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Red is a bold color and makes a person stand out from the crowd; in tattoo designs, it can be such a beautiful statement on the design, but have you ever wondered what the best red tattoo inks are available to the market? 

The good news, you’re at the right place. 

The perfect tattoo ink is the soul of the tattoo, which is why I have spent eight hours researching and hunting down the very best red tattoo ink that will intensify and add a touch of love and passion to your tattoo work. 

But it’s not always the easiest task; finding red tattoo ink can be quite overwhelming because red is the trickiest color to create and find as it is one of the top colors to fade easily. As an artist, you must choose the right ink that gives the best visual results that will last a long time. 

But let me tell you something!

To make things easier and to save you hours of researching for the perfect red color, I have done all the work for you. Factoring in unique features and colors and ensuring this red ink will last for years to come! 

Here’s a tip: When choosing red tattoo ink, you should not only look for ink that will give you a vibrant and rich beautiful red color, but you should also look for longevity, how easily it fades as well as organic and skin-friendly properties. 

You won’t want to miss my top 3 picks; they scream vibrancy! 

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The Top Best Red Tattoo Ink 2021


Kuro Sumi Red Tattoo Ink

The Kuro Sumi tattoo ink is a Japanese brand known and recommended by tattoo artists all over the world. This ink is known for its cruelty, free ingredients, and bold colors.

But why does it stand out from the rest?

To begin with, this rich red tattoo ink is renowned and named after the Japanese warrior Kuro Sumi Tangnuni, Kuro Sumi Ink is all well respected and honored brand in the ancient culture. This combined with modern US technology perfects the formula.

The Kuro Sumi tattoo inks use all-natural ingredients that have been used since ancient times. Their perfect blend of traditional and new organic ingredients makes them 100% cruelty-free. All ingredients are natural and vegan friendly and free from toxic material like arsenic and lead.

As if that was enough.

The ink comes in a medium consistency that is quite manageable for tattoo artists. The ink is water base; therefore, it works well and can easily be adjusted according to user preferences.

The bright red color is among the most used color. It is a perfectly bright and pigmented color and is very popular among tattoo artists.

The Authentic Kuro Sumi is an original label that is dark maroon in color. Therefore, when buying one, be careful about the fake products that have a black and white label.


  • Vegan friendly
  • Good consistency
  • Bright color


  • Unscrewing the bottle is a bit hard
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StarBrite Colors Sterilized Tattoo Ink Scarlet Red

When seeking quality, look no further than Star bite; they are best known for their premium quality inks and have had decades’ worth of experience improving and adapting their ink to the growing demand.

Without question, these years of experience have allowed them to build their reputation as a brand; they’ve built their customer base and people a high level of trust with their consumers over the years.

I personally love their red selection of inks as these inks are not only high quality but also bright, pigmented, and widely used in the tattooing industry. I found that their tattoo inks are lightweight and flow out your tattoo gun like silk.

StarBrite uses water-based formulas that offer a perfect balance of pigment. The bright and vibrant red makes it very attractive, plus natural organic ingredients are used to make the color, the colors are naturally bright and, thus, more pigmented.


StarBrite is very similar to Intenze and Kuro Sumi; they all offer organic, natural products that are gentle on sensitive skin; they’re all also vegan, which adds to the gentleness of the formula itself. The formula is also free of harsh chemicals like nickel and iron.

The ink bottles are also sterilized both before and after filling in the ink and come in a sealed one-ounce bottle to ensure that the ink is free from contamination.

The ink flows smoothly in the skin, and the skin takes to it like a gem, giving a vibrant and rich red finish. StarBrite is renowned for its quality products!


  • Organic ingredients
  • Easy to use
  • Bright color


  • Screw top nozzle needs work

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Dynamic Fire Red Tattoo Ink

Dynamic tattoo ink has made its name for its high-quality and pigmented black tattoo ink, they are renowned in the tattoo world. But what about their red ink? Well, fire red is the next best hit!

Dynamic tattoo ink has a thinner consistency and is perfect for those who like to use thin blended ink. Although it is thin, it is still manageable. Because of its lightweight, it dries out quickly, and the color goes deep in the skin.

The fire red color is very vibrant and bright. Its unique formula lets the color stay brilliant even after it is dry, and the skin heals.

The color is highly pigmented and, therefore, stays fresh for years. Like its black ink, the fire red color also meets the highest quality standards and expectations of its users.

Here’s the kicker!

