Best Tattoo Foot Pedal [Review] in 2021

Last Updated on March 21, 2022

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Tired of tattoo foot pedals always breaking on you or being unable to provide the power you need for your artistic creations?

Well, let me assure you, you are not alone my friend.

But worry not as we have been hard at work, reviewing over 52 different tattoo pedals to bring you 6 of the best ones.

As you look for pedals online, you will see many manufacturers promising great quality and performance but most of them will break under pressure due to cheap materials.

So, what’s the good news?

The good news is that you will find a brief and to-the-point review for 6 of the best tattoo pedals in this guide. We have looked at things like power supply, building materials, performance, phonno plugs, and weight.

Here’s a tip; Make sure the pedal you get is compatible with your tattoo machine. Therefore, ones that come with a universal phonno connector will most definitely be your best bet.

With that said, you would love to see what we have in store for you!

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Best Tattoo Foot Pedal


Dragonhawk F1


For a tattoo artist, it is important that he or she has precise control over the pedal. Dragonhawk F1 makes sure you get that control so it is easier for you to let out your creative ideas. The tattoo foot pedal is in all-black color and gives a very minimal sleek vibe. It has a relatively smaller footprint so it doesn’t look huge under your feet. This tattoo foot pedal comes with a switch so you can connect with tattoo power supply, tattoo machine guns, tattoo kits, and supplies easily. The cable is long enough to not present length constraints while working. A phonno plug is conveniently included for you so it can connect to any power supply and the tattoo pedal is also lightweight that makes it super easy to carry. The build quality is nice and it will easily see you through a long time of use. If you do face any problems with the product, you can easily contact the company via email. All in all, this one is a great choice for you!


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Small footprint for compactness
  • Powerful and has a long cable
  • Comes with a phonno plug


  • Could use a heavier base

Latest deal: Dragonhawk F1


SOTICA tattoo foot pedal

Amazon’s Choice

Build quality matters a lot! If a tattoo pedal is not built well, it will become a huge headache for you. SOTICA aims to resolve this issue by introducing a tattoo pedal that is made from stainless steel so it can last you a good long while without breaking a sweat. The looks of the pedal speak for themselves as well. The black and steel color complement each other. A phonno plug is included for easy power supply connectivity and the 5 feet long cable is more than enough for convenience. The base does not skid and stays in place so you don’t slip up while bringing your artistic creations to reality. This one feels like a true professionals tool as it is an easy to use plug n play machine that works effortlessly. The foot pedal is made out of high-quality stainless steel as well which means it can take a rough beating and still keep pushing through. It is made so it makes sure your ankles are well-rested while working and minimizes strain on your feet. The company promises 100% satisfaction and will provide you with a full refund if you don’t like the product. That shows their confidence and we believe this one is a no-brainer for you!


  • Stainless steel body
  • 5 feet long cable
  • Anti-skid base
  • Superior ankle comfort and precise machine control


  • Could have a better connection

Latest deal: SOTICA tattoo foot pedal


CINRA tattoo pedal

It’s not often you come across a compact yet sturdy tattoo pedal that is built like a tank. CINRA tattoo pedal will peak your artistic and creative skills with precise control under your feet. The all-black design never disappoints as it is minimal and clean while staying low profile. The footprint is also small so doesn’t feel too big. The use of high-quality materials is what CINRA promises so the frame is made from alloy that is plenty strong and lightweight at the same time. The anti-skid bottom allows firm footing and minimizes errors. The 5.9 feet soft silicon cable is very durable and extends far and wide for convenience. You get great ankle comfort and machine control. The power is amazing as it can easily ramp up and down based on your footing. It has an anti-marring feature that helps prevent damage of all sorts. Attention to little details like the red accent on the head of the cable shows how much thought went into designing this work of art! This one, without a doubt, is one of the best tattoo foot pedals you will find on the market! You can easily contact the company via email as well.


