Best Glitter Tattoo Kit [Review] in 2021

Last Updated on March 21, 2022

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Is your kid giving you a hard time over getting a tattoo you know he is not ready to commit to?

Let us assure you, you are not alone!

Getting your kid the best glitter tattoo kit is the answer to your question and we went over 45 glitter tattoo kits to bring you 6 of the best ones we could find.

We found out there are a lot of tattoo kits that promise a lot and hardly ever deliver. For instance, they will say the tattoos are waterproof but end up washing away easily.

But we have good news for you!

For your convenience, we have made a list of tattoo kits that pay close attention to quality, good results and include everything your kid will need to get started.

Here’s a piece of advice for you – make sure the stencils and the brushes you get for the tattoos are not damaged in any way as a lot of kits have broken stencils and brushes inside.

With that said, you would definitely want to check what we have for you!

How we came to the conclusion of our top 3:




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Best glitter tattoo kit




GirlZone brings you a great glitter tattoo kit for your little girl! The art on the box looks amazing and your daughter will absolutely love it. You have an option between two different styles of tattoos that are original and unicorn. The original has a little more mainstream tattoo designs while the unicorn one has more mythical style stencils inside. The stencils and the brushes are high quality and will not break easily under pressure. Everything required to make the tattoos and get started is included inside with easy instructions for your daughter to follow while making art. You get 24 stencils, 6 pots of cosmetic glitter for decor, and 2 makeup brushes for easy application. The tattoos are easy to apply and everything included is non-toxic and safe. This one is a great gift for your little one!


  • 2 different tattoo designs
  • High-quality stencils and brushes
  • 6 pots of cosmetic glitter included
  • Non-toxic and safe


  • Could be easier to peel

Latest deal: GirlZone


Custom Body Art

Custom Body Art is here to make a statement when it comes to glitter tattoo kits and they do exactly that with this kit. It is for adults to use when applying it on themselves or for their kids. There are 4 different kits with varying amounts of colors you get. These are 12-color deluxe set, 16-color premium set, 24-color ultimate set, and 26-color master set. The best part is the quality is absolutely amazing for the stencils and brushes, all while keeping the cost extremely economical and low. You get 10ml glitter pots and 30-each uniquely themed glitter tattoo stencil designs. The cosmetic glitter applicator brush comes in 2 different sizes that are large and small. You also get 2, 7ml bottles of glitter glue for a smooth operation. The tattoos are also non-toxic and FDA approved so there s nothing to be worried about. This one is a no-brainer.


  • 30 uniquely designed glitter stencils
  • High-quality brushes, glitter, glue and colors
  • Non-toxic and FDA approved
  • Easy to apply and inexpensive


  • Could contain glitter better

Latest deal: Custom Body Art



When it comes to glitter tattoos, Crenstone is not playing around. As a matter of fact, this one has a wide range of temporary tattoo designs that your little girl will love a lot. The quality of the tattoos is amazing and they will last a long time without showing tears and cracks. You get 50 dazzling designs of hearts, butterflies, flowers, and more. The art on the front page looks cool as well. These tattoos make the perfect costume accessory and will look amazing at parties and other events. They are fun, fast to apply, and easy to remove. Oftentimes, temporary tattoos are hard to remove and can cause a big problem when you want to remove them quickly. That is not the issue here at all. The tattoos are non-toxic and FDC-approved. It’s a solid pick!


  • 50 different designs
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Non-toxic and FDC-approved
  • Go great with costumes


  • Could stick better

Latest deal:  Crenstone



INGALA brings you a premium multi-colored glitter tattoo kit that will repurpose your body art ideas! Your little girl will absolutely love the designs included in this one. The quality of the colors, glitter, brushes, and stencils is top-notch. You can count on these to pass the test of time with flying colors, no pun intended! Each glitter stencil design included is a best seller and includes 74 different designs. You also get 16 beautiful shades of glitter that are easy to apply and easy to get off as well. They are non-toxic and will prevent allergic reactions. This one is a great choice!


  • 74 tattoo designs
  • Easy to apply and take off
  • High-quality stencils and brushes
  • Non-toxic


  • Glue could hold up better

Latest deal: INGALA



GLAMADOR is here to bring you one of the best tattoo glitter kit experiences you will find. It is made to be used by adults and can be used on your body anywhere. The quality is great with the brushes, stencils, glitter, and glue. The tattoos are easy to apply and are waterproof as well so you don’t have to worry about them coming off. You get 30 glitter colors and 135 sheet tattoo sticker patterns. The stencils also come off very easily and do not harm the skin at all. The tattoos can be removed with little water or a mild makeup remover. It is suggested you get tested for allergies before using it but the tattoos and all other things included in the box are non-toxic. Great gift for your daughter!


  • 30 glitter colors and 135 tattoo designs
  • Waterproof and easy to apply
  • Comes off easy with mild makeup remover
  • Non-toxic


  • Could have better brushes

Latest deal:  GLAMADOR



Luckyfine is here to help cultivate the development of a child’s brain along with providing a great tattoo glitter kit experience. The quality of the brushes, stencils, and glitter included is top-notch and will last you a long time. It takes a little practice to do and that is what helps your kid get the hang of it. It comes with over 112 templates that can be reused and are easy to work with as well. It’s made for all ages so kids, as well as adults, can use it. The glitter is very vibrant and the tattoos you get look stunning. The tattoo kit is skin-friendly and you can just use soap to remove the tattoos. You can use the stencils for your nails as well which is a great add-on. Overall, this one is a great choice!


  • Easy to use
  • Great build quality
  • 112 stencils
  • Non-toxic


  • Could have bigger glitter pots

Latest deal: Luckyfine

Frequently asked Questions

How long do glitter tattoos last?

They can last up to 7 days depending on the quality of the kit.

How to remove glitter tattoos?

You can use rubbing alcohol to remove glitter tattoos. However, some come off with water or mild makeup remover as well.

How to make your glitter tattoos last longer?

Applying baby powder can help as it keeps the skin smooth and dry, not allowing any water to get in the way.


All the glitter tattoo kits we took a look at today brought quality, performance, and reliability to the table as their key aspects. The kits had great tattoo designs with a nice variety and also included high-quality brushes. They were super easy to apply and remove. The glitter and the glue included were also top-notch. Above all, they were fun to use and non-toxic as well.

So, no matter which one you go for, you will have an amazing experience!

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