Despite the fact that the ink is thin, it doesn’t require extra coats to brighten up the color. The high pigmentation ensures that the color stays bright after drying.

Its formula penetrates deep into the skin and is quickly absorbed, leaving a bright color for years to come.


  • Perfect consistency
  • Vibrant red color
  • Highly pigmented


  • The ink might be slightly thinner for beginners

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Intenze Bright Red Tattoo Ink

Intenze is a prominent brand in the tattoo ink industry. Their unique blend of traditional tattoo ink manufacturing techniques and modern innovative technology gives the highest quality of inks available in the market.

The Intenze inks are made from high-quality cruelty-free material. The inks are 100% organic and vegan-friendly material. The inks are perfect for every type of approach and image. Moreover, its versatility allows you to use it for every purpose, from outlining to shading.

Here’s more!

Unlike many other inks that don’t have a long shelf life, Intenza inks have a more extended expiration date. Because of this, they have a longer shelf life, which means you can keep them stored for a more extended period after you open the seal of the Bottle.

The longer shelf life ensures that the ink won’t get spoiled when stored under the right temperature. It makes a brilliant pair for tattooing roses; the red hue is beautiful!

Intenza inks are made from the safest material available. The inks come in a sterilized and sealed Bottle and are free from any contamination or material that can harm the skin.

To top it all off, the ink is certified by UN and US safety standards, making it a more reliable brand than any other.


  • Sterilized ink
  • Long expiration date
  • Innovative formulas
  • Quick dry


  • Ink inside the Bottle measures a little less
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Bloodline Tattoo Ink - Red Hot

Manufactured under the brand Skin Candy, the bloodline tattoo ink is highly pigmented. Its bright red color is one of a kind and is perfect for highlighting. For this reason, it is one of the Best Bright Red Tattoo Ink you can get your hands on.

Unlike its competitors, the bloodline tattoo ink is an authentic ink that has a very bright and vibrant red color. The ink is very pigmented and disperses on the skin in the most likely way. The ink is so bright that even after healing, the color doesn’t fade.

The consistency of this tattoo ink is slightly thick. Although the consistency depends upon the liking of the tattoo artist, it is recommended to dilute this ink with either a thinning agent or distilled water.

Pretty cool right? 

Most of the tattoo inks have a smaller shelf life, which means you have to use them in a specific time window from opening the window. But the bloodline tattoo inks are an exception in this matter.

But here’s the kicker: his ink comes with a more extended expiration date, which means you can use it for a more extended period after opening the bottle, so it can sit on the shelf in your tattoo parlor and used when needed! 


  • Vibrant color
  • Long shelf life
  • Sterilized


  • Bit pricey
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Viking Ink Professional Tattoo Ink American Red

Viking Ink is anotherr red tattoo ink that is worth the hype! It is a high-end tattoo from the USA, renowned for their highly refined pigments, making them perfect for tribal and realisitic tattoos.

This deep dark red has a double red color that is dark, making it the Best Dark Red Tattoo Ink in the market. The Viking tattoo ink is of perfect consistency and is easily used by both beginner and expert tattoo artists.

It is neither thin nor thick; therefore, it easily penetrates the skin and dries away quickly. For this reason, ink is widely used for detailed tattoos like tribal or Maori.

The ink is highly pigmented, and the colors are very bright. Furthermore, the inks are developed, meeting all the standards, and are made from high-quality vegan-friendly ingredients.

Because of their high pigmentation, the ink doesn’t fade away with time, and the lines stay fine for years to come.

But here’s the best bit: the ink is made from premium quality ingredients that are vegan friendly and are free from harmful chemicals like nickel, arsenic, lead, etc. The inks are developed under the US standards and are certified too.

This ink have been tested and recommended by artists all over the world and are created explicitly of the tribal and detailed tattoo art.


  • Long-lasting
  • Vegan friendly
  • Safe application


  • It doesn’t come with a mixing ball

Latest deal: Viking Ink Professional Tattoo Ink American RED

Choosing The Right Red Tattoo Ink For You

Red tattoo ink has been famous and a popular choice amongst famous tattoo artists and celebrities, but what makes red ink so great? Well red in general is the meaning of lvoe and passion but red in general can spice up any boring tattoo design.

The world is your oyster when it comes to red tattoos, you can create hearts, roses, snakes, even some henna looking designs are brilliant in red. I personally love black and grey designs where they have one object in red– just to blow up the design! 

But finding a good tattoo ink is even more cirtical for the color red, poor quality red tattoo inks can contain harmful chemcials that can be dangerous for the skin– no one wants that! 

