Best Tattoo Cartridges [Review] in 2021

Last Updated on March 21, 2022

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Have you been looking for some tattoo needles to add to your shopping cart that are of the highest quality?

Well, you’re not alone. Every tattoo artist needs to invest in some tattoo needle cartridges and so it makes sense for you to find the best bang for your buck. Luckily, we’re here to help you in your search.

It’s important to know what you’re looking for when it comes to tattoo needles as they’re a key part of any tattoo artists’ kit. If you’re looking for tattoo needles that are better suited for lining or just some general info about tattoo needles then check out our other guide here.

If you don’t take the time to research carefully on which needles are well rated and do the job you want them to then it can have very bad results. Some needles sold online have been known to arrive having not been sterilized despite being advertised as having been. As a result, this can lead to severe health problems for the recipient of the tattoo.

But hold on, there’s good news.

We’ve done all the research for you. We’ve studied articles, compared prices, reviews, and sterilization standards all so you can save some time and know that whichever needle you choose from our list is certified, safe, and of a high standard.

Now, I recommend looking at our top pick, it’s well regarded by customers and does what it says on the tin. Simple and to the point, which is ideal for tattoo artists with busy schedules.

So, by that logic, let’s jump straight into the list with number one…

How we came to the conclusion of our top 3:




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Best Tattoo Cartridges


Dragonhawk 20Pcs Extreme Cartridges


These Dragonhawk tattoo cartridge needles are reliable for all-purpose work. The one-piece needle and plunger overmold allow for maximum stability and control. While the membrane mechanism prevents ink spitback.

The membrane and tip of these needles allow artists to enjoy a more fluid tattooing procedure; compatible with all rotary, coiled, and pen-style tattoo machines. This makes them easy to use which saves the hassle of having dodgy needles that shake about or don’t even stay in your tattoo machine.

But wait, there’s more

Each of these tattoo cartridges is Ethylene oxide gas pre-sterilized and individually packaged. They’re also single-use only which is what you want in a tattoo needle. As a side note – the needle diameters are #12.

Now, if you’re like me and love to read the reviews for anything before you buy it then feel free to have a scroll through the Dragonhawk’s reviews. However, with over 3,000 of them, you may be there for a while. These round liners boast a 4.5-star rating on Amazon.

We here at tattoo inksider love these disposable tattoo cartridges and can confidently say they’re some of the best tattoo needles money can buy at the moment.


  • Ethylene oxide gas pre-sterilized
  • Compatible with any tattoo machine type
  • Offer a fantastic and smooth user experience


  • Needles can sometimes get stuck in the tattoo tubes

Latest deal: Dragonhawk 20Pcs Extreme Cartridges


Cheyenne Craft Cartridge Needles

And for our number two pick, we have a great set of cartridge needles that really change the game.

The Cheyenne Craft Cartridge tattoo needles feature a safety membrane that prevents blood from entering your tattoo grip and any associated cross-contamination.

The Craft Cartridge needles maintain all the favored qualities of the original Cheyenne Safety Cartridges, including the patented safety membrane and an easy change and replacement system, but are now manufactured from a single mold. They are constructed from single-use disposable material with medical-grade plastic tips for safe, hygienic use.

Better yet.

Where these really set themselves apart from the competition though, is that the Cheyenne Craft Cartridge Needles do not abrade over time, which prevents eroded grit from entering your client’s bloodstream during tattoo procedures which is a feature that really drew us in.

Moving on to what customers had to say, there are 100+ reviews of this product. One said, “by far the best cartridges on the market”, while another said that it’s “Been my favorite since the beginning and will be always”.

But have a look on the store page for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.


  • Medical grade plastic
  • 100% control of the needle modules
  • Sterilized and hygienic


  • They may not be the best for beginners

Latest deal: Cheyenne Craft Cartridge Needles


Solong Tattoo Cartridges Needles 50Pcs

Last but not least, we have an underrated gem, so let’s get it out of hiding and see why it’s so good.

These tattoo needles are made of 304 surgical stainless steel and medical-grade plastic. Each tattoo needle is compatible with standard cartridge tattoo machines and grips while being carefully designed and more convenient to use.

The cartridge shell tip is designed with a slope, to more easily check the needle pin length and in turn, making it more suitable for detailed artworks. cartridges are rubber band loaded, with a plastic membrane so that tattoo ink won’t flow back to the tubes which is a feature we really appreciated.

Now, you know the drill, that’s not all there is.

These tattoo needle cartridges are designed for a professional tattoo artist and may not be a great entry point for beginners. You’ll certainly find the right tattoo needle cartridge sizes for your needs too with one reviewer complimenting that they were “Good quality for the price and I really appreciated the wide selection of needle types.”

In fact, the whole review section is filled with happy customers praising these tattoo needle cartridges and saying that they’d “buy again”. With the high quality, medical-grade plastic, and the variety of needle sizes this is easily a contender for the best tattoo needles but only you can decide which is the winner.

