Best Tattoo Gloves [Review] in 2021

Last Updated on March 21, 2022

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Looking for a high-quality tattoo glove that maintains hygiene and lasts you a good long while?

The good news is that you have come to the right place!

We have reviewed over 37 different products to bring you 6 of the best tattoo gloves you will find online. We have done thorough research so you don’t have to.

The market is full of cheap tattoo gloves that break easily and don’t even last you the entire tattoo session. So, it is important to find one that guarantees quality.

Here’s the good part!

To make things easier for you, we have carefully selected each of the tattoo glove reviewed today and examined them closely to make sure they satisfy you fully.

For instance, here is something that can help; look for nitrile as the material used for making the gloves as they provide the right amount of stretch and durability.

With all this out the way, you would want to see what we have in store for you!

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Best Tattoo Gloves




When looking for the best tattoo gloves, going for a brand that has a good repute in the business is always good news. And that is exactly what AMMEX brings to the table. These tattoo gloves are made from high-quality 3-mil nitrile that makes sure you get a nice stretch and good quality grip with the texture on the inside. The glove is 9.5 inches long from the fingertip to the cuff which is more than enough to cover your hands no matter what size they might be. They also offer features like added dexterity that in turn improve the nimbleness of your fingers while working on the tattoo. You get tactile sensitivity so you know exactly what is happening as you operate that tattoo gun. The gloves are also latex-free for all those who are allergic to rubber. Along with this, they are medical-grade gloves so you can stop worrying about hygiene as that is their key purpose. So, stop worrying about your tattoos getting infected as the nitrile gloves from AMMEX will get the job done without any issues whatsoever. This one is definitely worth your consideration.


  • Nimble and dexterous
  • Durable and good grip
  • Medical-grade
  • Proper hygiene


  • Could be a little looser

Latest deal: AMMEX


Adenna PHM916 Phantom

If you care about true elasticity then you would know how important latex gloves are. And that is what Adenna is here to provide you with. These tattoo gloves are great for tattoo artists who love their equipment easy to use and readily operatable. They are black in color so look stealthy and clean. The latex used is high quality so they will last you easily through the tattoo session and are also powder-free which means no unnecessary irritation on the skin. Hygiene is very well taken care of with these gloves so no infections will ruin your day. They have a textured grip that allows the tattoo artist to grab the tattoo gun easily and with confidence. They are dexterous and tactile so you can really feel the nimble nature of your fingers through them. They’re easy to put on and use when you need them. The grip works well with both wet and dry conditions which is an added bonus. You get 100 gloves by weight per bo which is a lot of value for your money considering the quality you get. This one is a no-brainer!


  • Good quality latex
  • Powder-free
  • Tactile and good grip
  • Dextrous and nimble


  • Could be a little thicker

Latest deal: Adenna PHM916 Phantom



Get ready for medical-grade all-black gloves that not only look clean and minimal but also work amazingly with any sized hands. GADULU makes sure they pay close attention to things like quality, strength, and functionality. And all of this shows in the product they have put out. You get 100 gloves per box which are more than enough for the price you pay for them. They are ambidextrous but non-sterile which could pose a problem. You will not find any skin-related itching with these as they are hygienic and don’t cause any skin rashes for the user. There is no powder inside and they also have a nice grip. You can hold dry or wet surfaces with these without any issue at all. They are medical-grade which gives you more confidence while using them. They are made from nitrile which is the material of choice when it comes to tattoo gloves and the quality is good. This one deserves a spot in your wishlist for sure!


  • Made from nitrile
  • Good quality and tactile
  • Dextrous and medical-grade
  • Nice grip


  • Should be sterile for tattooing

Latest deal:  GADULU


Med Pride

Med Pride pride on making some of the best medical-grade gloves on the market, no pun intended. But seriously they are one of the go-tos when it comes to tattoo gloves as they are made from high-quality nitrile which is the choice material for tattoo gloves. They are also nice purple in color that looks absolutely beautiful. They are easy to put on and wear when you want to get started with a busy tattooing session. Tattoo artists will love the confidence this will provide them with while operating the tattoo gun. The texture allows for a great grip that enables a strong and steady hold. The durability of the gloves speaks for itself. They are super tactile and dextrous allowing you to have great sensitivity. They grip well onto wet as well as dry surfaces. No powder inside so no more skin irritability and they are also hygienic which means say goodbye to infections. They offer extraordinary strength and are puncture-resistant. You get a smooth external finish and beaded cuffs as well. These medical-grade gloves are great for tattoo artists everywhere. So, grab yours right away!


