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Looking for the best tattoo machine that has an ergonomic grip?

Well. let me assure you that you are not the only one on the hunt for the best tattoo machines. The good news is we have narrowed down the best complete tattoo kit available in the market!

We understand how it can be difficult to find tattoo machines for beginners on a budget; moreover, not knowing what ink and needles to use for your iconic designs.

However, it won’t be a rocky journey to finding the best tattoo machine for beginners with our guide. Want to know why?

We have listed down the tattoo machines for beginners that come with a complete kit and improve your skills as time passes by. And not to worry, we have looked at more than 30 tattoo starter kits with the highest reviews and performance.

So, before you jumpstart on your tattooing career check out our top tattoo kit for the best results.

Here is a cool tip – keep an eye out for a complete tattoo kit, so you do not have to purchase the essentials separately. It helps in making your designs versatile and attracts more customers. You will thank us big time!

We nitpicked the best tattoo machine collection for beginners looking for coil or rotary tattoo guns. After going over the guide, you will realize why each tattoo gun landed a spot in it.


How we came to the conclusion of our top 3:




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Our top tattoo machines for beginners


Mast Flash Rotary Tattoo Machine


Tired of not finding the best tattoo machine for your tattoo design portfolio? Worry no more! We got your back with one of the best and most reliable rotary tattoo machine work.

The best of purchasing your Mast tattoo machine is the sleek and lightweight design that helps a beginner develop an ergonomic grip. Moreover, it will help improve your skills with the advanced gear system, as it is super smooth while depositing the pigment beneath the skin during sitting.

Furthermore, the benefit of the flash cartridge grip is how it has a beautiful 3.5mm stroke that can be adjusted. The quick click for a better grip is autoclave safe and highly durable for the long run.

As if that is not enough, we have more to the beginner kit that blew our socks off.

It landed a top spot on our guide with the adjustable needle that has a protrusion that can go up to 4.5mm. The tattoo machine kit does not make a lot of noise and suitable for all skin types.

The machine kit is a superb addition to your tattoo machine collection, as it covers and protects your skin with the efficient cartridge replacement and change inclusive in the package.

So, we can not rave more about the Mast tattoo machine. Now, it is your turn to do your own research


  • Flexible and easy to maneuver
  • Autoclavable
  • Lightweight
  • 50-90 Hz RCA


  • Make lines more deep and difficult to remove

Latest deal: Mast Flash Rotary Tattoo Machine


Dragonhawk X3 Rotary Tattoo Machine Gun

Can’t get enough of Dragonhawk? Likewise. They never fail to amaze us.

Yes, you heard us right! Dragonhawk has given us another sleek design, X3 rotary tattoo machine that gives you the smoothness in your tattoo design that you want.

The dual springs are custom-made to make the functioning of the tattoo gun spot on! Moreover, we are blown away by the coreless motor design that has the ability to increase the torque, even on low voltage.

But that is not all, we have more great news about the edgy design making it superior to the traditional coil tattoo machine.

Another benefit of purchasing the two spring Dragonhawl X3 rotary tattoo gun is that it is compatible with different tattoo needles and standard cartridges. And the best part is how budget-friendly the tattoo gun is for any beginner looking to diversify their range.

Moreover, hold on tight for the beautiful, colorful packaging your Dragonhawk comes in. The RCA connection can operate to a high voltage of 10 volts while the recommended range is between 7 to 9 volts.

No more worries about scaring your client away with the sound of your tattoo needle depositing ink. It is everything you want for the initiating of a creative journey!


  • Lightweight tattoo gun
  • Steady tattooing, even at a high voltage of 10V
  • Topnotch shading
  • Compatible with standard needles and cartridges


  • Quality not up to the mark

Latest deal: Dragonhawk X3 Rotary Tattoo Machine Gun


Dragonhawk Falcon Rotary Tattoo Machine

Want the best of the best rotary tattoo machine in town? Well, we have good news for you while not putting a dent in your pocket.

Dragonhawk is among the topmost coveted tattoo machines that come in a beautiful color combination of green and black. Moreover, the sleek, lightweight design inclusive of standard needles in the tattoo set.

The best tattoo design does not mean it has to come from a pricey gun but it does have to have a high power supply, which gives the rotary machine the same effect as a high voltage coil machine.