  • 5.9 feet long cable
  • Silicon cable and an alloy construction
  • Precise and strong power control
  • Ankle comfort


  • Foot pedal cap could be better

Latest deal: CINRA tattoo pedal



All the tattoo artists who love the automobile industry as well, gather around as this one is going to grab your attention instantly. The DCT tattoo pedal does a great job at resembling a real car race pedal while providing excellent performance and build quality when it comes to tattooing. You get a power control footswitch pedal that helps you activate your tattoo machine. The pedal is universally compatible and is lightweight for ease of use. You can carry it around easily without any issue. The plastic is sturdy and enables a more feather-weight use case scenario. It is also a plug-and-play design so you don’t have to fuss over trying to figure out how to use it. The ankle comfort is amazing as your feet will not feel stressed and the pedal also stays in one place so it doesn’t skid around while using. Overall, this one is a great machine for aspiring tattoo artists out there. You should definitely consider this one!


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Plug n play easy to use
  • Race-like pedal with good grip
  • Long cable and foot comfort


  • Could have more power

Latest deal: DCT



For those who love a metallic look but also appreciate a low-profile black design, this one is an absolute treat. This tattoo foot pedal from ITATOO aims to knock it out of the park when it comes to looks and performance. The ITATOO logo on the black power supply looks clean. The metal foot pedal is made from stainless steel which is plenty strong and durable. It will see you through a long time without any issues and has amazing build quality. The wire is silicon which means it is also very rigid and strong for extended use. It is also 1.8 meters long which is more than enough to have a convenient tattoo session. The tattoo pedal is easy to start and operate. The power control you get with this one is immense and precise. The machine is loved by many tattoo artists all over the world so you have more confidence in your purchasing decision when getting this one. The smooth ramp-up of power in accordance with the placing of your foot on the pedal shows how much the manufacturer cares about performance and creating an amazing customer experience. It is also high comfort for your ankles and is lightweight which makes it super easy to carry. The bottom of the pedal is anti-skid so it will not slide while working. With so many things working in its favor, ITATOO is a definite contender and is worthy of your consideration. Make sure to add it to your list!


  • Stainless Steel design
  • Silicon wire 1.8 meter long
  • Anti-skid bottom
  • Ankle comfort and precise power control


  • Could be an easier foot press

Latest deal: ITATOO


One Tattoo World

Enthusiastic designs don’t often gain much traction especially when they are unconventional and promise a great deal. But this one from One Tattoo World defies those odds to bring you one of the best tattoo foot pedals you will find online despite the unique design. So, at this point, the unique semi-circle design works in its favor in setting it apart from the competition. It looks clean and simple. Does an amazing job at performing well but more on that a little later. The black and silver design is a nice contrast to have and looks nice. The build quality is absolutely amazing as well, as the tattoo foot pedal is made from stainless steel that is strong and durable. Built to stand the test of time, this tattoo foot pedal will not disappoint. It is solid and easy to operate. you can easily control the power with your foot and does a great job at keeping it simple and convenient. You tattoo sessions will see an undeniable improvement after using this foot pedal from One Tatto World. It is very lightweight for convenience and ease of use. The cord is long enough so you won’t have to worry about space. This one is a great option for you to consider. You will not be disappointed!


  • Round easy to use design
  • Powerful and clean
  • Strong stainless steel build
  • Lightweight and comfortable


  • Springs and coils inside could wear slower

Latest deal: One Tattoo World

Things to consider when buying a tattoo foot pedal


Comfort matters a lot, especially in a job that could require hours and hours on end depending on how complex the tattoo design is. Having a foot pedal that is not only built with quality in check but also has a comfortable ankle rest matters a lot. After a long time of use, your ankles can get sore and start hurting. In order to minimize this, the materials, as well as the shape of the foot pedal, matters a lot. Having a metallic material will allow for your feet to remain cool while an ergonomic shape will help with maintaining comfort. We made sure all the foot pedals we looked at today ensured top notch comfort.


Tattooing is not just about skill but also the power of the tools you use and their precision. Having a foot pedal that is quick to ramp up on command and has precise and accurate control over power makes things a lot easier. Having a nimble foot pedal only helps in aiding the process, making it quicker and giving you peace of mind so you can flex your creative muscle. Our lineup today will make sure you get the best power experience when it comes to tattoo foot pedals.


