Best Black Tattoo Ink in 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

No matter whether you are a beginner or professional, when it comes to designing a voguish and pleasing tattoo, black ink plays a dominant role in it. So for this purpose, if you are looking for the best black tattoo ink and don’t know which one is the right pick?

Don’t even worry:

To overwhelm the problem, we have listed down our top black tattoo ink, which you can buy right now from the market. If you are an artist, then black tattoo ink is a goldmine for you. Black ink is the gold standard in the tattoo industry, which allows you to create mesmerizing and impressive body art.

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Zuper Black Ink By Intenze

Best Zuper Black Intenze Tatoo Ink

  • Premium Choice
  • Darkest Black
  • Safe For Skin


Moms Pearl Outlining Ink

Best Black Tattoo Ink in 2020 - Millennium Moms Black Pearl Outlining Tattoo Ink

  • Fast Results
  • Affordable Price
  • Reputed Brand



Best Black Tattoo Ink 2021

The following are the checklist of the best black tattoo ink to use in your daily life to design the most powerful and attractive design. All of these tattoo inks are from trusted sellers who have been doing this business for a long time and have thousands of satisfied customers from all over the world. So don’t worry about quality and performance issues. Read on, Inksters!

Best Black Tattoo Ink in 2020 - Millennium Moms Black Pearl Outlining Tattoo Ink
Moms Black Pearl Outlining Tattoo Ink
Is Kuro Sumi Black Outlining Tattoo Ink the best black tattoo ink?
Kuro Sumi Black Outlining Tattoo Ink
Best Zuper Black Intenze Tatoo Ink
Intenze Professional Tattoo Ink Zuper Black
Bloodline All Purpose Black Ink
Bloodline All Purpose Black Ink
Allegory Tattoo Ink Blak
Allegory Premium Lining & Shading Tattoo Ink
Viking Ink USA Black Dynamite Ink
Viking Ink USA Black Dynamite Tattoo Ink
Viking Ink USA Black Tribal Ink
Viking Ink USA Black Tribal Tattoo Ink
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How To Choose Best Tattoo Ink

Detailed reviews of our top picks:

1. Moms Black Pearl Outlining Ink (Best Black Tattoo Ink Brand)

Best Black Tattoo Ink in 2020 - Millennium Moms Black Pearl Outlining Tattoo Ink

Just like other ink, Moms Black Pearl Outlining Tattoo ink is sterilized from gamma, which allows you to use it on your body skin without any worry. You can use this tattoo ink if you want to do both outlining and shading to your existing design. It adds value to an existing design and makes it more attractive than before.

 Reputed Brand: 

This tattoo ink is from the USA Made company, which has been in this business for more than three decades. We recommend you to buy tattoo inks from an American company because of FDA rules regarding ink safety.

 Herbal Materials: 

Moreover, it is made from original herbal materials that are safe for your body skin; you never face any allergic reaction after using this tattoo ink.

  • Super Dark
  • Affordable Price
  • High-Quality Product
  • Safe for Body Skin
  • Free and Fast Shipping
  • Fast Results
  • Made in the USA


  • Need to improve package Quality
  • Nothing more

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2: Kuro Sumi Black Outlining Tattoo Ink (Best Japanese Black Ink)

Kuro Sumi Outlining Ink

It’s another fantastic ink that is perfect for beginner and professional level artists. Kuro Sumi is a Japanese ink product that is made from some special formula of artists. The formula of his product is organic and vegan friendly.

This ink has a bright color and is very famous because for filling and  its long-lasting result. It does not require any period of experience of using tattoo ink; you can use it if you are using tattoo inks for the first time in your life.

Most Super-Natural Ink

Kuro Sumi is one of the best black tattoo ink in the world, which gives you a long-lasting result. It remains in the black for an extended period of time, and the black color does not turn into blueish color when it becomes old.

 Bright & Vibrant Color: 

It has a brighter and vibrant color, which remains for a long time than regular tattoo inks. You can make compelling and stunning designs or take your previous design art to the next level from this link. Moreover, it is made of high-quality material which allows you to store this bottle for more than 2 years.

  • Made from Organic
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Affordable Price
  • Give you a long-lasting result
  • Easily Soaks into your Skin
  • Bright Colors


  • It’s a little on the thin side

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3: Zuper Black By Intenze (Darkest Black Tattoo Ink)

 Zuper Black Intenze

If you are a tattooing artist and looking for the black ink for tattoos that takes your art to the top level, then don’t forget to buy Intenze Professional Tattoo Ink Zuper Black. It is one of the best black tattoo ink for shading an old design and probably the blackest tattoo ink.