What does this mean for a beginner tattoo artist?

Well, for starters, anyone who is new to shader tattoo machines would not know how the stroke length plays a major role. The maximum stroke length of 4.0mm is possible for the Dragonhawk tattoo machine kit.

Moreover, it helps with the flexibility of the design, as the magnum size can go up to 25 which allows it to vary in style for diverse tattoo work with the highest voltage of 8 volts available.

After going over the best tattoo sets, this might be a strong contender against the classic coil machines. So, if you like something out of the box, this is a must-have!


  • Better customer experience
  • No noise
  • Cartridge tattoo is possible
  • Optimum stroke length of 4.0mm


  • Higher voltage than recommended may result in ink spitting

Latest deal:  Dragonhawk Falcon Rotary Tattoo Machine


Redscorpion Coil Tattoo Machine Gun

Are you on team coil tattoo machines? Because you will be more than excited to hear about Redscorpion.

The beginner tattoo kit from Redscorpion comes in a pack of 2 alloy machine frames. The coil has been handcrafted to form 10 wrap, which is best for shading while the 8 wrap is perfect for lines and edge.

If you are still not hooked on the sensational dual coil design, then we have more regarding the sturdy alloy frame that is quite easy to handle. Redscorpion will give you uniform lines and beautiful shading throughout the tattoo design.

What more could one want from a beginner’s tattoo gun with a 3-month warranty and exquisite customer service?

For starters, uniformity and speed during your work are something all tattoo artists look for, so we got you covered. No more damaging your client’s skin with high speed and voltage.

We know how many of you are skeptical of coil tattoo machines for making too much noise and heating up quickly. The Redscorpion is known to make low noise without producing much heat during the process.

So, wait no more to get hands-on on the highly flexible and super elastic design for the best designs with your one of a king tattoo gun.


  • Topnotch customer service
  • Durable alloy design
  • Dual handmade coils available for liner and shader
  • Low noise and low heat production


  • Difficult to maneuver

Latest deal: Redscorpion Coil Tattoo Machine Gun


Mast Saber Wireless Tattoo Machine

Looking for a beginner tattoo kit that comes with a tattoo needle set and replacement grips? No need to look further.

Let’s hop on the Mast Saber bandwagon with the beautiful rotary pen tattoo has a voltage recommendation of 6V to 8V for shading and 7.5V to 9V for the lining. Moreover, the needle stroke setting for 3.5mm is preferably between the range of 5V to 9V.

The flexible tattoo gun cord still restricts the tattoo artist; however, the complete tattoo kit is wireless that does not restrict your movement. This helps the tattoo machines with batteries to work best for a couple of hours without being recharged.

But wait, let me tell you the best part of the coil tattoo machines.

It charges within an hour which can work up to 8 hours but you do not worry about tattooing while recharging your 2000 mAh battery capacity.

Moreover, you can look at the LED light for noting the amount of time you have been working with your tattoo machine and the voltage you are currently working with.

You will want to check out the reviews of the complete tattoo kit for better know-how of coil guns before you purchase one as a beginner artist!


  • Wireless tattoo machine with a 2000 mAh battery capacity
  • LED light shows voltage and working time
  • Long-stroke of 4.2 mm
  • Lightweight


  • Can not go uncharged for more than an 8-hour sitting

Latest deal: Mast Saber Wireless Tattoo Machine


New Star Tattoo Dragonfly Rotary Tattoo Machine

If you are searching for quality tattoo machines, then Dragonfly with its array of designs is any beginner tattoo artist’s dreamland.

The best tattoo does not only require skills but good quality beginner tattoo sets, such as the amazing motor gun available in assorted colors. But if you want a rotary tattoo machine with tattoo inks and a good power supply, then this is the one.

However, if you were looking for tubes to be inclusive of the grinder tattoo kit, you are out of luck. But you will be more than excited to see the liner and shader effects with your rotary tattoo machines.

Now you might be asking can the shader tattoo machine get better than this?

Let me break the good news! It does get better with the funky and glossy exterior that adds the pizazz to any good tattoo machine. The lightweight machine with low vibration and high heat resistance will make you fall in love with it!