Lucky for you I’m here to guide you through what you need to look for and what to avoid when it comes to choosing red tattoo inks. Longevity and vibrancy  in a red tattoo is crucial, so the gorgeous color can last for years to come. 

Let’s break down everything you need to know.

Red tattoo ink being tatted cut

Red Tattoo Ink Brands To Avoid:

Finding reliable brands is so important when on the hunt for tattoo ink, as it is going into the skin and will remain in the skin for a long time. However, there are some brands you should avoid on your hunt for red tattoo ink.

Now without saying names, I am going to go through some factors you should avoid when getting red tattoo ink:

Now all tattoo inks from the USA and the EU have a set of safety rules and regulations to follow when creating tattoo ink. They prevent heavy metals and other poisons from going in the creation of products based on the FDA rules. If you buying in the US I would recommend buying tattoo inks made in California as they follow higher standards for safety.

Buying tattoo inks made in Asia on the other hand, do not follow the FDA rules and regulations regarding the creation of tattoo ink. I would never recommend buying from there, no matter how much cheaper it may seem.

Good bands will also allow you to see the full ingredient list, so if the company won’t provide that information then that is a big red flag– it may mean they’re using harsh chemicals in their products that they don’t want you to know about.

All in all, buying from top quality, reliable companies is the best way to go, also buying from companies made in either the EU or the US is critical as they all follow a rough guideline and strict safety standards over countries out of the EU and the US.

Things to consider when buying red tattoo ink:

All companies will argue that their product is top quality, but in fact, this isn’t always true. Some brands just aren’t as good as others, plus some red tattoo inks may suit someone else but not you. 

Here are my top things to consider before buying red tattoo ink so you can be sure you’re getting the very best product:

Purchase from trusted brands: 

If you purchase your tattoo ink from a trusted and well-known brand you’re guaranteed to be getting the top quality products. Well-known brands tend to be very stringent in the creation of their product and have high-quality safety standards to follow. 

You can tend to trust a well-known brand that has been in business for years over a newer one because they have years of experience and years of customer feedback, so if the product isn’t good you’re more likely to know with a well-known brand. 

Quality control is one of the top priorities in popular brands, they test their product so many times before supplying it to the market. If their brand is also being used by famous tattoo artists around the world then that is also a good sign that you’re getting top quality. 

Getting a tattoo is a lifelong investment, it can be quite dangerous is if you get ink that doesn’t work for you, so not only make sure you’re getting good quality products but also make sure those products work for you too.


We can all agree here that pigment is the most important factor to consider when getting red tattoo ink, we want a tattoo ink that is vibrant enough to last for years to come, it needs to be versatile. 

Whether you’re outlining or filling with your red tattoo ink, you need red ink for every purpose. Red is one of the top colors to fade quickly (especially deep reds) it’s crucial that you find top-quality inks in the first place that are built to last. 

When choosing a red tattoo ink, it is crucial you keep in mind the pigmentation, the best red tattoo inks will be highly pigmented and very vibrant that at first, it may take you back– but this is a good thing, it means it’ll last. 

The right and pigmented red color catches the eye instantly.


Longevity is the top thing to look for in red tattoo ink as red tends to fade easily (much quicker than black). I would recommend going for a red tattoo ink that is extremely durable– alcohol-based tattoo inks give the best durability. 

This is because alcohol-based pigments are properly consumed by our skin, however, in alcohol-based pigments there tend to be a few chemicals that can cause discomfort for our skin over water-based inks.

Water-based tattoo inks are made with biological and tend to have organic pigmentation and vegetable colors, they tend to be much more gentle on the skin but don’t tend to last as long.

I would recommend going for a balance, going for a durable red tattoo ink that isn’t too harsh on your skin.


The thickness of the ink is crucial in any tattoo ink, you need different consistencies for different techniques; for example, a thick ink for the outline and a thinner ink is better for shading.

Before you buy any ink, even red ink you need to consider the purpose of that ink, if you’re looking for a red ink for shading then thinner consistency will be the one you need, otherwise, you may struggle to handle the ink.

Furthermore, most inks come in a medium consistency that suits beginners as well. Also, several inks serve all purposes. These links are the best because you don’t have to buy different inks for different purposes– these are far more convenient.


The shelf-life is the life of the ink after it has been opened for the first time. The rule about shelf-life is simple. The longer the shelf-life of ink, the longer you go without buying a new one.