 For Artists, By Artists: 

This tattoo ink was tested by most of the top artists in the world, like Mark Mahoney and Bob Tyrell. The formula for this Zuper Black pigment is created by famous tattoo artists and used by many other artists like Moni Marino, London Reese, Mike Demasi, and Steve Butcher.

Best Black Tattoo Ink For All Purposes

This tattoo ink is free from mutagenic toxins and amines that help you to use it on your body skin without any side effects. They don’t use any animal products material, which makes it completely vegan friendly.

As the name suggests it is Super Black Tattoo Ink. Moreover, it comes in a tamper-proof bottle, which also allows you to store it for a long time. If you are looking for the best black tattoo ink for tribal, then it’s the right choice for you.

  • Best Inks for Tribal type of Tattoos
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Safe for body skin
  • Fast Delivery
  • One of the top Darkest Black Ink in the market


  • Less thickness
  • Nothing more to complain

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4: Bloodline All Purpose Black Ink (Best Black Ink For Outlining)

Bloodline All Purpose Black Ink

Bloodline All Purpose Black Ink for tattoos is mainly used for shading and outlining purposes by different artists around the world. This is the American brand that has manufactured tattoo inks since it was established. Moreover, if you want to design tribal Tattoos, then this ink is best for you. Its colors give you brighter looks, and it sinks easily into the skin.

Best Black Tattoo Ink For Outlining

Its shelf lifespan allows you to use this product for more than 2.5 years, so don’t worry if you are not designing a tattoo on a regular/weekly basis, you can use it whenever you want. You can store it in your parlor, without any fear that it becomes useless after some months.

  • One of the best Tribal Inks
  • Safe for Skin
  • Made in the USA
  • Reputable Seller
  • Very Smooth


  • Need to improve product packaging
  • Low quality
  • Not perfectly black output

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5. Allegory Premium Tattoo Ink Black (Best for Shading & Lining)

Allegory Tattoo Ink Blak

Allegory Blak ink is a premium quality that is not only widely used but is also recommended by some of the world’s top tattoo artists. Its unique texture and smooth consistency make it an ideal choice for lining and shading. Furthermore, this USA made ink is 100 % vegan and made from organic ingredients.


The ink is made from 100% vegan ingredients. Therefore, it is free from harsh chemicals like lead and nickel that are harmful to the skin. Thus, the ink is toxic and irritation-free.


The premium ink comes in an 8 ounce round bottle. The bottle is made from BPA free high-quality material called Polyethylene terephthalate or PET. Moreover, the bottle is sealed with a seal that is anti-tamper, and the top is twist-dispensing.


The consistency and texture of it are smooth, which makes it not only silky but perfect for a variety of tasks. Its pigment is highly dispersed, and because it is made from all-natural material, the consistency is not very runny. To ensure a silky and smooth consistency, each bottle of ink comes with an agitator made from glass marble.


Because of the dispersed pigmentation and silky smooth consistency of the ink, it is widely used for lining and shading purposes.

  • 100 % Vegan
  • Ideal for Lining & Shading
  • Premium grade quality
  • Smooth texture


  • Ink seal might leak

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6. Viking Ink USA Black Dynamite Ink (Truly Black Ink)

Viking Ink USA Black Dynamite Ink

Viking inks are among the leading high-end tattoo ink brand. Made in the USA, this ink is a high-quality ink that ensures exceptional results. Not only that, the ink is made from all-natural products; it is also versatile and works perfectly for any work.


The ink is a highly pigmented and exact shade of black. Moreover, it stays bright on the skin and long-lasting without fading or turning green or blue over time.


The ink is made from high quality, vegan-friendly, all-natural material. Furthermore, it has no harmful chemicals; therefore is toxic-free.


The consistency of this ink is perfect. It is neither too thick nor too runny. Therefore, it is ideal for all sorts of work from outlining to shading, making it very versatile. Also, the ink penetrates the skin quickly. Moreover, it dries within 30-40 minutes.

Shelf life

The ink has a shelf life of two years, which means you can use it within two years from the opening date.

  • Bright color
  • Long-lasting
  • Vegan friendly
  • Versatile


  • Some customers experienced seal being damaged after shipment

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7. Viking Ink USA Black Tribal Ink (Best Tribal Tattoo Ink)

Viking Ink USA Black Tribal Ink

Viking has been making high-quality inks for quite some time now. Their Black tribal ink is a fantastic product made from high-quality material. The ink is explicitly created, keeping in mind intricate designs, realistic, Maori, and tribal tattoos.


The ink is made from all-natural ingredients that give it a pure black color. Moreover, the ink is vegan friendly and is free from harsh chemicals that damage the skin. The material makes its application easy and is also very skin-friendly.


Because of its natural ingredients, the ink is highly pigmented. Its pure black color is bright and therefore is a choice of professional tattoo artists.


