Best Stuff For Tattoo Aftercare [Review] in 2021

Last Updated on March 21, 2022

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Tired of the skincare routine after getting a tattoo? Can’t find anything that works?

Trust me you are not alone!

We have looked over 47 different tattoo aftercare products and hand-picked 8 of the best ones you can find online.

With everyone trying to quickly saturate the tattoo aftercare market, it is almost next to impossible to find one that works best for you. We carefully looked at aspects such as fragrance and consistency.

But what exactly does this mean for you?

It means you no longer have to spend hours online looking at the ingredients of different products just to find one that suits you best. We have done the heavy work for you! This list is all you will need.

Here’s a little advice; Make sure to check the skin type the tattoo aftercare you get is made for. Not paying attention to that can cause irritability upon applying it.

With that said, you would not want to miss what we have in store for you!

How we came to the conclusion of our top 3:




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Best stuff for tattoo aftercare




Not all all-purpose skin ointments work perfectly with skin post tattooing. You have to be cautious about what you get. Aquaphor healing ointment aims to remove that worry once n for all as the ointment is specifically designed to moisturize cracks and dry skin. Along with being a great use for tattoo aftercare, it can also be used as a lip moisturizer, hand cream, foot cream, and even minor wound care. Unlike many tattoo lotions, this one nourishes the skin while forming a protective barrier that allows oxygen to get through. It has no preservatives in it for those who are conscious of certain additives or are allergic to them. So you don’t have to worry about any allergies even when it comes to your nose as this tattoo aftercare is fragrance-free. For the price, you get a 14Oz jar that is more than enough for an entire family. You are getting a lot of value for your money. This one is a no-brainer!


  • Fragrance-free
  • All-purpose cream for skin cracks and moisturizing
  • Works great for sensitive skin
  • Allows oxygen to pass through when applied


  • Could have less temporary color variations on skin

Latest deal: Aquaphor


Mad Rabbit

Amazon’s Choice

Everyone loves a stylish container, may it be holding anything. But that is not all that the Mad Rabbit does as the Tattoo aftercare balm inside does a great job at caring for your skin after getting a fresh tattoo. The Container has an all-black design with a Mad Rabbit logo front and center. The labeling on the side is also minimal yet elegant. The fragrance you get with this one is called Frankincense and Lavender which is a subtle yet distinctive smell. Your tattoos are the representation of a significant investment of time and Mad Rabbit understands that very well. The balm is designed to compliment and take care of the ink, allowing it to settle in and looking its best. But it isn’t just for new tattoos you just got but will also work well with your existing body art. Make them all look more vibrant and fresh with the Mad Rabbit tattoo aftercare balm. They use natural organic ingredients that have high quality and carefully selected for maximum care. It is also vegan which means it is eco-friendly. Monochrome black and blues is its specialty but works well for all vibrant colors on the skin. Mad Rabbit is a definite contender and well worthy of your consideration.


  • All-natural organic ingredients
  • Frankincense and Lavender smell
  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Maintains ink and works on all colors


  • Could have a smoother feel

Latest deal: Mad Rabbit


After Inked

After Inked is a very well-known brand in the tattoo aftercare space. They are known for providing some of the best skincare solutions for all your after tattoo needs. The container is a simple white squeezable bottle that has cool green and black logo designs that grabs instant attention. It looks nice but performs even better as you can use it as a daily skin moisturizer for old and new tattoos. The ingredients used are vegan, non-petroleum based, Paraben-free, cruelty-free and gluten-free. If scents bother you then no need to worry as the lotion is fragrance-free as well. After Inked has thought about the customer when making this aftercare lotion and it shows. It is enriched with grape seed oil which is a very healthy ingredient and also prevents it from sticking to your skin. Your skin remains healthy, rejuvenates quicker, and also has access to oxygen at all times. The lotion is non-allergenic and non-irritant. It is great for sensitive skin and has also been approved by dermatologists. Many world-renowned tattoo artists back this product for its clinical tested nature. You cannot go wrong with the After Inked tattoo lotion. So, grab yours right away!