Moreover, you will be highly impressed with the power supply of 6 to 9V that produces impeccable designs. The top-notch performance of Dragonfly in terms of shading, filling, and lining makes it a perfect beginner kit.

All your needs are met with the amazing power supply along with tubes, grips, and tattoo needles with your Dragonfly tattoo gun.


  • Lightweight
  • Low heat and vibration
  • Wide range of colors available
  • Excellent for lining, shading, and filling


  • Tubes are not inclusive of the tattoo start kits

Latest deal: New Star Tattoo Dragonfly Rotary Tattoo Machine


Dragonhawk Horus Rotary Tattoo Machine

The durability of Dragonhawk is commendable with every design they produce, and the Horus rotary tattoo gun is no different. You will be more than excited to hear more about it!

Unlike other models of Dragonhawk, Horus is another coreless mast motor machine that has an exponentially high torque with low voltages. It helps to create the best design with your tattoo shader tattoo machine at 9V/10,000 rpm.

You know the best part of purchasing your stick tattoo kit is that the built is super durable with a solid pure brass frame. Moreover, it is a robust design with anti-smudge technology for smooth designs.

What more could an artist want?

Well, we have a lot more to keep you hooked on one of the best tattoo kits. Say your goodbyes to scrapes and bumps with the anti-smudge case for smooth operation. Also, you can still get a smooth pirate face tattoo without much noise.

You can operate at low voltages with the amazing design of the adjustable stroke length feature. It is quite easy to tighten and loosen in the Dragonhawk rotary machines.

Protect human skin with the best tattoo gun kit available at the most affordable price.


  • Lightweight beginner kit with ink caps and ink cups
  • Smooth transition in tattoo design
  • Great stability like bishop rotary tattoo machine
  • Anti-smudge pure brass case


  • No free replacement service

Latest deal: Dragonhawk Horus Rotary Tattoo Machine


Dragonhawk Tattoo Kit Mast Rotary Tattoo Pen Machine Gun

You want ink cups and pigmented inks along with ink caps? Then, you have landed the best tattoo kits for beginners deal just in budget.

Your tattoo designs will speak for themselves, be it as simple as a solong tattoo with your pneumatic tattoo gun. The mast rotary machine gun is a strong competition to the traditional coil tattoo gun that is super lightweight and compact.

It has been manufactured from premium quality space aluminum frame that has a custom motor for high speed. Moreover, it comes with an exquisite pack of 50 piece tattoo needle cartridges to diversify your range.

In case you might be asking yourself what are the sizes of cartridges available in the pack?

To begin with, they are available in 5 different sizes, they are as follows: 1203RL, 1205RL, 1207RL, 1203RS, and 1205RS. The cartridges help in maintaining stability and control, as they are all purpose.

Moreover, the membrane mechanism is a state of a kind technology that helps prevent ink splashes or spitbacks and ruin all your hard work on human skin. You can take a good at it on practice skin with your easy to maneuver machine kit.

Any beginner would be lucky to have all disposable cartridges, power supply, pigmented inks, and your RCA connection all in one! And you have all that you need in your Dragonhawk machine kit.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • 5 sizes of disposable cartridges
  • Membrane mechanism
  • Highly pigmented, diverse ink colors inclusive of tattoo complete kit


  • Inks are available in small quantity

Latest deal: Dragonhawk Tattoo Kit Mast Rotary Tattoo Pen Machine Gun


Wormhole Tattoo Complete Tattoo Kit

The most impressive starter tattoo kit loaded with all the supplies you need to start tattooing on practice skin. No need to look any further, you got all that you need for beginners tattoo machine.

We will give you all the juicy details about the highly affordable tattoo machine that comes with a power supply, a separate gun for lining and shading, a stainless steel foot pedal, inks, practice skin; aluminium grips, disposable tattoo tubes and tips.

Moreover, the best tattoo kit comes with all essentials for sterlizing and premium quality hygiene, such as a pair of blue nitrile glove. Wormhole has been a professional favorite when it comes to coil machine and rotary machine.

By now, you should have guessed that this is not it. We have more exciting news!

We are impressed with the high voltage power supply the machine can go up to without sparking. Henceforth, you can enhance your artistic skills and designs with foot pedal model.

