoo inks are flying off the shelf as the demand becomes higher and higher. 


  • Thick Pigment
  • Vibrant Colors
  • Highly Rated
  • Trust-Worthy Brand


  • Higher Shipping Cost
  • 1oz Bottle
Latest deal: Bloodline Tattoo Ink – Whiteboy


Millennium Moms Tattoo Ink-- Power White

 Millennium Moms has always bossed the tattoo ink industry; their renowned reputation has stretched worldwide. Their high levels of pigment and super safe ink make it one of the best. 

Their outstanding staying power was built to last; you can be sure your next white piece will look insane even after years! Their Power White is made with the highest possible pure pigment possible, ensuring your work will stand up and look incredible. 

Their Power White is one of Amazon’s best-sellers thanks to their high-quality products, affordable price, as well as unmatched smoothness and consistency. Thanks to the homogenized carrier, the pigment mixture flows like a dream.

But here’s the kicker.

Their vegan-friendly formula is formulated in the USA and is a time-tested favorite among many tattoo professionals. Their reliable rich tones remain as vibrant as the day you left the tattoo parlor as for years to come. 

 I have always been a fan of their Black Onyx ink, but this white ink is something else! 


  • Thick Pigment
  • Vibrant Colors
  • Highly Rated
  • Trust-Worthy Brand


  • Higher Shipping Cost
  • 1oz Bottle

Latest deal: Millennium Moms Tattoo Ink- Power White


Viking Ink - White Ultra

Last but certainly not least is Viking Ink in White Ultra; this gorgeous white ink works effortless on the skin for realistic tattoos and holds up a strong resistance when it comes to fading– your tattoos will look insane with this fresh ink. 

Their white ultra ink is so bright and so concentrated that it will shock you when you use it!

Just like Bloodline, Viking Ink is another USA manufactured brand that tattoo artists highly recommend around the US and other parts of the world. Their high-end, ultra-fine, and fade-resistant pigments are not something you can pass up easily. 

Viking Ink is best known for their black ink range, which is loved especially for tribal, Maori, solid filter, and realistic tattoo designs, but their white tattoo ink is their next best hit. 

The results might not be differentiable initially, but you will be impressed after a few months as the colors become prominent; plus, once it’s fully developed, it will stay bright for years to come. 

Now, I’m not finished:

Many customers praised the color and how nicely it settles into the skin; it shows up great and adds a vibrant touch to fresh tattoos. Viking Inks use vegan-friendly ingredients, which ensures it is even safer for the skin.

Viking Ink’s Ultra White is one of the safest white tattoo inks in the world. Why? Because it undergoes the sterilization process that kills all the dangerous micro-organisms in the pigment.

My only concern was that some customers suggested not using black ink to create a muddy mix. But all in all, their high-end, vibrant colors last forever and are a super safe option for your skin– you can’t beat it! 


  • Sterilized Tattoo Ink
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Different Bottle Sizes
  • Vegan Friendly


  • Packaging requires Improvement

Latest deal: Viking Ink – White Ultra

How to Choose the Best White Tattoo Ink:

White tattoo ink has been popular for years now, whether it is to highlight certain areas of a tattoo or add little details. But in the past few years there has been a growing trend of white tattoos– trust me these look pretty incredible. 

White tattoo ink has been a constantly growing demand among tattoo artists who want to achieve subtle tattoo art, you may not be able to see white tattoos from a distance but up close subtle, detailed and creative designs are created. 

White tattoo ink has so many purposes, it can be used to highlight features on a colorful design, such as an eye. It can be used to create creative tribal designs, or even be used as a mixer to tone down colors. 

Before you go to buy white tattoo ink there are some key factors to consider and key things to look for. But don’t worry, this is what I’m here for– I’m here to break down everything you need to know about white tattoo ink and what to look for in your search. 

What Is A White Ink Tattoo?

When you go into a tattoo parlor or if you’re tattooing for a client, we can all agree that 90% of tattoos tend to be black or colored, we never tend to white tattoos as they tend to be much rarer. 

But what are white ink tattoos? They’re essentially tattoos that only use a white pigment, the ink is injected under the layer of skin and it leaves a unique and delicate finish.

White tattoos tend to be much more subtle than black ones or colored ones, they can follow delicate and detailed designs that may go unmissed from a distance but they’re truly beautiful. 