  • Fragrance-free and good for sensitive skin
  • Non-allergenic and dermatologist approved
  • Brings out the vibrance of old and new tattoos
  • 100% vegan and glute-free


  • Could be a little more inexpensive

Latest deal:  After Inked


Tattoo Goo

Looking for a nice tattoo aftercare lotion that has a funky bottle and does the job well at the same time Tattoo Goo is just the right lotion for you. And the best part is that it’s very inexpensive so you can try one for almost a third of the price of other aftercare tattoo lotions. The all-white squeezable bottle has a funky splashy design on the front and dispenses well with minimal effort. The lotion absorbs quickly provides great moisturizing for the tattooed skin. It allows proper aeration of the area and oxygen can pass through just fine. It aids well in healing by preventing the scabs that may or may not form due to tattooing. It brings the vibrance out of old and new tattoos. Great for sensitive skin as it will not pose a threat to it at all. It is petroleum-free and lanolin-free. Dermatologists have approved the use of Tattoo Goo as well since they are satisfied with the product. It contains vitamin Panthenol and olive oil that helps with keeping the skin moist and prevent stickiness. This one definitely deserves a spot on your list!


  • Absorbs quickly and aids in healing
  • Promotes faster heal time
  • Petroleum-free
  • Dermatologist approved and contains olive oil


  • Could contain more for the same price

Latest deal: Tattoo Goo



In the market for something that can hydrate your skin and keep it healthy after an intense tattoo session? Look no further as H20cean has the right solution for every tattoo artist and enthusiast out there. The tattoo aftercare is priced very competitively and will not break your bank to buy. It offers a clean and uniform foam application that covers the area perfectly without leaving any untreated skin behind. It helps bring out the vibrant colors of your body ink and helps keep the skin moist and smooth. It has anti-bacterial properties which means you don’t have to worry about any infections after your tattoo session whatsoever. The product is vegan-friendly and Paraben-free which is a huge thing in its favor. It has aloe leaf juice that is known to have a plethora of benefits for your skin. So, if you are looking for something that looks cool and also gets the job very well done, then H20cean is the way to go!


  • Aloe leaf juice extract
  • Vegan friendly and Paraben-free
  • Anti-bacterial properties
  • Smooth and uniform application


  • Could be better for sensitive skin

Latest deal:  H2Ocean


Hustle Butter Deluxe

If you are down to pay a little extra to get guaranteed skincare and protection after getting fresh tattoos then Hustle Butter Deluxe is the definite way to go. It’s a little on the pricier side but every bit as worth your while. Not only is it an aftercare solution but works well before and during a tattoo session as well. Helps in preparing the skin by making it soft and supple, allows the tattoo gun to run smoothly and glide better while tattooing, and is also great for quick healing post-session. Unlike other butter on the market, this one is a favorite among tattoo artists as the lotion keeps the skin moist and does not remove stencils. It also does not lead to clogging of tubes and petroleum build-up. Hustle butter is known to drastically reduce redness, swelling, and bleeding. It is certified cruelty-free and uses all vegan ingredients. Paraben-free and made from the finest ingredients like aloe butter, coconut, sunflower, and rice bran oils. It is super easy to apply and aids in improving the looks of the tattoo as well. This one is an obvious choice for anyone who wants to take good care of their body after getting a tattoo.


  • Loved by tattoo artists
  • All-natural and vegan ingredients
  • Can be used before, during, and after tattoo
  • No petroleum build-up and clogged tubes


  • Could be a little inexpensive

Latest deal: Hustle Butter Deluxe


Viking Revolution

Viking revolution is another great tattoo balm that has cool art on the front of the container but does the aftercare part just as well. It is also priced well as you can buy it for a nice low price. This tattoo lotion applies well and evenly on your skin keeping it fresh and moist. It also features faster healing so if you are tired of having itchy red skin after getting a tattoo, say goodbye to those days. It also helps the ink show more vibrantly on your body and allows it to pop out. It works well with old tattoos and allows the skin to stay hydrated while enabling oxygen to pass through without any issues. The product is chemical-free and uses natural products. It has a nice subtle smell can be applied to the body before, during, and after getting inked. The Viking Revolution spreads in your skin like butter and makes sure to protect it from infection and swelling. If for any reason you don’t like the product, you can simply contact the company and they will take care of it for you. Without a doubt, a great choice!