On average tattoo ink tends to have a shelf life of around two years, which is good, especially for colors like red that don’t get used on the day-to-day.

You should look for an extended shelf life of around 2-3 years as, again, red isn’t the most commonly used tattoo inks, so you can open the tattoo ink with complete confidence that you won’t need to worry for 2 years.


The packaging is another crucial factor to consider when buying tattoo ink. Make sure the bottle is sterilized and is sealed perfectly well.

If the seal is broken in any way, there are chances that the ink is contaminated. Furthermore, try to avoid bottles made from glass. They are prone to break and cause accidents.


Because tattoo ink has to go within the layer of the skin, it needs to be safe. So, the best red tattoo ink especially is made from organic or natural harmless ingredients.

It will be cruelty-free and free from harsh chemicals like iron and nickel. In short, you need to make sure it is safe to use and doesn’t have any adverse effects on the skin.

However, before you apply any tattoo ink, make sure the person receiving the tattoo doesn’t have any allergies. In that case, you will need to double-check our ink’s ingredients.

Red tattoo ink is actually more likely to cause an allergic reaction than others, and a reaction to red ink is very common. For most people, the symptoms are milk such as redness, swelling, itchiness.

However, in some less common cases, people have had serious allergic reactions to red ink– this would make your tattoo experience an absolute nightmare! They experienced pimple-like bumps, blisters, and scaly patches on their tattoo.

Just to be on the safe side, consult with your tattoo artist and do a patch test before your appointment to be on the safe side, also go for vegan and natural formulas rather than harsh ones.

Frequently asked Questions

Why are people allergic to red tattoo ink?
Most allergic reactions caused by red inks result from mercury sulfide, iron oxide, cobalt chloride, and manganese found in red tattoo inks. Lichenoid allergic reactions are rare but do tend to be related to red tattoo ink.

This causes red bumps and redness around the tattoo area; it can also cause swelling and discomfort. They can happen straight away for a few days after.

What is red tattoo ink made from? 

In most red tattoo inks, cinnabar (mercury) is used to produce the red hue. This was the traditional way to make red tattoo ink, but companies have switched to a more gentle formula using organic materials in recent years.

Organic methods use Naptha-derived chemicals, which are much more gentle on the skin.

Why does red tattoo ink fade quicker than other colors? 

Red tends to be the first color to fade because the sun bleaches red colors much quicker than any other color, so rather than a rich red, it will turn to more of a pinkish hue. The brand of ink plays a massive role as cheaper inks don’t tend to be as durable.

Red doesn’t tend to last as long as black because black colors tend to have a more dense and bold appearance over red, allowing them to last longer. Wearing SPF 50 sunscreen on the area and regularly moisturizing will allow the vibrancy to last much longer.

Sometimes there’s nothing you can do; sometimes, your skin is the culprit for fading red tattoo ink too.

How do you treat an allergic reaction to red tattoo ink?

The best way to relieve an allergic reaction due to red ink is to use a cold compress to relieve any pain and swelling. Take an antihistamine to reduce itching and discomfort. 

Keep applying topical OTC ointment or hydrocortisone cream to help soothe the inflammation of the area. DON’T cover the area with a plastic wrap as it will cause the skin to warm up and may cause the reaction to worsening– allow the skin to breathe. 

Before you even get a red tattoo to avoid this, make sure you have a patch test with the ink for 48 hours; this will give you and your tattoo artist a rough idea of whether it will react with your skin. 


Although all the above-mentioned tattoo inks are of premium quality and made from all-natural ingredients, I have found that the Kuro Sumi Dragon’s Breath Red Ink is the best red tattoo ink brand of the lot.

Their innovative technology and the perfect blend of traditional and modern ingredients create a unique formula that has become a choice of almost all famous tattoo artists in the world.

Its bright red color is the perfect shade of red visually and catches the eye instantly. Also, the ink is easy to handle and can be used by both beginner and expert tattoo artists.

So, whether you are a tattoo artist looking for a beautiful eye-catching bright red color or a dark tone of red, we recommend that you buy any of the products mentioned above because each brand clearly produces the best red tattoo ink in its own way.

Happy tattooing!

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Steven loved art since his early adulthood especially tattoo art. Therefore, he picked up tattooing when he was researching it on the internet. Having experience of around 3 years in the tattoo industry, Steven has a great command over bold, bright, classic, grayscale, and tribal pieces. His passion for tattoo products drove him to do tons of research, etc. so that Tattoo Inksider can offer you the best tattoo products reviews.