  • Made from nitrile
  • Powder-free and dextrous
  • Good grip for wet and dry surfaces
  • Puncture resistant and beaded cuffs


  • Could be a little thicker

Latest deal: Med Pride



Infi-touch tattoo gloves are a little on the more expensive side but for all the great reasons and you will understand why after this review. For starters, these gloves are all black in color that look good, and are super easy to wear without presenting any issues. This also shows the quality of the glove as they don’t tear apart easily and offer good durability. The material used to make these gloves is nitrile which is the material of choice for tattoo gloves. Since these are not latex gloves, people sensitive to latex don’t have to worry about a single thing. With that said, these are super comfortable to wear, have high chemical resistance, and do not expand upon contact with oil. They are also puncture-resistant so you can use the tattoo gun without any hesitation. You have micro-texture on the fingertips for a good grip that holds wet as well as dry surfaces well. The ambidextrous nature helps you to be more nimble with the equipment and your customer while bringing your artistic creation to life. So, embark on a great tattoo adventure while staying safe with the Infi-touch tattoo gloves. This one is an amazing choice.


  • Made from nitrile
  • Ambidextrous and good grip
  • Smooth donning with soft internal texture
  • Durable and powder-free


  • Start to wear after an hour of use

Latest deal:  Infi-Touch



GripProtect is here to remove all your tattoo worries as their gloves will help you bring your liveliest creations to life. The material used is nitrile which is the material of choice for tattoo gloves. They are not latex gloves so you don’t have to worry about any latex-related allergies. They are medical grade as well which means you can use them with sensitive skin and are powder-free as well as this will help reduce and eliminate skin irritation. The black color is popular among tattoo artists and that is exactly what you get. Approved for protection from Fentanyl and multiple chemotherapy agents. The build quality is excellent as they are made for high durability, strength, and comfort for long-term usage. The materials used are all synthetic and you will love what you get here! So get ready for a thrilling and fulfilling tattooing experience with the GripProtect gloves.


  • Made with nitrile (Better than latex gloves)
  • Good grip and durability
  • Nimble and dextrous for the tattooing process
  • Medical grade


  • Could be thicker

Latest deal: GripProtect

Things to consider when buying tattoo gloves

Type of material:

There are majorly three different materials from which gloves are made. These are latex, nitrile, and vinyl. Although all of these materials are good for gloves, you need to make sure that the tattoo gloves you get are either nitrile or latex. But since some people have allergies to latex, nitrile is the way to go. Nitrile is also the choice material for tattoo gloves and we made sure all the gloves reviewed today are either latex or nitrile.


Comfort is very important. You don’t want your hands to feel fatigued mid-tattooing. So, get yourself gloves that have a nice soft inner lining. Make sure they are powder-free as well to avoid any skin irritation.


Dexterity is important for performing nimble tasks like tattooing. The gloves you choose determine how much dexterity you will have while making your tattoo. All the gloves we reviewed today have great grip and dexterity.


A lot of times what happens is that people end up with gloves that are a little too big or too little. So, make sure you get the right fit. But oftentimes the gloves are not made well to fit perfectly. And that is what we made sure of not to happen.


Thickness is a crucial factor when it comes to tattoo gloves. Why you may ask? The answer is that you don’t want your gloves to tear apart while using the tattoo gun. If the glove is too thin, it can rip even when you are putting it on. So, go for gloves that are nice and thick.


Sensitivity plays an important role in determining what type of gloves you should go for. To start with, make sure your gloves are powder-free as you will be avoiding a lot of skin irritation. Other than that, you need to see if you are allergic to latex. Otherwise, both nitrile and latex work well.

Frequently asked Questions

Can you wash and reuse tattoo gloves?

DO NOT reuse tattoo gloves. This is important to avoid cross-contamination between customers and prevent infections. Dispose of your tattoo gloves carefully after use.

Can you tattoo with latex gloves:

Yes, you can. Just make sure you don’t have any allergies to latex.

What kind of gloves are best suited for tattooing?

Nitrile-made gloves are the best for tattooing since the material works best with the activity. Latex and vinyl work as well.


All the tattoo gloves we looked at today do an amazing job at allowing you to make the best tattoos of your life. They are nimble and dextrous, enabling you to handle the tattoo equipment carefully and confidently. They are medical-grade which helps make sure there are no infections carried to the vulnerable tattoo skin. Some are even anti-bacterial that adds another layer of protection from infections. All the gloves featured today are powder-free and have a great grip that can easily hold onto wet as well as dry surfaces.

You will love how durable and high quality all of these gloves are. All the manufacturers made sure they used the highest quality nitrile and latex to bring you some of the best gloves you will find online. Customer experience clearly matters a lot and we made sure you get that with out list.

So, grab your favorite pair from the list above!

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