  • Fast healing
  • Natural ingredients chemical-free
  • Reduces swelling
  • Can be used, before, during, and after the tattoo session


  • Could hold more volume for the price

Latest deal:  Viking Revolution


Tattoo Care

Tattoo Care is here to make sure they provide you with the best tattoo aftercare solution you can possibly find. And they pretty much nailed it with this one. The all-black colorway with stylish branding on the front checks the design box. What’s left is how well it works. Well, it works like a charm. The lotion works as a sunscreen as well allowing you to protect your tattooed skin from ultraviolet radiation. This is very important since your skin post-tattoo is vulnerable and weak. It keeps the ink from fading, allows them to develop color better, and also helps the skin heal faster. The skin is moisturized and hydrated after using this lotion. It enables oxygen to get through after application. Speaking of application, it spreads evenly and covers all areas. Made from all-natural ingredients like Bisabolol, Calendula, Cocoa butter, and Vitamin A & E. You can use it on old as well as mew tattoos. Also perfect for use in tanning beds and as microblading aftercare. Overall, this one is a no-brainer for you!


  • Dermatologist approved
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Acts as a sunscreen against UV radiation
  • Applies evenly and heals skin fast


  • Has less quantity for the price

Latest deal:  Tattoo Care

Things to consider when buying a tattoo aftercare lotion


As you look for tattoo aftercare products online, you will soon find out how outrageously some of the products are priced. This does not mean they necessarily do it better than the others priced lower. You have to make sure you get the best value out of what you are paying for. We made it our mission to bring you the best value you will find for your money when it comes to the best tattoo aftercare.

Natural Ingredients:

Make sure your tattoo aftercare product has all or at least 90 to 95% natural ingredients in it. Having more chemicals in your skin aftercare is not good for the skin. It may do what it says but may also introduce unnecessary side effects as a result of using them. So, make sure your tattoo aftercare balm is all-natural and free of toxic ingredients. Even with natural ingredients, go through the ingredient list and don’t buy products that have ingredients you are allergic to.

Avoid Artificial Coloring:

Having artificial coloring may look cool at first but is not good for your skin health in the long run. Some are semi-permanent and don’t come off easily while others simply adversely affect your skin over a period of time. Artificial coloring only adds to the problems without providing anything of functionality or benefit.


Most people prefer fragrance-free tattoo aftercare products as they associate fragrance with unnatural chemicals and ingredients. This is true to some extent but there are some products that naturally smell a certain way due to the ingredients they use, may they be all-natural. So, going for a fragrance-free aftercare solution is a good move but also know that sometimes they smell due to their ingredients and nothing could be done about that.


Petroleum is a form of alcohol that used to be widely used in tattoo aftercare products. But this is not the case anymore. Now aftercare lotions are praised for having an alcohol-free experience. Alcohol is used to dry the skin quickly after the tattoo so the ink can settle faster. This is due to alcohol’s evaporating properties. But it is not good for your skin so avoid its use.


Buying a nutrient-rich aftercare solution should be your priority. This is because after getting a tattoo, your skin is sensitive and red. It needs to heal and calm down quickly and in a healthy way. For that, you need aftercare lotions that have healthy ingredients like coconut oil, aloe extract, and sunflower inside. These ingredients will not only help speed up the recovery but also resist against any bacterial infections that may form as a result of getting inked.


What not to do after getting a tattoo?