Not a lot of brands come with help and instructional videos for developing your style! Also, you can consult the customer service to guide on installation instructions on how to use the tattoo machine kits.

The best tattoo machine kits become your best friend during all the ups and downs of your artistic journey!


  • LED light shows stable voltage
  • Inclusive of many essentials, so you do not need to purchase them separately
  • Beautifully packed and delivered on your doorstep
  • Premium quality customer service available


  • Some essential parts might be missing from best tattoo starter kits

Latest deal: Wormhole Tattoo Complete Tattoo Kit


Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit with Case

Get ready for another banger complete tattoo kit with a case from Dragonhawk. It is another incredible coil machine with the traditional style! So, what are you waiting for?

You will not get another chance to get your hands on the best tattoo machines that hold a strong competition to top-notch rotary machines. It has low vibrations in comparison to all the traditional coil machines available with clip cords.

Moreover, it comes with 10 wraps coils is perfect for shading and lining between the voltage of 7V to 10V. The Dragonhawk coil machines are manufactured with premium quality iron that looks exquisite and the erogonmic grip helps enhance the stability.

But wait there is more to your traditional coil machine.

Be it tattoo ink in your beginner tattoo kits, or just all the supplies to make your tattooing ventures come true. The Dragonhawk has a short circuit protection to work at high voltages that helps improve the efficiency and reliability of your tattoo gun.

Moreover, a foot pedal is inclusive with all the other essentials, such as 304 steel tips, practice skin, ink cups, grips, and much more. You will be more excited for the exceptional shine and vibrancy of your tattoo ink in your one of a kind design portfolio.

So, you like something bold and do not want the hassle of purchasing of everything separately, hop on board with nothing but the best!


  • Adjustable power supply for accuracy
  • Lining and shading is impeccable with vibrant inks
  • Leakage protection
  • Comes with clip cord, ink cups, foot pedal, practice skin, and steel tips


  • Ink in small quantities

Latest deal: Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit with Case

What we looked at while picking the best beginner tattoo machine for you?

After analyzing the tattoo machine market, and going over the reviews of many experienced tattoo artists. It is the most important tool, to begin with, your tattooing journey, so don’t worry we did the digging for you. Think of it as our gift to you. We have gathered all the essential points to be on the look for while purchasing the tattoo machine. Here they are:


Buying an expensive tattoo machine does not mean it gives you the refined skills you want. So, it does not necessarily mean that an expensive beginner tattoo kit will do the trick. Thus, keep an eye out for the qualities, as some tattoo guns can only outline or shade while some do both. Know what you need for the best results.


The quality of the tattoo machine and the ink are among the most important aspects, as some are manufactured from copper, iron, or brass. They might be slightly hefty on the pocket but they are a good investment in the long run.


Before you purchase your ink and tattoo kit you need to educate yourself about the type of needles you need for your design. There are small and large needles. The small ones are for intricate design for thin outlines while the large ones are for shading and bold outlines.


For a beginner, you need to know what art form you are more interested in but if you want to keep your options open, then purchasing a versatile tattoo machine is the way to go ahead. Buying a machine with just a single specialized function will limit your art designs. For any beginner, you should focus more on refining your process.


Tattoo machines are a tattoo artist’s weapon and it is just not for looks. It should be reliable and consistent in all your designs, so before you purchase get a better understanding of the complete tattoo kit. It should not act up during your sitting, as it will tarnish your reputation in the tattoo market.

Frequently asked Questions

What does a beginner tattoo artist need?

A beginner tattoo should first and foremost, look at their options available, and decide whether they are going to opt for a tattoo kit or just the tattoo machine. The complete tattoo kit usually contains the following, such as a tattoo machine, ink, needle, and power source.

Which tattoo machine is better rotary or coil?

Many new tattoo artists enter the market to purchase a tattoo starter kit with a rotary or coil machine. First of all, both are similar, to deposit ink beneath the skin; however, the way it is carried out is different.

The small electric motor moves the needle for continuous fluid action in rotary while the coil has two electromagnets through which the current passed to move the needle. Moreover, the advantage of a rotary tattoo kit is low maintenance and noise in comparison with coil tattoo machines. But the coil is in your hand what works better for you!

What’s the Best Cheap Tattoo Kit on Professional Level?