Many white tattoos follow a lace-type or delicate nature and tend to have a much more natural look than regular black tattoos. In the past few years, they have become increasingly popular (especially amongst women) due to the subtlety of the designs.  

But its not as easy as getting a cheap tattoo gun off Amazon and doing the white tattoo willy-nilly it requires an experienced tattoo artist that has experience in the area as it can be more complicated than you may think.  White ink is very temperamental and can be quite challenging to complete, so it’s crucial that it’s done by an artist that knows what they are doing. 

White ink cannot be diluted like other inks, it takes practice to get the design right, white ink is the lightest color you can find and it is much harder to see when tattooed under the skin.

White tattoos take planning and research, you should research and plan what exactly you would like before taking the leap, to ensure you are completely prepared and that it runs as smoothly as possible. Some white tattoos may not even show up if done incorrectly– all that pain for nothing! 

Things To Consider When Buying White Tattoo Ink

There are some factors that must be considered before you buy tattoo ink. Especially, when it is white ink you must educate yourself about things such as ingredients, brand reviews, and price range, etc.

Two possibilities may lead you to buy white ink for tattooing.

  • Either you want to cover up a tattoo using a white ink
  • Or you want it to go with a black tattoo

Anyway, whatever the reason is; these factors should be considered to choose the perfect ink for you!

Choose the best artist: If you are going to get a white tattoo, you need to make sure that the artist you choose is capable of doing the job perfectly. This is something that is going to stay forever with you so you can’t make any mistakes that you may regret in the future.

Choose wisely!

There is no chance of improvement if you mess up the tattoo.

Ink Matters: Yes, it does! Don’t just buy a random cheap white tattoo ink because it can affect you badly. Tattoo ink is to be injected into your skin and you can’t afford to damage your body.

Always prefer a reputed brand ink such as Intenze, Dynamic and other companies listed above. Don’t go for cheap if you don’t know about the things.

If you are a beginner then our advice is to use sterilized inks manufactured in the USA.

Careful Shadowing: White Tattoos require proper shadowing to shine out like other colors. Therefore, you must be careful while choosing your tattoo artist because shadowing requires high accuracy. A simple mistake can ruin the art easily.

Is White Ink Skin Friendly?

Like black tattoo ink, white tattoo ink is another really safe color to use in a tattoo. The majority of white tattoo ink brands use vegan ingredients to make their products more natural and gentle ingredients for your skin. 

Most products I have reviewed today use vegan ingredients to create their products, but a personal favorite of mine has to be Kuro Sumi as they use 100% natural ingredients and vegan. 

Using trusted products is so important when buying any tattoo ink, as, after all, the ink is going underneath your skin for a very long time– we cannot compromise quality over a bargain. 

Some brands, however, still use animal ingredients and toxic chemicals to enhance the pigment in their inks; if you notice that the brand has harsh metals like lead, cadmium, chromium, nickel, and titanium, you should avoid them as this can cause reactions.

Additionally, despite the original pigment being slightly lighter, animal-ingredient tattoo ink doesn’t last as long as the vegan options, and it is more likely to fade. When looking for white tattoo ink, make sure you use a trusted brand that shows the full ingredient list. 


Do White Tattoos Hurt More?

In comparison to tattooing with black ink, many people say that white tattoo inks hurt more when getting them done, this is mainly because white is much finer and will need more strokes for lines to be prominent (the more strokes the more painful it will be). 

Tattooing with white ink is only usually done after the black ink part is completed, since white ink goes over the black ink it means repeated tattooing in certain areas which can be quite painful. Plus the needle goes in deeper in order to lay over the black ink. 

White ink additionally requires more skin stretching than needed during a black tattoo, which makes the skin much thinner and more painful during the process. This still depends on the placement of the tattoo too, tattoos on thinner parts of skin tend to be much more painful in general. 

For example, any tattoo on your foot, hand, rib cage, etc will be much more painful than on your stomach or leg where the skin tends to be much thicker. For the reason that the needle goes in much further and the needle being re-inserted in already tattooed areas you may expect a white tattoo to be more painful than a black one. 

White Tattoo Ink Explained

An interesting thing about a white-colored tattoo is that it cannot be seen right away like other vibrant colors. Your friends may not even notice the design until you point it out loud.