Submerge in Water:

When you get a tattoo, your skin is vulnerable and more prone to infections. Water is a medium that hosts many bacterias and submerging your skin in it can cause those bacteria to attack your skin, thereby causing a bad infection. Your skin might get itchy and as a result of itching, you will not only damage your skin but also ruin the tattoo. Hence, stay clear of submerging your freshly tattooed skin in water.

Go swimming:

This one is almost the same as the last one but with a few extras. Aside from getting infections from water once you come out of the pool, you will also get irritable skin due to the presence of chlorine in the pool. It can chemically infect the area and cause it to swell and become worse over time. Swimming is definitely not advised after getting a tattoo.

Stretch the skin or do intense exercise:

Stretching skin after getting a tattoo can ruin the tattoo. The ink needs time to settle in and stretching can simply break it. You will find inconsistencies in your tattoo as a result of stretching the area. The same goes for getting into intense exercise after getting a tattoo.

Wearing restrictive clothing:

Similar to the last one, wearing tight clothing will ruin a fresh tattoo. But more importantly, it will irritate the swollen red skin. So wear clothes that are airy and more open. If you find yourself in a private area, wearing no clothes and allowing your skin to air out is a great option to get great results after a tattoo session.

Scratch, rub, or peel at the peeling tattoo:

We completely understand how hard it is not to peel or scratch a scab. And that is what a peeling tattoo makes you want to do. But take note it is not a good thing to do to yourself at all. You are simply slipping into a ruined tattoo and skin situation. Your skin can start bleeding from the scratching which will invite more infections and the tattoo ink will also not look good. So, try and fight the urge as much as you can. It’s for your own good.

Spend too much time in direct sunlight:

One of the aftercare tattoo lotions we reviewed today had sunscreen features in it as well for this very reason. There is a high UV index in direct sunlight which is known to cause skin cancer on regular days. So, imagine when your skin is vulnerable and exposed after getting a fresh tattoo! Avoiding the sun at all costs is the right thing to do. Don’t let the sunshine do its worse.

How to care for your tattoo?

Cover it up:

Covering your tattoo up will aid in a faster healing process and also doesn’t allow infections to get to your skin as easily as they otherwise would with an exposed skin surface. So, cover yourself up after getting inked. It will help get better results.

Wash 2 to 3 times gently with sterile water and tattoo-friendly soap:

Normally, water is not recommended for a fresh tattoo. This is because it can cause infections on the skin. But washing your tattoo gently with sterile water to avoid any infections, can actually help get a good result. Make sure you are using tattoo-friendly soap so the chemicals don’t interfere with the ink and skin.


We have stressed on this aspect a lot in the aforementioned reviews. Moisturizing your skin keeps it hydrated and allows a steady supply of oxygen. Both of these things are essential for quick healing and great results.

Frequently asked Questions

How long to keep your tattoo covered after getting it?

Keeping it wrapped for 2 to 3 hours should allow it sufficient time to heal and develop color while avoiding infections and irritable skin.

How long do you have to keep a tattoo dry?

You need to keep your tattoo wrapped in cling film and away from water for 1 to 3 days depending on the size of the tattoo and ink coverage on the skin.

What should tattoos look like when healing?

Swelling, pain, and oozing should resolve by day 3 of getting the tattoo. This is followed by itching and peeling for another week. Let it play out with time without messing with it and it will turn out good.


All the tattoo aftercare lotions and balms we took a close look at today had great value for money. They used all-natural ingredients to make sure your skin does not feel itchy after the tattoo. They all apply evenly and coat the surface well, keeping it cool and preventing redness as well. The balms made sure your skin was well-hydrated and also had a steady oxygen supply even through the barrier they create. Many were vegan and petroleum-free. Cruelty-free lotions were also seen. One even had sunscreen properties to protect your skin from UV radiation while healing from the tattoo. All manufacturers made sure to provide the best skincare solution at a very inexpensive price.

No matter which one you go for, you will not be disappointed at all. All the lotions featured today will take good care of your skin and make you appreciate the art on your body even more. So, grab your Tattoo aftercare solution right away!

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