Dragonhawk tends to produce top-notch budget-friendly tattoo kits for professionals. It is super reliable and will help you develop your skill with time while having a range of needles in the tattoo kit for versatility. Moreover, it is the most trusted brand available on the market with medical-grade almuinum used in manufacturing.

Is it Safe to Buy Tattoo Guns Online?

If you do believe in shopping online, then we have good news. The tattoo machines for beginners available online are quite reliable and the best part is the great discounts you can available. Moreover, not to worry about the quick delivery, as you can get it delivered on the same day. So, you need not worry about your online purchase of a trusted tattoo gun.

What equipment do you need to start tattooing?

The most asked question by a beginner that what supplies they need to purchase. Some tattoo kits for beginners come with all the tattooing supplies you need; however, you can purchase them separately. They include the most essential equipment, such as power supply, ink, disposable tips, tubes, needles, grips, a good quality tattooing machine, and stencils.

Best Tattoo Machine Maintenance Tips

We will give you a couple of maintenance tips to keep your tattoo starter kit always clean. Firstly, you need to always keep your machine clean by covering it with a clean bag, as it helps maintain a barrier against ink splashes. Also, you have to occasionally get your tattoo machine autoclaves; however, if you do not have the facility, you can opt for dry heat sterilization.

What Beginners Should Check For?

For any tattoo artist who is at the beginning of their creative journey and is not yet aware of what they need. We are here to tell you that thermo-fax paper, pens, rubber bands, sketching pads, disposable needles, gloves are among the few essentials apart from the tattoo kit. They need to be aware of establishing basic designs and get a prior art education for more exposure. Moreover, you should also build a portfolio for clients.

How much does a good tattoo gun cost?

For all the newbies out here on a budget or no budget, we can tell you that you can get a tattoo machine within the range of $50 to more than $1000. It totally varies from the quality and design of the machine. You can make an investment for a good tattoo kit that has all the supplies inclusive, so you do not need to purchase them separately.

Is it wise to purchase a complete kit or just get each equipment separately?

It totally depends on the budget you want to begin with. It can be cost-effective purchasing each item piece by piece and add it in your collection. Or you can just get the basics, such as power supply, needles, ink and tattoo machine. So, if you do not have a problem with going a little over your tight budget, then it is completely up to you. However, there are different budget-friendly deals and discounts available for each piece that makes it cost less. You can also find amazing brands with the best complete sets at an economical price.

How to check the reliability of tattoo kits?

This is among the most trait that one needs to keep an eye on while purchasing their tattoo kits. It will be your sword that needs to be sharpened at all times, so the designs are up to the standard.

Types of Tattoo Kits Available

There are a wide range of tattoo guns available that have a variety of functions, but the main are for lines, shading, and filling. Thus, there are three major types a beginner needs to educate themselves on the beginning of their journey, such as coil, rotary, and pneumatic tattoo gun.

Coil tattoo gun:

It uses the electromagnetic coils that allows the needles to move in perpendicular motion to the human skin or practice skin. Moreover, it works best for filing or lining.

Rotary tattoo gun:

It is a tattoo machine that professionals are more likely to opt for, as they are more used to it. It might be difficult to provide satisfactory results for a beginner. Furthermore, it makes less noise than the traditional coil machines.

Pneumatic tattoo gun:

Carson Hill has developed and patented the pneumatic tattoo gun using air compression for the needle to move up and down. It is further light in weight in comparison to rotary and coil machine guns. Also, the best part of the purchase is disinfecting without disassembling the tattoo machine.

Differences between shaders and liners:

If you want to create an outline of your tattoo, then you should opt for purchasing liners instead of shaders. Wondering why? Because liners work with black or white ink. On the other hand, the shaders user colors that help shade or fill the design. Shaders have a low speed in comparison with liners. Moreover, shaders have more needles that requires more power while liners have less needles and more power.


No need to go over more tattoo machine sets. We have all the information that you need for tattoo machines for beginners. You will find everything you need in the complete tattoo kit, and need not purchase them separately. There are some things to be on the hunt for, such as price, usability, reliability, and versatility. Practice makes your craft better with time, as it might be hard in the beginning to balance. Moreover, the skills will help build your portfolio with a diverse design range.

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