6 Best Red Tattoo Inks – Top Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2021

Art has many forms, and tattoo art is among them. It is probably the oldest form of art known to humankind that has paved its way into the modern world. Today, the art of tattoo is admired but many as a way of self-expression, expression of freedom, and a way to decorate and own one’s body through the beauty of art. The red color is admired by many artists therefore, we have listed below 6 Best Red Tattoo Inks for our readers.

As beautiful as it seems, creating a tattoo is a lot of work. Tattoo artists spend a portion of their life working hard to master the art of tattooing. Although there are several tools and equipment that help create tattoos, tattoos have no visual existence without the ink.

Best Red Tattoo Ink in 2020

Yes, it is true! The perfect tattoo ink is the soul of a tattoo. For this reason, it is vital that you, as a tattoo artist, choose an ink that gives the best visual results and has organic and skin-friendly properties.

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Best Red Tattoo Ink 2021

Tattoo inks come in many colors. Among the many colors, red is probably the trickiest color to create and find. Red is the color of love and passion. Therefore, when doing a tattoo, the red color should intensify the art.

Several brands in the market claim to produce the best quality inks. Some are even a copy of the original brands. Finding the best red tattoo ink in the market can be overwhelming.

But let me tell you something!

You don’t have to spend hours researching for the perfect red color of your choice. We have done the work for you. Below is a list of the best red tattoo inks available in the market. Each one has its unique features and color.


Read ahead and choose the ink you think is the best for you!

1. Kuro Sumi Dragon’s Breath Red – Best Red Tattoo Ink

Kuro Sumi Dragon Breath Red Ink

The Kuro Sumi tattoo ink is a Japanese brand known and recommended by tattoo artists all over the world. This ink is known for its cruelty, free ingredients, and bold colors.

Natural ingredients

The Kuro Sumi tattoo inks use all-natural ingredients that have been used since ancient times. Their perfect blend of traditional and new organic ingredients makes them 100% cruelty-free. All ingredients are natural and vegan friendly and free from toxic material like arsenic and lead.


The ink comes in a medium consistency that is quite manageable for the tattoo artists. The ink is water base; therefore, it works well and can easily be adjusted according to user preferences.


The bright red color is among the most used color. It is a perfectly bright and pigmented color and is very popular among tattoo artists.

Genuine label

The Authentic Kuro Sumi is an original label that is dark maroon in color. Therefore, when buying one, be careful about the fake products that have a black and white label.

  • Vegan friendly
  • Good consistency
  • Bright color
  • Some customers complaint that screwing and unscrewing the Bottle is a bit hard

Buy Kuro Sumi Dragon’s Breath Red

The two-ounces Kuro Sumi tattoo ink is ideal for sensitive skin and has healing properties.


2. StarBrite Colors Sterilized Tattoo Ink Scarlet Red – Safest Ink

StarBrite Sterilized Scarlet Red Ink

Starbrite is an American tattoo ink manufacturing company which is known for its premium quality inks. Its tattoo inks are not only high quality but also bright, pigmented, and widely used.


Starbrite tattoo ink is exceptionally lightweight. It is of a mild texture that makes it super easy to apply on the skin. It is not thin enough to become runny and not thick enough to become blur upon drying. Its perfect consistency makes it super quick to dry and easily absorbed in the skin. Because of its consistency, tattoo artists like to use this ink and recommend it widely.


This tattoo ink is water-based and provides a perfect balance of pigment. It’s incredibly bright and vibrant red makes it very attractive. Moreover, since the ink uses all-natural organic ingredients to get the color, the colors are naturally bright and, thus, more pigmented.


The ink uses all-natural ingredients and therefore is free from harsh chemicals like nickel, iron, etc. It is also vegan-friendly and tested to ensure that it has no adverse effect on the skin.

Further, the ink bottles are sterilized both before and after filling in the ink. It comes in a sealed one-ounce bottle to ensure that the ink is free from any type of contamination.

  • Organic ingredients
  • Easy to use
  • Bright color
  • lightweight
  • Some customers felt that the shape of the Bottle bought concerns for ink contamination unless kept safely.

Buy StarBrite Colors Scarlet Red Tattoo Ink

The ink needs at least 30 to 40 minutes to dry.


3. Dynamic Fire Red Tattoo Ink – Best Brand

Dynamic Fire Red Tattoo Ink

Dynamic tattoo ink has made its name for its high quality and pigmented black tattoo ink. Keeping in mind this, the company has introduced a variety of new colors of which their fire red is among the most liked ink.


Dynamic tattoo ink has a thinner consistency and is perfect for those who like to use thin blended ink. Although it is thin, it is still manageable. Because of its lightweight, it dries out quickly, and the color goes deep in the skin.


The fire red color is very vibrant and bright. Its unique formula lets the color stay brilliant even after it is dry, and the skin heals. The color is highly pigmented and, therefore, stays fresh for years. Like its black ink, the fire red color also meets the highest quality standards and expectations of its users.

Quick absorption

Despite the fact that the ink in thin, it doesn’t require extra coats to brighten up the color. The high pigmentation ensures that the color stays bright after drying. Its formula penetrates deep into the skin and is quickly absorbed, leaving a bright color for years to come.

