Best Tattoo Concealer [Review] in 2021

Last Updated on March 21, 2022

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Looking for a tattoo cover-up makeup that lasts a long time without causing any skin irritations?

The good news is that you are not alone, and we went over 53 different tattoo concealers to bring you 10 of the best ones you will find online.

As you know, the makeup market is always oversaturated and it may become confusing at times to buy the right product for your needs.

However, it is not all doom and gloom…

To make things easier for you, I have made a list of some tattoo concealers that pay close attention to skincare and hiding tattoos without looking unnatural.

If you are like me and love to experiment with a variety of different shades then product number 4 would be a great option for you.

Here’s a tip to get you started; Go for tattoo cover-up makeup that uses natural ingredients and does a good job making an even coat. Natural ingredients help with reducing acne!

With that said, let’s get started! We did our research so you don’t have to!

How we came to the conclusion of our top 3:




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Best tattoo concealer




Looking for a tattoo concealer that does not leave any residue on your skin after use? This one from DERMABLEND might just be the one for you.

This quick-fix body makeup is perfect for the best tattoo cover you will find. It does a great job at forming an even coat that is waterproof and won’t get affected if you start sweating.

It comes in a lot of different shades allowing you to choose the most accurate tone for your skin. Some of the tones you get are linen, cream, sand, nude, caramel, tawny,We and honey.

But that’s not all…

The stick-like application of the tattoo concealer allows you to spread it as much as you want to, controlling how much goes in what area. It does a great job at covering all your unwanted tattoos without leaving a trace behind.

We all have made some mistakes when it comes to tattoos and we also know how hard it could be to remove those tattoos permanently. That’s where DERMABLEND comes in!

Add this tattoo concealer to your list today and you will absolutely love what it brings to the table.


  • Spreads evenly and accurately
  • Stick-like operation
  • Smooth and skin-friendly
  • Waterproof


  • Could do a better job at not smearing

Latest deal: DERMABLEND


Kat Von D

Kat Von D might just be the perfect 48 light color you will find when it comes to tattoo concealers. So, if you care about color accuracy, this one is the move.

The classy yet funky design of the container looks great and gives a professional vibe. It has a very smooth and even coating when applied.

The coat covers all cracks and crevices, not to mention the amazing job it does at concealing your tattoos. This tattoo cover-up makeup has a medium skin tone.

As if that wasn’t enough…

The cream consistency of the product allows for a soft application that does not irritate the skin while allowing it to moisturize and stay hydrated.

We all want that natural look after applying a tattoo concealer and Kat Von D ends that search for you right here!

Grab yours from the link above right now and have a premium tattoo concealing experience!


  • Accurate 48 light color
  • Smooth and even coating
  • Skin-friendly
  • Soft cream consistency


  • Could conceal better

Latest deal: Kat Von D



Glossiva is well-known for their makeup products around the world and they bring your their tattoo concealer line-up.

This tattoo cover-up makeup will not only cover your tattoos well but also the dark spots you have. So, no need to worry anymore about getting ready before an important event.

The concealer is waterproof and deals well with sweat. It covers up all crevices evenly and quickly without having to go through long procedures.

But it has a lot more to offer…

The application on the skin is smooth and even as expected from a top-notch brand. It also keeps the skin healthy and hydrated.

We all know the pain when the foundation does not match the skin tone. That will no longer be a problem here especially if you have a darker tone.

This one is an absolute no-brainer! Grab yours right away!


  • Waterproof
  • Easy to apply and smooth coat
  • Skin-friendly and quick application
  • Accurate skin color matching


  • Could mask better

Latest deal:  Glossiva


NYX Professional Makeup

NYS promises a professional experience with their Professional Makeup line-up. And this tattoo concealer is no joke.

With so many shades to choose from, you can accurately match your skin color with the concealer and hide all your unwanted tattoos. The concealers ahs a creamy consistency and provides a matte finish on the face.

The smooth and even coating does an amazing job at looking natural and keeping the skin moist and healthy. You will not feel any dryness and sweat won’t mess with you as this tattoo cover-up makeup is waterproof as well.

But wait, let me tell you the best bit…

The concealer is cruelty-free which means no animals were harmed in the making of this product. With a wonderful promise to stay eco-friendly while delivering performance, this one knocks it out of the park.

We all know the struggle when it comes to finding a tattoo concealer that does not irritate the skin. With the use of natural ingredients in this one, that will not be a problem.

Add NYX to your wishlist asap!


  • A large variety of tones to choose from
  • Waterproof and matte finish
  • Skin-friendly and smooth application
  • Cruelty-free


  • Colors could be more accurate

Latest deal: NYX Professional Makeup



Looking for a tattoo concealer that offers a healthy yet powerful formula? Mehron might be the option for you to consider.

The round container has an array of different tones to color match your skin accurately. It covers all unwanted tattoos, birthmarks, and dark spots without ruining your skin.

The makeup is opaque and gives you complete even coverage with a smooth application. It nicely gets into all crevices leaving nothing behind.

But wait, there’s more…

The product is skin-friendly and will not leave any blemishes on your skin. Heavy chemicals are not used in the making of this product hence it is healthy as well.

Many concealers promise big but fail on delivering a good performance. Not with Mehron tattoo concealer.

You will love what you get here and will come back for more!


  • Hides birthmarks, tattoos, and dark spots easily
  • Skin-friendly and even coating
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Wipes off easily


  • Could look a little more natural up close

Latest deal:  Mehron


Maybelline New York

Make way for the makeup giant! Maybelline needs no introduction and their master conceal makeup speaks volumes for it.