This is an aspect that matters a ton to the customer as no one likes to get a tattoo foot pedal that breaks on them a few weeks into buying it. Longevity is ensured by the build quality and flexibility of the product. Having nice materials like stainless steel and rubber allow for the pedal to be sturdy and secure all while enabling a little flex so that it can retain shape while managing the pressure of work. Customer satisfaction is our first and foremost priority and everything else falls after that, so every product on today’s list will more than satisfy you when it comes to the quality and longevity of what you buy.

Pedal Size:

This one is a long and hard debated topic as many people prefer bigger pedals but some prefer a smaller pedal as it enables them to have a minimal design that is low-profile. So it is a performance to looks debate. If performance matters to you the most, more so than the look and feel of the product, go with bigger pedals as they will provide you with more surface to work with. This equates to more precise control. On the other hand, if you like to keep it simple and minimal, you might prefer a smaller pedal. In which case, going with one that almost hides under your foot will be the course of action for you. Lucky for all, we have both types of pedals on the list!

Cord Length:

A lot of people have complained in the past that the cord is not long enough for them to have a comfortable and convenient tattooing experience. We aim to fix that complaint today as the tattoo foot pedals reviewed today all have long cords that will ensure a sound, satisfying, and above all convenient tattooing experience. The cords are also made from durable materials like silicon and rubber to make sure they don’t wear and tear easily under pressure and long-term use. You will face absolutely no issue when it comes to cord length with the tattoo foot pedals featured today.


Looks of the tattoo foot pedal matter to some people but not everyone since some people are purely interested in the performance aspect of the pedal. However, no one likes to have something that looks bad and doesn’t fit in with the rest of the setup. Having a tattoo foot pedal that looks clean and well-designed adds to the joy of using it with other tattoo equipment. Having a minimal and well-thought-out design allows for an elegant setup to come together which one can deny. Hence, looks do matter at the end of the day so our picks knock it out of the park with them.


The feel of a foot pedal is closely related to comfort. A good feeling pedal will most definitely maintain good comfort for longer durations of use. The feel of a pedal is determined by the materials used and the build quality. Since you operate the pedal in a physical way no matter what, everything can be counted as the feel. From the wire to the plug to the pedal and ergonomics of it as well. The overall feel of the product should be great and that is exactly what all the items on our list provide.

What does a tattoo foot pedal do?

The function of a tattoo foot pedal is extremely crucial to the tattoo gun and therefore the entire process of tattooing. It controls the verticle movement of the needle when tattooing. It controls the power at which the needle will move and how precise that control would be. A good tattoo foot pedal will allow the user to have accurate control over the power supply to the foot pedal so that the tattoo comes out perfect.

Frequently asked Questions

What is the responsiveness in a foot pedal?

Responsiveness is basically how quickly the foot pedal will register your foot and the pressure applied to it, and convert it to power supply and the verticle movement of the needle. Having a responsive tattoo foot pedal helps predict how much ink will go on the skin and where it will go with precise timing. These key aspects are essential and hence the responsiveness of the foot pedal is an essential requirement.

What does a 360-degree tattoo foot pedal access mean?

As the name suggests, having a 360-degree foot pedal access means you don’t have to prop the foot pedal up in a specific fixed position in order to place your foot on it perfectly. You can place your foot from any angle on it and it will work without missing a beat. Having a 360-degree pedal is one less thing to worry about when tattooing.

How does a foot pedal switch work?

A footswitch is required to operate the tattoo foot pedal. Latching means that the footswitch can be pressed once, and the user can remove the foot from the pedal and the machine will continue to work until the foot pressure is applied again to turn it off. It helps keep the machine steady at a specified speed while tattooing so the lines are smooth and clean.


All the tattoo foot pedals we reviewed today maintain quality and performance no matter what. The prices are very economical and the productivity you get out of it is magical. The foot pedals are all made from strong and sturdy materials ranging all the way from plastic to stainless steel. You get to pick between the traditional pedal shape or semi-circular ones that also work great. The anti-skid feature allows them to stay planted during intense work hours. The cord is also built well and is long enough for convenience.

The pedals are lightweight and easy to carry with you. The ankle comfort is also great allowing you to go for hours on end without having sore feet. So, no matter which one you choose to get, you will absolutely love the experience!

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