  • Perfect consistency
  • Vibrant red color
  • Highly pigmented
  • The ink might be slightly thinner for beginners

Buy Dynamic Fire Red Tattoo Ink

The ink is the right choice for beginners who like to work with thinner ink.


4. Intenze Advanced Tattoo Ink Bright Red – Best Bright Red Ink

Intenze Advanced Ink Bright Red

Intenze is a prominent brand in the tattoo ink industry. Their unique blend of traditional tattoo ink manufacturing techniques and modern innovative technology gives the highest quality of inks available in the market.

High Quality

The Intenza inks are made from high-quality cruelty-free material. The inks are 100% organic and vegan-friendly material. The inks are perfect for every type of approach and image. Moreover, its versatility allows you to use it for every purpose, from outlining to shading.

Long Shelf Life

Unlike many other inks that don’t have a long shelf life, Intenza inks have a more extended expiration date. Because of this, they have a longer shelf life, which means you can keep them stored for a more extended period after you open the seal of the Bottle. The longer shelf life ensures that the ink won’t get spoiled when stored under the right temperature.


Intenza inks are made from the safest material available. The inks come in a sterilized and sealed Bottle and are free from any contamination or material that can harm the skin. Furthermore, the ink is certified by UN and US safety standards, making it a more reliable brand than any other.

  • Sterilized ink
  • Long expiration date
  • Innovative formulas
  • Quick dry
  • Some customers complained that the ink inside the Bottle measures a little less

Buy Intenze Advanced Tattoo Ink Bright Red

The ink is perfect for beginner tattoo artists because of its ease to control and mild saturation level.

Checkout the following video by Jono Smith on How to differentiate between an original and a fake manufactured intenze ink.


5. Bloodline Tattoo Ink Flame Red

Bloodline Tattoo Ink - Flame Red

Manufactured under the brand Skin Candy, the bloodline tattoo ink is highly pigmented. Its bright red color is one of a kind and is perfect for highlighting. For this reason, it is one of the Best Bright Red Tattoo Ink you can get your hands on.


Unlike its competitors, the bloodline tattoo ink is an authentic ink that has a very bright and vibrant red color. The ink is very pigmented and disperses on the skin in the most likely way. The ink is so bright that even after healing, the color doesn’t fade.


The consistency of this tattoo ink is slightly thick. Although the consistency depends upon the liking of the tattoo artist, it is recommended to dilute this ink with either a thinning agent or distilled water.


Most of the tattoo inks have a smaller shelf life, which means you have to use them in a specific time window from opening the window. But the bloodline tattoo inks are an exception in this matter. This ink comes with a more extended expiration date, which means you can use it for a more extended period after opening the Bottle.

  • Vibrant color
  • Long shelf life
  • sterilized
  • Bit pricy

Buy Bloodline Tattoo Ink Flame Red

This one-ounce Bottle of red tattoo ink is suitable for all skin types.


6. Double Red Viking Ink USA – Best Dark Red Ink

Viking Ink USA - Double Red

Viking ink is a high-end tattoo ink brand from the USA. The brand is well-known among tattoo artists for its highly refined pigments that are perfect for tribal or realistic tattoos. Its double red color is dark, making it the Best Dark Red Tattoo Ink in the market.


The Viking tattoo ink is of perfect consistency and is easily used by both beginner and expert tattoo artists. It is neither thin nor thick; therefore, it easily penetrates the skin and dries away quickly. For this reason, the ink is widely used for detailed tattoos like tribal or Maori.

Pigmented color

The ink is highly pigmented, and the colors are very bright. Furthermore, the inks are developed, meeting all the standards, and are made from high-quality vegan-friendly ingredients. Because of their high pigmentation, the ink doesn’t fade away with time, and the lines stay fine for years.

Safe ingredients

The ink is made from premium quality ingredients. The ingredients are vegan friendly and are free from harmful chemicals like nickel, arsenic, lead, etc. the inks are developed under the US standards and are certified. Moreover, they have been tested and recommended by artists all over the world and are created explicitly of the tribal and detailed tattoo art.

  • Long-lasting
  • Vegan friendly
  • Safe application
  • It doesn’t come with a mixing ball

Buy Double Red Viking Ink USA

The ink is specifically for creating detailed art and is ideal for intermediate to expert artists.



Although all the above-mentioned tattoo inks are of premium quality and made from all-natural ingredients, I have found that the Kuro Sumi Dragon’s Breath Red Ink is the best red tattoo ink brand of the lot. The reason is its innovative technology and the perfect blend of traditional and modern ingredients to create a unique formula that has become a choice of almost all famous tattoo artists in the world.

Its bright red color is the perfect shade of red visually and catches the eye instantly. Also, the ink is easy to handle and can be used by both beginner and expert tattoo artists.

So, whether you are a tattoo artist looking for a beautiful eye-catching bright red color or a dark tone of red, we recommend that you buy any of the products mentioned above because each brand clearly produces the best red tattoo ink in its own way.

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