If soft cream tattoo concealer with laser-thin camouflaging is more your style then you could not have arrived at a better place. The ultra-concentrated formula coats every crevice and all the ink you want gone.

The coverage is clean and you get a nice array of tones to match your skin. Speaking of skin, the concealer keeps it hydrated and moist without blocking oxygen.

There’s even more…

The tube-like container allows for easy application, allowing only the exact amount of cream to come out. The use of healthy ingredients only makes it that much more desirable.

We understand the pain of a highly pigmented cream that conceals less and paints your body more. That is not the case here with this one.

This one should definitely be on your shopping list!


  • Laser-thin camouflaging concealer
  • Applies smooth and covers well
  • Healthy ingredients
  • Undetectable finish


  • The medium-deep shade could be a little darker

Latest deal: Maybelline New York



Dermaflage has a pot of magic waiting for you to discover! This tattoo cover cream is heavy-duty and keeps your best interests in mind. Let us explain.

To start with, this cream is waterproof which means no more wavy ruined makeup due to sweat or tears. It spreads evenly and well, sealing all crevices leaving no cracks behind.

You get 9 different color options for the perfect skin tone match. Say goodbye to all unwanted tattoos you’ve always wanted to get rid of.


You might be wondering what’s different about this one? Well, it does a great job at dealing with acne as well. No more dark circles and age spots. No more unwanted outbursts and pimples!

Of course, all healthy ingredients used with no harsh chemicals for your ease of mind.

This one from Dermaflage knocks it out of the park!


  • Waterproof and spreads evenly
  • Works well with acne and dark circles
  • 9 different color options
  • Non-greasy matte finish


  • Could be less pricey

Latest deal: Demraflage



Maybelline is back yet again with another great offering when it comes to tattoo concealers. Trust me you will like this one!

Thus instant age rewind eraser takes care of dark circles as a bonus for you on top of cleanly concealing your ink.

It comes in a huge variety of different skin tones to match to your liking. The stick form allows for a convenient and easy-to-use concealer that works well with small sensitive areas.

But this is not it…

It comes off easily and does not pose a problem at all. So, not more wasting time in the bathroom at night.

We all want a foundation that does it all and this one from Maybelline gets close! It also works as skin prep for makeup.

Definitely deserves a spot on your bucket list!


  • A lot of skin tone options to choose from
  • Works well with concealing ink and hiding dark spots
  • Stick form for easy application
  • Easy to remove


  • Could improve delivery

Latest deal: Maybelline



In search of a tattoo cover cream that has a stronghold and color? The search ends here with TRE’STIQUE.

This is your secret weapon for under-eye and spot concealing, not to mention hiding all unwanted ink. The gel-like cream is very smooth and soft, going a cooling effect.

It also stays on for long and fills in all small holes and crevices without problems. The concealer has high performance, buildable full coverage, and a lightweight finish.

Now let me tell you the best art…

The concealer pencil features a pointed tip that easily allows you to move from spot correction to border strokes, thereby improving dexterity and accuracy.

We all know the struggle when you want to clean the sponge. The blending sponge with this one can be easily removed and washed.

So, cut the wait and get yourself one of the best tattoo concealers you will find!


  • Gel-like smooth soft cream
  • Cool feeling and covers well
  • Skin-friendly and stays on for long
  • Easy to clean sponge


  • Could be thinner

Latest deal: TRE’STIQUE


Make Up For Ever

Let’s end with another great tattoo concealer for your tattoos. Make Up For Ever tends to deliver on their performance of excellence and performance, and this one is no exception.

The cream is soft and covers the skin fully. It stays on for a long time as well.

You will love the consistency on this one and also the way it spreads. The ingredients used are non-toxic and skin-friendly.

More good news?

The makeup covers dark spots and acne as well. So, this one works wonders as a foundation.

It is waterproof as well so go a little wild with it as it will only boost your confidence around water.

Grab yours right away at the link above!


  • Waterproof
  • Covers ink, dark spots, and acne
  • Skin-friendly
  • Soft and smooth application/ no powder feel


  • Could match skin tone better

Latest deal: Make Up For Ever

What to look for when buying a tattoo concealer:


Arguably one of the most important parts of a concealer. If it doesn’t apply well, it won’t conceal well. We made sure none of the tattoo concealers were poor at application. A soft smooth cream-like consistency works best for this.


We believe a good concealer can work with or without being waterproof. But it is a good feature to have because then you have this newfound confidence around water.

Concealing ability:

This is the reason why you are here today. If it doesn’t conceal the tattoos well, why even bother right? But worry not as the products carefully selected for you today will not disappoint.


It is important that your concealer covers all areas of the skin it is applied to. If some area is left then it means that either you didn’t apply well or that the concealer does not spread evenly. We aim to eliminate the latter for you today.

Skin tone:

Matching your skin tone is obviously important. You don’t want to look weird when going out. It is crucial that the foundation you get does this well.


Frequently asked Questions

How long do tattoo concealers last?

They usually last for around 16 hours.

How do your cover up a dark tattoo?

You can use a two-step process where you cover the tattoo with a darker shade concealer first and then apply foundation to match your tone.

How can I permanently hide my tattoo?

You can use professionally applied airbrush concealer which does a great job but is very expensive. Concealers are a more inexpensive option.


All the tattoo concealers we looked at today did a great job at hiding unwanted tattoos. some are waterproof while others have unique application brushes equipped with them. But all of them kept your best interest in mind while delivering a stellar performance when it comes to concealing undesirable ink.

So, start with any one of them, you will never find disappointment.

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