Give this a shot, it might just be what you’re looking for.


  • Medical-grade disposable tattoo needle cartridges
  • A wide array of sizes
  • easily check the needle pin length


  • Some didn’t think it penetrated skin very well

Latest deal: Solong Tattoo Cartridges Needles 50Pcs

Best Tattoo Cartridges - A Buyer's Guide

Tattooing has gone wild in the past few decades, the tattooing industry has really bloomed, and with everyone now wanting to get ink, the demand for aspiring tattoo artists is on the rise. 

Tattoo needle cartridges are arguably one of the most important parts of a tattoo gun as they allow the needle to glide without causing wear and tear effortlessly. 

Cartridges come in every grouping and style of the needle; the difference between cartridges and needles is that cartridges are disposable, making them convenient and sterile. 

Before you go to buy any old cartridge, there are some things you need to consider, such as whether it would fit your tattoo gun, whether it suits your style of tattooing, e.g., lining and shading, and much more. 

Let’s break down everything you need to know.  

How do tattoo needle cartridges work?

While tattooing, the tattoo gun has an affixed needle cartridge; this needle is then dipped in ink and moved by turning on the motor. This moving needle is then injected into the skin repeatedly and quickly, pricking the skin and dragging the ink down into the dermis.

Cartridges look similar to the standard tube from grip up; the base has a tube that has a larger opening that pushes the rod pokes through smoothly.

Needle cartridges are marked based on their needle grouping; needle cartridges are only required if your machine requires them; they are only used in certain machines. They allow the needle to glide in the skin without any wear and tear. 

How To Make Your Tattoo Studio Clean And Safe

Your Tattoo Station

Your tattoo station is where you and your clients will be spending the majority of your time. This means it needs to be kept clean and clear so you can work safely. Use disinfectant wipes and other cleaning products to wipe down surfaces.

Soap Dispensers and Hand Sanitisers

When it comes to hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial soap you’ll want to have both. One should never replace the other. Use both to keep your hands sanitary and free from bacteria while you work. It’s worth fitting a stainless steel hand sanitizer dispenser right next to your tattoo chair so you and your clients can use it whenever you feel the need to. Why stainless steel? Simple, it’s sturdier and lasts much longer than a plastic one.

Couch Roll

Couch rolls that cover your tattoo chair are a key part of tattooing. They keep your work area hygienic and free from bacteria, dirt, and other nasty substances. This can be avoided easily by rolling out a layer of paper for your client to sit on that you can swiftly dispose of when you’re done.

Disinfectant Wipes

As we mentioned above with your workspace, disinfectant wipes are going to come in very handy so invest in them ASAP. They’ll fast become a go-to for your studio as you’ll be wiping down surfaces constantly.


You’ll know all about the importance of getting well-fitting latex gloves that let you move freely while still ensuring you stay hygienic. These should be used with every procedure and session. There are a variety of gloves you can choose from and you’re going to prefer some to others. This is something to experiment with. Just don’t forget to put them on.


You’ll need several different bins for tattooing in order to comply with health and safety laws. Most notably, you’ll need to dispose of your hazardous waste separately from your clinical waste. It’s wise to keep a pedal bin for your clinical waste next to your tattoo chair so you can easily dispose of dirty wipes and the like on the fly without having to get up during a procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best tattoo cartridge?

It’s all down to personal preference so it’s worth experimenting with a few brands to see which works best for you. Any of the items we discussed above are well regarded by tattoo enthusiasts and we found them to be the best all-round in terms of performance, materials, and safety.

Should I get disposable tattoo cartridges?

Definitely! Needles are supposed to be sterile as they enter the skin. If they’re dirty or have bacteria on them then this can be harmful to your client with potentially fatal results. A quick google search of tattoo infections will deter you from putting you or your client at risk. Always buy disposable cartridges and ensure they come with a blue dot on them. this means they’re sterilized.

What tattoo equipment do I need?

Unfortunately, the downside of being a tattoo artist is that you usually have to buy your own equipment which can get very costly every year. If you’re not certain about what you must have as part of your setup then check out some tattoo kits. These are products you can buy that come with an assortment of important tattoo items from the tattoo machine down to ink. We have a guide of some of the best you can see here.


So, there we have it. The best tattoo needle cartridges. Tattoo needles are undoubted, one of the most important parts of your kit so taking the time to get some high-quality ones is a good idea.

The risks are high for not taking the care with your tattoo needle cartridges so invest a little extra if it means you’re guaranteed some effective and most importantly, safe tattoo cartridges.

But whichever you choose we hope they work for you and keep your clients happy and eager to return to your tattoo shop.

Stay inked!

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Steven loved art since his early adulthood especially tattoo art. Therefore, he picked up tattooing when he was researching it on the internet. Having experience of around 3 years in the tattoo industry, Steven has a great command over bold, bright, classic, grayscale, and tribal pieces. His passion for tattoo products drove him to do tons of research, etc. so that Tattoo Inksider can offer you the best tattoo products reviews.