But when it is done in contrast with other colors it turns out to be something unique. Getting a white tattoo separates you from the crowd.

Another thing is that not many people out there have mastered the art of white tattoos. Therefore, you have to spend extra time and even money to find the best person for the job.

As stated above, you must never compromise on that because there are almost zero chances of improvement. Choosing a good white tattoo ink along with a professional artist will give you a masterpiece.

Disadvantages of a White Tattoo

Everything good thing has some bad effects as well. Similarly, White Tattoo makes you unique but it comes with the following disadvantages:

  • They hurt relatively more than a traditional tattoo. Why? Because white color is hard to inject in the skin considering the low visibility issues. It needs several passes to finally saturate and stay. Therefore, it causes more pain than regular ones.
  • Another issue with a white tattoo is that it might turn yellow. This happens when your skin is exposed to sunlight constantly and it changes color with the time passage. Make sure you choose the best white ink to use from the list above to prevent such problems.
  • There are certain claims that these tattoos fade away earlier as compared to normal tattoos. But, a professional artist and good ink can definitely work together to provide efficient results.

Black Tattoo Ink and White Tattoo Ink Comparison

Artists use white tattoo ink with black to produce some amazing designs. Here is a little comparison between both of them. Black inks are used for shading, outlining, and designing full-fledged black tattoos. But white tattoo inks when combined with black give out unique designs as shown below.

Also Checkout: Best Black Tattoo Ink in 2021

White ink can be used to highlight black tattoos and cover-up black tattoos using the White-Out Technique. Therefore, the combination shouldn’t be ignored when trying out new things. Nevertheless, both inks have their own use according to the requirements of the customer.

Frequently asked Questions

Is there a white tattoo ink?

Yes, different companies are now manufacturing white inks for tattoos. With the increase in trends in the tattoo industry, different colors are used to design awesome tattoos. And the newest addition to the colors set is White.

Can you lighten a tattoo with white ink?

Yes, it is possible to cover a dark tattoo with white ink. Artists use a technique known as the white-out technique. In this technique, white ink is used over the dark-colored tattoo to lighten it up.

This may take a couple of sessions and preparation to get the desired finish but the majority of black tattoos can be lightened to a grey hue using white ink. You can also mix white with other colors before you tattoo to add a lighter pigment.

Are white ink tattoos a good idea?

White ink tattoo can be a good idea in the following cases:

  • To cover an existing tattoo
  • To use it in contrast with other colors
  • Lighten up your black tattoos
  • To create subtle and detailed designs

Why are white ink tattoos a bad idea?

The major difference between white tattoos and other colors is visibility. White color designs are not visible from a distance. Nobody might even notice that you have a tattoo unless you point it out.

Another reason is that they have a history of hurting more than regular tattoos. This is because it takes several revisions to make white color visible on your skin.

How long does white tattoo ink last?

Sadly white tattoos don’t last near as long as black tattoos do, they will begin to fade after around 5 years. Even though white tattoo ink shows up more on tanned skin or darker skin tones over pale ones, pale white tattoos tend to last longer.

This is because paler skin has less melanin affecting the ink. But after a few years, it may fade to the point where people may mistake it for a scar. With the proper aftercare and looking after your white tattoo it may last longer.

However this may differ from person to person and from ink to ink, animal ingredient inks don’t tend to last as long as vegan ones because the skin is less likely to be irritated and will heal much more nicely than animal ingredient inks.

How much is a white ink tattoo?

White Ink tattoos do tend to cost much more than your regular black ink tattoo but not always. It all depends on the intricacy and detail of the design, some designs require a special ink covering and this will cost more. 

But on average a white tattoo will start at around $50 and depending on the size it will continue to go up. 


White Tattoo Inks have a high risk so make sure you follow all the guidelines in the article. Don’t go for cheap if you are inexperienced and don’t really know how these things work.

Even if you are an experienced artist make sure you choose an ink that provides long-lasting results for you or the clients. To be on the safe side, always prefer vegan-friendly, sterilized, and natural tattoo inks.

I have hunted down and reviewed my top 7 favorite  white inks for tattooing as of 2021, but stay tuned I will be updating the list with better products as soon as I  find them. 

Happy Tattooing!

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