The ink has a perfect texture and therefore is ideal for any design. Whether it is realistic art or detailed tribal art, the ink is known to give perfectly sharp lines without being runny. Furthermore, it penetrates the skin quickly. It is also super quick to dry.


Because of its highly pigmented formula, and versatile texture, the ink is fade-free. It means it will last longer without fading or turning into green or blue color.

  • Long-lasting color
  • Easy to penetrate
  • Versatile
  • Vegan product


  • Some customers experienced leaked bottles

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Best Black Tattoo Ink – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

You might be a beginner in the tattoo business and looking for the perfect tattoo ink to give your art life. If so, here are a few things you need to keep in mind:


If you are into doing tattoos, you have to agree on one thing, i.e., the importance of black ink. The black color is probably the most widely used color there is. It is very versatile. You can use it for all sorts of tattoos. Whether it is outlining or filling, you need black color for every purpose.

Tattoo artists put their heart and soul into making tattoos. And when their art fades away due to lack of pigmentation, it is such a shame. So, when buying black tattoo ink, make sure you keep in mind its pigmentation. The best black tattoo ink will be highly pigmented. The color won’t be grey-black. It will be jet black. Furthermore, the color will stay on the skin without fading for years. The right and pigmented black color catch the eye instantly.


Consistency is the thickness or thinness of the ink. You will need different consistency for different purposes. For instance, you will need a bit of thick ink for the outline, whereas a thinner ink works well when you are using it for shading. Before you buy the black ink, make sure you decide which purpose you are buying the ink for. Otherwise, it will be hard for you to handle the ink.

Furthermore, most inks come in a medium consistency that suits beginners as well. Also, several inks serve all purposes. These inks are the best because you don’t have to buy different inks for different purposes. These are far more convenient.


shelf-life is the life of the ink after it has been opened for the first time. The rule about shelf-life is simple. The longer the shelf-life of ink, the longer you go without buying a new one. On average, the shelf-life on a black tattoo ink is around two years. However, make sure you check the expiration date before buying one.


The packaging is another crucial factor to consider when buying tattoo ink. Make sure the bottle is sterilized and is sealed perfectly well. If the seal is broken in anyway, there are chances that the ink is contaminated. Furthermore, try to avoid bottles made from glass. They are prone to break and cause accidents.


Because tattoo ink has to go within the layer of the skin, it needs to be safe. So, the best black tattoo ink is made from organic or natural harmless ingredients. It will be cruelty-free and free from harsh chemicals like iron and nickel. In short, you need to make sure it is safe to use and doesn’t have any adverse effects on the skin.

However, before you apply any tattoo ink, make sure the person receiving the tattoo doesn’t have any allergies. In that case, you will need to double-check our ink’s ingredients.

[FAQ] Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best black tattoo ink to use?

Out of so many black tattoo inks we have picked the following as the best ones. All of these tattoo inks are from trusted sellers who have been doing this business for a long time and have thousands of satisfied customers from all over the world. So don’t worry about quality and performance issues.

  1. Moms Black Pearl
  2. Kuro Sumi Black
  3. Zuper Black By Intenze
  4. Bloodline All Purpose Black Ink

What is the darkest black tattoo ink on the market?

Zuper Black Ink By Intenze is one of the darkest black tattoo inks available right now on the market. Black is an important element when it comes to the voguish and pleasing tattoo designs and Zuper Black is the perfect solution for that. With above 4.5 rating Zuper Black is sterilized which means 100% safety for your skin.

Many artists including Steve Butcher, Moni Marino, Randy Engelhard, London Reese and Mike Demasi use and recommend Intenze’s Zuper Black. You can read our detailed review here.

Is there tattoo ink that stays black?

Zuper Black by Intenze & Kuro Sumi’s Black Ink are two of the long-lasting black tattoo inks respectively. Both of the inks are famous for offering rich black color for outlining, shading or filling.

Do all black ink tattoos turn green?

Not every but yes some black ink tattoos do turn green after a period of time. Now this period of time doesn’t mean few months or even years. Here, period of time refers to decades after which your black inked tattoos may turn blueish or have some green effect over them. This is mostly due to your skin aging up as the years pass by.

Final Thoughts

Now you have 6 different choices, and you are free to select any of the best black tattoo ink from the above checklist. Some of these ink is best for common types of tattoos, while some are best for shading and lining purposes. So, it all depends on you, for which purpose you are buying these inks.

So now you know which tattoo inks are best in the market, so without wasting more time, pick up your favorite ones, and start designing eye-catching and prismatic tattoos.

Also, if you know any high-quality good black tattoo ink, then don’t forget to let us via the comment section. Our team tries to review it as soon as possible.


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